women in design

marguerita mergentime
island rain
our luscious, tropical fragrance will put you in an island state of mind.

stylish + intelligent, marguerita was a member of the influential American union of decorative artists and craftsmen (audac), a force of 20th century modernism. inspired by folk art, history and human nature. her witty table linens featuring political slogans were a hit with housewives, and the textiles she created for radio city music hall are still in use today.

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ilonka karasz
wild meadow
this fresh, floral fragrance springs to life with notes of wild violet.

an important, yet overlooked figure in 20th-century design, ilonka worked in media including textiles, lighting, ceramics, metalwork, toys + furniture. she used a novel printing technique that preserved the expressivity of her drawings and is known for her cover illustrations for the new yorker. ilonka helped popularize a modern aesthetic in the United States.

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barbara white
orange slice
a sunshiny citrus scent that sparkles with notes of orange + lemon.

barbara began exploring ways to fold and paint Japanese paper in high school, ultimately traveling to Japan on a fulbright grant. karl mann discovered her work and commissioned a wallpaper collection from her yearly. she also developed a unique technique of glass monoprinting and later experimented with larger, heavier paper + complicated folding techniques.

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