a colorful, confetti-covered bowl is the perfect way to make your favorite candy look as good as it tastes. we partnered with one of our favorite bloggers, Tell Love and Party, to create a cool, crafty DIY candy container. so grab a few supplies, follow our simple steps and before you know it you’ll have a unique + beautiful bowl to keep your candy handy.


what you’ll need:


what to do:


1. start by creating your confetti. fold each sheet of tissue paper about six times, then take the small hole punch and punch away till you have lots of dots. repeat with smaller hole punch.



2. take your bowl and paint spots of glue wherever you want a dot, place your confetti,then paint another layer of the glue over it. continue until the whole bowl is decorated.



3. when you’ve achieved your perfect pattern, paint one last coat of dishwasher-safe glue + sealer over the whole design.



4. you’ve made a cute candy container, but also a gluey mess. so clean those sticky fingers with some gel hand wash.



5. with your clean, sweet-smelling hands, add your favorite colorful candy to your beautiful new bowl.

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