lisa congdon limited edition colletion good things come in twos say hello (again) to Lida Congdon - a fearless force of goodness who uses her creativity to spread joyful optimism around the world.
fragrance: poppy field

about the art: originally created as a postage stamp, this design stands out to Lisa as particularly perfect for a soap bottle. “I love the idea of sending love through the mail,” she says. “now we can send love through clean hands.”

about the art: “flying to new places is one of my favorite things,” Lisa says. “this bird was inspired by my love for travel and the sense of freedom + exhilaration it gives me.”

about the art: this design is one of Lisa’s most popular and iconic drawings and was created as a reminder to herself and others to always work toward unity + mutual respect.

about the art: forever inspired by the hope + positivity rainbows represent, Lisa features these radiant rarities in her work quite often. “a triple-rainbow isn’t common,” she says. “but it might be the most hopeful image of all.”

pop open a pep talk starring the designs that started it all. our first collection already had its day in the sun, but never fear — if you ever need a bubbly boost, you can always hit play.