let’s keep this soft + sweet

our all-day deodorant cares for your skin, leaving it feeling smooth + smelling like a sweet escape. but don’t be fooled by its soft side. packed with plant-based odor fighters, it glides on clear and provides 12 hours of powerful protection.

pure peace

find the fragrance of sweet serenity with just a whiff and without all that strenuous self-reflection. the soft scent of rose water, sweet peonies and pink sea salt make your shower smell like a no-stress zone.

ingredientwhat it doessource
cocos nucifera (coconut) oilemollientderived from coconuts
helianthus annus (sunflower) seed waxrheology modifierderived from sunflower
sodium bicarbonatedeodorantmineral based
tapioca starchtexture modifierderived from tapioca
caprylic/capric triglycerideemollientderived from coconut or palm
coco-caprylateemollientderived from coconut or palm
triethyl citratedeodorantderived from fermented plant sugars
fragrancefragranceblended composition is partly essential oils + partly synthetic ingredients
glycerinmoisturizerderived from plant sources
glyceryl caprylateemollient/ reduce growth of odor causing bacteriaderived from coconut or palm
glyceryl laurateemollient/ reduce growth of odor causing bacteriaderived from palm
salvia officinalis (sage) oildeodorantderived from sage
sambucus nigra fruit extractreduce growth of odor causing bacteriaderived from nigra fruit (elderberry)
sodium caproyl/lauroyl lactylatereduce growth of odor causing bacteriaderived from coconut or palm
undecylenic glyceridesskin conditioningplant based
waterdiluent + solventdeionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
paeonia suffruticosa (peony) flower extractbotanical extractderived from pink peony flower
sodium chloride (sea salt)mineral extractderived from Himalayan pink sea salt
rosa centifolio (rose) flower waterbotanical extractderived from rose flower