power foam dish soap


let the foamy fun begin

why let dishes pile up when you have a self-foaming dish soap that makes it so easy and, dare we say, fun? just spray this foaming soap on your sponge or dishes and the naturally-derived cleaners get to work on tough grease and stuck-on food. we’d say that’s one step closer to getting the dishes to do themselves. progress.

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ingredient what it is health + environmental summary
water surfactant (cleaning agent) non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made from coconut + other natural oils
coco methyl ester sufonate surfactant (cleaning agent) very gentle on skin and non toxic to people; readily biodegradable; made from corn sugars and coconut oil

caprylyl/myristyl glucoside

surfactant (cleaning agent) non toxic in use and low skin irritation; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut oil
cocoalkyl amine oxide alkanity booster + oxidizer baking soda analog + peroxide - non toxic ingested or in skin contact; disperses safely in the environment; abundant mineral source
glycerin moisturizer non toxic for people and no skin irritation; readily biodegradable; derived from plant sources
ethanol solvent non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; fermented from corn sugars
ethyl glycerin acetal levulinate solvent non toxic and not irritating to skin; made from renewable wood trimmings; readily biodegradable. previously referred to as ethyl levulinate glycerol ketal.
carboxymethylinulin complexing agent non-toxic and not irritating to skin; inherently biodegradable; derived from chicory plant extract
potassium citrate complexing agent non toxic, non-allergenic and not irritating to skin; degrades readily in the environment; fermented from renewable corn sugars
tetrasodium GLDA complexing agent non-toxic and not irritating to skin; inherently biodegradable;
cocamidopropyl betaine surfactant (cleaning agent) low skin irritation in use and non toxic; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut oil
methylisothiazolinone, benzylisothiazoline preservative safe for people (low skin + eye irritation); inherently biodegradable; made from synthetic materials
carboxymethyl cellulose stabilizer non toxic and not irritating to skin; degradable in the environment; derived from plant fiber
colorant colorant non-toxic, free of heavy metals, azo groups and carcinogens, not mutagenic, no or low skin irritation potential; low aquatic toxicity and slow biodegradation; made from synthetic materials


    french lavender

    is there really any other kind? this enchanting medley of lavender, bergamot, purple sage + chamomile is like a brief respite to the french countryside. incidentally, to the exact coordinates where the sun always shines + all of your cleaning fantasies come true.


    lemon mint

    it’s hard to find two complementary fragrances with so little in common. she’s thick-skinned. he’s what you might describe as delicate. her vibrant zest stimulates. his strength is in herbal understatement. yet, together they’re a perfectly refreshing pair. love is strange.


    pink grapefruit

    there are certain scents that seem to put an extra spring in your step. like this refreshing fusion of pink grapefruit, blood orange + cassis. in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this vibrant medley induces spontaneous skipping. it’s been known to happen.

all of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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5 reviews

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method customer support
Jun. 23, 2014

hi erin, we’re so sorry to hear about your experience. email us at info@methodhome.com and we’ll try to help.

Erin Waddington
Jun. 22, 2014

NOTHING powerful about this soap, but it is foamy.

Purchased the Grapefruit version of this at Target, and it is TERRIBLE. Even using very hot water, all you end up doing is spreading grease around. Useless to use on anything that may have even had tiny bit of grease on it. We have gone through an entire bottle in about 1 week. Can’t wait to get rid of it.

Nicole LeAnn Burns
Jun. 18, 2014


I love foaming hand soaps & when the “blue dish soap” company came out with a foaming dish soap I was ecstatic. I used theirs for over a year until I learned more about animal testing & the horrors they go through (I have two beagles, the most used laboratory dog, and it broke my heart to think about them being tested on). After doing some research I decided on method, having used some of their products in the past with great results. I was so excited to see that method had come out with a foaming dish soap! The Lemon Mint scent is wonderful – extremely fresh & clean – and it works wonders powering through greasy residue without being harsh on my skin.

I highly recommend this!

Elizabeth DeGroate
Jan. 5, 2014

Love the pump action spray

I purchased this in the ‘Lemon Mint’ scent (French Lavender is next), and I have to say this stuff is AMAZING. The foam consistency is great (not so thick it sticks, but it’s not runny like water), and is as good (if not better) than Dawn’s ability to get the grease and grime off of my dishes. Best part? The “squirt gun” feeling makes doing dishes a lot less boring. :D

Char Gilbride
Sep. 11, 2013


Yep, FIVE star rating!! I like the foam. Great product.

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