bathroom cleaner

with powergreen® technology

cleaning your bathroom probably isn’t at the top of your weekend-fun list. it’s certainly not on ours. so we developed a cleaner that does the heavy lifting for you. this delightfully minty, biodegradable and bleach-free formula helps dissolve soap scum + remove mold and mildew stains, and fights grime with powerful plant-based cleaners. So you can do less dirty work while achieving a sparkling clean. now cleaning your smallest room doesn’t have to be your biggest job.

eucalyptus mint

invigorating is its middle name. this crisp blend of bergamot, citron + lime leaf notes mingled with hints of eucalyptus + wild mint brings to mind frolicking among the trees in the cool mountain air. and who doesn’t like a healthy dose of frolicking?

check out our full disclosure + ingredients list below
water (aqua)diluent + solventwater
citric acidpH adjusterplant-based
potassium hydroxidepH adjustermineral-based
decyl glucosidesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
methyl isobutyl glycerol formalsolventplant-based
coco methyl ester sulfonatesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
c12-16 pareth-7surfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
lauryl glucosidesurfactant (cleaning agent)plant-based
polyquatrinse aidplant-based
methylisothiazolinonepreservative synthetic
benzylisothiazolinonepreservative synthetic
†contains fragrance allergens

updated on 8/14/19

CA ingredient disclosure requirements