detergent pump refill

smart laundry just got smarter

this laundry detergent refill packs a lot of punch. 85 loads worth, to be exact. that’s because our patent-pending smartclean technology® uses an ultra concentrated plant-based formula that delivers big cleaning power with just a few tiny squirts. which is why we can fit so much into this amazingly small pouch while yielding an 80% packaging savings in plastic, water and energy at the same time. now would be a good time for your happy dance.

lavender cedar

despite what you might assume, lavender cedar is not a particular variety of bedding for Provençal hamsters. rather, it is a decidedly sophisticated scent suitable for laundering your unmentionables or tidying up your chateau—or your sixth floor walk-up. it’s not fussy.

check out our full disclosure + ingredients list below
water (aqua)diluent + solventwater
c12-16 pareth-7surfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
coco methyl ester sulfonatesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
capryleth-4surfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
soy methyl ester ethoxylatesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
sulfonic acids, c10-18-alkane, sodium saltssurfactant (cleaning agent)synthetic
l-lactic acidchelating agentplant-based
proteasecleaning enzymeplant-based
decyl glucosidesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
benzyl alcoholfragrance†synthetic
dihydro myrcenolfragrancesynthetic
dipropylene glycolfragrancesynthetic
ethylene brassylatefragrancesynthetic
hexyl cinnamic aldehydefragrance†synthetic
ionone betafragrancesynthetic
linalyl acetatefragrancesynthetic
methyl cedryl ketonefragrancesynthetic
orange extractfragrancesynthetic
patchouli extractfragrancesynthetic
tetrahydro linaloolfragrancesynthetic
triethyl citratefragrancesynthetic
amylasecleaning enzymeplant-based
mannanasecleaning enzymeplant-based
lauryl glucosidesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
carboxymethylinulinsoil dispersantplant-based
methyl isobutyl glycerol formalsolventplant-based
proteasecleaning enzymeplant-based
polyestersoil dispersantsynthetic
disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonateoptical brightenersynthetic
cellulasecleaning enzymeplant-based
1,4-dioxanenonfunctional ingredientnot available
ethylene oxidenonfunctional ingredientnot available
†contains fragrance allergens

updated on 10/28/19

CA ingredient disclosure requirements