dish soap

tough on grime + easy on the eyes

with a sleek new silhouette, on-trend colors and fabulous fragrances, these soaps help you step up your sink-side style. made with plant-based cleaning ingredients and an array of fresh, kitchen-inspired scents, these counter-worthy beauties are a mini remodel in a bottle.


yoo-hoo, we’ve got your yuzu here. a sophisticated, citrus fragrance with hints of ginger, lemongrass and even kumquat thrown in for your dish-doing delight. and bonus, it’s as much fun to say as it is to sniff.

check out our full disclosure + ingredients list below
water (aqua)solvent water
sodium lauryl sulfatesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
lauramine oxidesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
decyl glucosidesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
lauryl glucosidesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
sodium chloridethickenermineral-based
hexyl cinnamic aldehydefragrance†synthetic
citric acidpH adjusterplant-based
sodium sulfatethickenermineral-based
unsulfated materialnonfunctional ingredientnot available
methylisothiazolinone preservative not available
octylisothiazolinone preservative not available
t-butyl alcoholviscosity adjustersynthetic
denatonium benzoatebittering agentsynthetic
†contains fragrance allergens

updated on 1/27/20

CA ingredient disclosure requirements