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fine artist, author, peanut butter lover, optimist

Lisa Congdon is a Portland, Oregon-based artist whose fans flock to her fine art, textiles, books and fashion for the same reason: her fresh, inspirational point of view. formerly a public-school teacher, she now channels relentless positivity + encouragement into her vibrant aesthetic, often upending the status quo along the way.

soft vanilla fragrance

about the art

a firm believer in the power of a pep talk, Lisa created this reminder to handle ourselves with care. “tigers are seen as fierce and frightening, so I placed a dove – a symbol of peace – on the tiger’s head.”

about the fragrance

cozy + slightly rosy with soft notes of vanilla bean and sandalwood. not too sweet. not too fierce. just right.

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wild dewberry fragrance

about the art

Lisa drew this pattern while staying at the beach during spring. “it’s inspired by Oregon flora,” she says. “I love how the seasons are so magical and force us to see things in new ways.”

about the fragrance

this fruity fragrance is bursting with juicy notes of sun-ripened dewberries + red raspberries

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we’ve got just the thing for those tired, uninspired dog days of darn it all. we partnered up with Lisa because she finds bright, colorful goodness in every day. so, sit back, relax + pop open some bubbly thoughts.