foaming hand wash – ORLA KIELY fall limited edition


get out your fancy hands

bring style to your sink with the bold, graphic prints of Orla Kiely adorning our naturally derived, biodegradable foaming hand wash in new, exclusive fragrances. a little loveliness, a little lather and your soft, clean hands will be the envy of all the land. or at least within your circle of friends.

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foaming hand wash – ORLA KIELY fall limited edition , 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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ingredient what it is health + environmental summary
water diluent deionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
sodium lauryl sulfate surfactant (cleaning agent) low skin irritation in use and non toxic; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut oil
cocamidopropyl betaine surfactant (cleaning agent) low skin irritation in use and non toxic; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut oil
fragrance oil blend fragrance free of phthalates, NPEs and other dirty ingredients; non toxic in use, free of carcinogens and tested for skin irritation and allergies; blended composition is partly essential oils and partly synthetic ingredients
sodium citrate complexing agent non toxic, non-allergenic and not irritating to skin; degrades readily in the environment; fermented from renewable corn sugars
sodium chloride salt table salt - safe for people (unless too much is eaten on potato chips); widely available and safe in the environment
methylisothiazolinone + methylchloroisothiazolinone preservative safe for people (low skin + eye irritation); inherently biodegradable; made from synthetic materials
Aloe Vera Gel moisturizer safe for contact + moisturizing to skin; biodegrades readily; sourced from natural aloe plants
Vitamin E skin conditioner good for skin, non-toxic, widely available
glycerin moisturizer non toxic for people and no skin irritation; readily biodegradable; derived from plant sources
color colorant safe for people, free of heavy metals or other dirty ingredients; ultimately degradable and not accumulative in the environment; made from synthetic materials


    bay leaf

    if you look up "fresh" in the dictionary, there would have been a photo of this herbaceous mix of bay leaves, eucalyptus, rosemary and green vines, but Webster’s wouldn’t accept a scratch + sniff. luckily, you can enjoy our refreshing bay leaf anytime you like.



    it would be a mistake to assume that because it’s called primrose this scent is prim and proper. because its delicate combination of sterling rose petals, valencia blossom, magnolia and garden ivy is as cool + modern as biking in a dress. and everyone likes a girl biking in a dress.


    vanilla chai

    cool days call for wool sweaters or cuddling up with an alpaca. and is there anything that goes better with sweaters and alpacas than vanilla chai? we think not. especially one mixed with vanilla sugar, allspice, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. we’re warm already.

all of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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2 reviews

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Maeghan Butler
Sep. 1, 2014

Vanilla Chai


Sarah White
Jul. 28, 2014

Best Method smell ever

It works as well as their normal foaming soaps. The scent is what I am praising. I hope the release more products in this scent. I would love for my whole house to smell this way.

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