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we passionately subscribe to the belief that you can never have too much of a good thing. especially when it’s really good. for example, anything of the pink grapefruit variety. so we figured, why not surrender to our ultimate cleaning fantasies and go for the trifecta. to be clear, that’s our naturally derived + biodegradable gel hand wash, all-purpose cleaner and pump dish soap in the splendid scent of pink grapefruit.

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    pink grapefruit

    there are certain scents that seem to put an extra spring in your step. like this refreshing fusion of pink grapefruit, blood orange + cassis. in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this vibrant medley induces spontaneous skipping. it’s been known to happen.

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2 reviews

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Donna Bergeron-Birge
Apr. 21, 2013

I'm in love with this stuff!

This is a great all-purpose cleaner and smells fabulous. It was my first method purchase, and I confess, I bought it for the color and the slogan “this beauty is a beast.” It’s so very true; I was pleasantly surprised and love the color too! (Did I just write a poem?)

Darla DeCrosta Marvin
Sep. 19, 2012

Great Smell- Great Product

I will say after being soooooooo disappointed with the Lemon Verbana cleaner, the pink grapefruit has redeemed Method. It smells so nice and it cleans so well. Very happy.

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