body wash

make the shower your happy place.

love the skin you’re in. start by drinking plenty of water and indulging in this creamy body wash that leaves skin feeling deeply moisturized + smelling like a tropical oasis. plus, with a cruelty-free, biodegradable formula, plant-based cleansers + a bottle made with over 50% recycled plastic (PCR), the good vibes just keep going. cheers!

stay hydrated

let the rich, refreshing notes of coconut milk wash over you, tranquilly transporting you to island time. just don’t be late for work.

ingredientwhat it doessource
water (aqua)diluent + solventdeionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
glycerinmoisturizerderived from plant sources
sodium chloridethickenerderived from abundant mineral sources
sodium coco sulfatesurfactant (cleaning agent)derived from plant sources
citric acidoptimizes pH levelsderived from plant sugars such as corn
aloe barbadensis extractmoisturizersourced from aloe vera plants
guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloridethickener; conditioning agentderived from plant-based guar gum
fragrance (parfum)fragranceblended composition is partly essential oils + partly synthetic ingredients
cocamide MIPAsurfactant (cleaning agent)derived from corn sugars, coconut or palm oil
glycol distearateskin moisturizerderived from plant oils + synthetic materials
cocamidopropyl betainesurfactant (cleaning agent) derived from plant oils such as coconut
glyceryl caprylate/capratemoisturizerderived from coconut + palm oils
benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acidpreservative - prevents bacterial growthmade from synthetic materials