underarm charm

don’t overlook your underarms, they deserve a little love. and our men’s deodorants are the perfect way to demonstrate your devotion. packed with plant and mineral based odor fighters, they have no aluminum, parabens or phthalates. what they do have are fabulous, fresh fragrances that your pits will love to bits.

sea + surf

crisp, clean nautical notes whisk you away to seaside adventures + wind-capped waves.

cocos nucifera (coconut) oilemollientderived from coconuts
helianthus annus (sunflower) seed waxrheology modifierderived from sunflower
sodium bicarbonatedeodorantmineral based
tapioca starchtexture modifierderived from tapioca
caprylic/capric triglycerideemollientderived from coconut or palm
coco-caprylateemollientderived from coconut or palm
triethyl citratedeodorantderived from fermented plant sugars
fragrancefragranceblended composition is partly essential oils + partly synthetic ingredients
glyceryl laurateemollient/ reduce growth of odor causing bacteriaderived from palm
sambucus nigra fruit extractreduce growth of odor causing bacteriaderived from nigra fruit (elderberry)
glyceryl caprylateemollient/ reduce growth of odor causing bacteriaderived from sage
salvia officinalis (sage) oildeodorantderived from coconut or palm
sodium caproyl/lauroyl lactylatereduce growth of odor causing bacteriaderived from coconut or palm
undecylenic glyceridesskin conditioningplant based