daily granite cleaner

buff, polish, clean + shine

there’s no need to be precious about your stone. whip up a feast—or whatever else you feel like doing on your countertops—and leave it to our plant-based cleaners to safely restore the gleam to your granite, stone and marble in a snap. no harsh chemicals. no nasty residue. simply buff, polish, clean and shine for streak-free, sparkling surfaces.

orange tangerine

when you really love citrus fruits, sometimes an orange just isn’t enough. you need a little something extra. like a tangerine. at least that’s what we were thinking when we made this scent. and just like that, all your citrus dreams came true.

check out our full disclosure + ingredients list below
water (aqua)diluent + solventwater
capryleth-4surfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
dipropylene glycolfragrancesynthetic
orange extractfragrancesynthetic
sodium citratepH adjusterplant-based
†contains fragrance allergens

updated on 8/14/19

CA ingredient disclosure requirements