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as with most natural beauties, it only takes a little upkeep to keep your wood at its best. our wood for good® polish safely conditions+revitalizes your favorite tree-based possessions. the non-toxic, plant-based formula even provides a protective shine. you might call it your knight in almond-scented armor.

12oz bottle

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purified water diluent / solvent deionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
glycerin moisturizer non toxic for people and no skin irritation; readily biodegradable; derived from plant sources
PEG 400 dioleate polishing and shining agent non toxic and not irritating to skin; inherently biodegradable and not toxic in the environment; derived from oleic acid found in plant oils
oleic acid surface conditioner non toxic for people, not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; omege fatty acid present in plant oils
dimethicone polishing agent non toxic if ingested, very low skin irritation potential; degrades by hydrolysis in the environment; made from sand and synthetic materials
acrylate polymer thickener

non toxic if ingested, not irritating to skin or eyes; low biodegradation but not accumulative or toxic in the environment; made from synthetic materials

methylisothiazolinone + benzisothiazolinone preservative safe for people (low skin + eye irritation); inherently biodegradable; made from synthetic materials
fragrance oil blend fragrance free of phthalates, NPEs and other dirty ingredients; non toxic in use, free of carcinogens and tested for skin irritation and allergies; blended composition is partly essential oils and partly synthetic ingredients



    rich. nutty. good with chocolate. if these were clues in a game show, you'd guess almond. and you would be right. of course, the answer could also be macadamia. or willy wonka.

all of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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31 reviews

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Loredana Ragone
Mar. 9, 2014

smells delicious and does the job

I love cleaning my wood furniture with this spray… not to mention it smells fantastic

Diane Williams
Dec. 12, 2013

Favorite wood cleaner:)

I went to my local Hannafords to buy more Method almond cleaner. they didn’t have any on the shelves. I spoke to the assistant manager and she believed it had been discontinued! She gave me a free bottle of Method all purpose cleaner. It does work on most everything but doesn’t give the glow of the wood cleaner. Also the lavender scent is really strong and smells odd in the kitchen. where canI I buy the wood cleaner locally?
Great stuff!

Mona Bigler Pelkey
Jun. 5, 2013

Best I have ever used

I love Method products in general, but the Wood for Good really stands out. My furniture is old and banged up from moving and general wear and tear, and the Method wood cleaner makes it clean, shiny but not oily, and good-smelling. It makes even our old stuff look amazing. :-)

Cheryl Iler Hensarling
Jun. 4, 2013

I use this on all types of wood – solid, laminate, etc – with great results on all. And I love anything almond scented. I personally don’t notice a lingering smell long after I finish cleaning, but my nose may not be that sensitive to it. I will continue to purchase this.

Kristen Baker Feaga
Dec. 8, 2012

don't waste your $

Not sure what kind of finish is on my coffee table, but left white marks on the test area. Would NOT recommend for older wood products

Chelsea Campbell
Nov. 19, 2012

Not as great as I had hoped.

It smells so much better than the citrus scented oils and aerosols. AGAIN with the baby powder after-scent, though. I hate that. It is non-toxic, that’s great. That’s why it gets 3 stars. I tested it on all of my wood furniture, it ruined two test spots. One on an antique dresser, the other on my antique piano bench. Please test this on an inconspicuous area (it even says to do so on the bottle) before using it all over antique furniture. I wish it delivered more polish – I’m the kind that needs a heavier shine/polish on my wood furniture. All in all, this wasn’t the product for me. I will stick to what I buy normally. I’m glad I tried it, though.

Davlyn Spetch
Jul. 23, 2012

Great product!

Outstanding product! Absolutely perfect for wood. Has no silicone or fake shine enhancers so it REALLY does bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Smells delightfully like almonds. I have a residential housecleaning business and this is what we use on the wood in our clients homes and everyone is okay with it. :)

David Doyle
Jun. 27, 2012

Ghastly smell

I had two guests in our office when the cleaners arrived. They use all of the products we provide them and we generally use only Method brand items.

They sprayed the WOOD FOR GOOD polish on something and my guests jumped up faster than I did – we all evacuated the office and had all of the windows opened immediately. We closed the office and went for lunch – I let the others go on a break for 1 hr.

I had sore throat and also a headache for about 1 hr.

Within an hour the smell was pretty much gone and all was well again. We destroyed the cleaner and will certainly never use it again – what a surprise!!

Run from this product – horrible!

stephanie w.
Jan. 16, 2012

Thank God for the Non-toxic cleaner

I dedicated a post tonight based on my experience with this cleaner. I’m incredibly thankful that it was non-toxic, as are my children. I will forever buy Method cleaners and I’m going to replace the other brands that I have tomorrow.



Stephanie @ AllArtful.com

breanna p.
Jan. 12, 2012


No residue, makes my furniture have a clean glow and smells so lovely!!

megan b.
Dec. 12, 2011

Great wood surface cleaner

Smells good and polishes all my wood surfaces very nicely.

julie m.
Nov. 30, 2011

Refreshed my tables

I used this the other day on my dark wood end tables and coffee table. They look SO refreshed with no build-up or film. The odd thing is the smell… it smelled yummy like almond at first but then it dried into a horrible baby powder scent! EWW!

christine w.
Oct. 14, 2011


This is great. It not only leaves all my wood furniture looking great but it even helps me get all the mess from my toddler off the wood surfaces at the same time. Time saving at it’s best!

margie k.
Oct. 6, 2011


Have been using the good for wood small bottle for awhile….just discovered my first bottle of daily clean…………………wow! It is by far the best dusting polish I ever used. I have put the products in all my customers homes.

gwen d.
Sep. 28, 2011


Best thing I ever used on my wood! It cleans so well. It’s cleaned better than Pledge or any other wood product out there.

kate s.
Sep. 10, 2011

thumbs way up

not only does this cleaner smells yummy it makes our wood GLEAM. we feel safe putting on newly bought wood items to uses it to bring back the luster of antiques furntiure. Wish method either made the bottle a bigger size or make a refill bottle. either way this will always be in my house.

jennifer s.
Sep. 1, 2011

Great smell, makes me wanna dust!!

I use it on our dining room table daily. My 10y/o daughter loves to dust with this b/c she says it smells SO good!! :) Great smell, great cleaning product! Thanks Method.

asher l.
Aug. 11, 2011

Surprisingly Wonderful Scent

When I saw Almond as the fragrance I didn’t think for a second that it might actually smell good. But Method had surprised me before so I gave it a try anyways.

It’s a wonderful subtile smell, not too earthy, it doesn’t scream oily or even almond for that matter. It’s very chill.

Oh and it cleans and shins wood superbly at that.

sam k.
Jul. 10, 2011


An amazing, delicate almond smell. Gives even old wood furniture a facelift! Finally a wood cleaner you actually feel safe to use on a wood table you eat at.

lesley r.
Jun. 23, 2011

Good Product

This product works very well. Cleans and conditions easily and without a harth scent.

amy a.
May. 20, 2011


I have used those aerosol sprays for wood, the oils… all of which had a strong chemical scent and were not so gentle to the environment. I absolutely love the almond scent of this wood cleaner. The spray bottle instead of aerosol propellant, and the fact that it is non-toxic were instant selling points to me. I’ll never use anything else again.

christina g.
Mar. 9, 2011

I Love This Stuf!!!

This is the best wood surface cleaner I have ever used—it works well and never makes me feel sick after I use it. I’m confident that it isn’t harmful to my family or my pets and the almond scent is wonderful too.

scott v.
Jan. 28, 2011


Again and again, you guys keep me excited about cleaning. Who knew I would ever type those words?! Thanks!

bunchz t.
Jan. 23, 2011


The ONLY thing you should be using to clean your wood surfaces.

shannon g.
Jan. 16, 2011

Leaves wood shiny and smelling wonderful

I like all of the method products I have tried so far, but this is definitely one of my favorites. It really leaves an even better shine than Pledge, and the almond smell is so nice. I found a companion brown microfiber cloth made by Method at my grocery store, and using the two together leaves an amazing shine and saves the environment by reducing garbage from paper towels or disposable wipes. It makes me so happy about cleaning my house!

sue m.
Dec. 27, 2010

Love it!

Not greasy or waxy — does not leave residue. Smells fantastic — not over powering. I use it on antiques, modern furniture, even my kitchen cabinets.

shannon m.
Dec. 27, 2010

Great clean, no buildup

Not to mention the great smell (just like every other Method product). I love knowing that my most special wood furniture won’t suffer damage/build up like other wood cleaners leave. I hate dusting but this makes the tedious task a more enjoyable one. Amazing price too!

ashley w.
Nov. 19, 2010


the family that i nanny for has me using it all the time to clean the house and it works great and smells great i have alergys to some cleaing stuff and this i dont now that i use it at work i plan on starting to use it at home too as soon as i can afford it!

matthew s.
Nov. 7, 2010

Revitalized some old wood furniture

Method Wood for Good is truly good for wood. Brought out the brilliance of some older wood furniture. Will definitely continue using.

tina h.
Oct. 20, 2010


I’m on my second bottle of this stuff. My mom and I love the smell and it’s not overwhelming like some lemon furniture sprays are. It smells nice, and cleans my coffee table great. It gets all the stains, dirt, fingerprints off and leaves it looking great.

lisa m.
Oct. 13, 2010

Non-toxic, mild almond scent

I love this cleaner because it leaves the woodwork looking great without a heavy buildup and it cleans and polished all in one! I only wish there was more of it in a bottle!

what do you think about wood for good polish?

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