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smarter, easier, greener

it may be hard to believe, but this tiny bottle of 8X ultra-concentrated laundry detergent can do big things. that’s because the plant-based formula with smartclean technology® seeks out dirt and stains in a revolutionary new way to deliver beautifully clean clothes with just 1/4th the dose of the leading brand. plus, its handy pump makes for easy, one-handed use. no mess. no waste. no aching biceps.

method laundry detergent – 50 load size, 4.2 out of 5 based on 49 ratings

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ingredient what it is health + environmental summary
coco/soy methyl ester + sulfonate / ethoxylate surfactant (cleaning agent) non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made from coconut + other natural oils
lauryl + oleoyl alcohol ethoxylates surfactant (cleaning agent) non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made from coconut oil
glycerin solvent non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made from vegetable sources
sodium alkane sulfonate surfactant (cleaning agent) non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made using synthetic materials
peg 300 monooctyl ether surfactant (cleaning agent) non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made from coconut + other natural oils
decyl glucoside surfactant (cleaning agent) very gentle on skin and not toxic to people; biodegrades readily; made from corn sugars and coconut oil
ethyl levulinate glycerol ketal solvent not toxic if ingested or to skin (not irritating); safe in environment; abundant mineral source
carboxymethylinulin anti-redeposition agent non-toxic and not irritating to skin; inherently biodegradable; derived from chicory plant extract
mipa-lactate alkalinity builder non toxic and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made from synthetic materials and corn sugars
cellulase, protease, amylase, mannanase, lipase cleaning enzymes non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; safely dispersed in environment; made using natural substrates
ethanol solvent non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; fermented from corn sugars
purified water diluent purified by reverse osmosis; drawn from abundant source
fragrance oil blend (not used in free of dyes + perfumes) fragrance free of phthalates and other dirty ingredients, non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; made using partial natural essential oil content and partial synthetic ingredients
carboxylate polymer builder / anti-redeposition non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; inherently biodegradable; made using synthetic materials
distyrylbiphenolsulfonate optical brightener non-toxic, not irritating to skin or a cause of allergies; will not accumulate in the environment; made from synthetic materials
propane diol solvent non toxic and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made from corn sugars


    free + clear

    shamelessly clean. no dyes. no perfumes.


    fresh air

    you've heard that saying before, when something refreshing just breezed in, and everything's a little bit better because of it? well, this scent is just like that – a breath of fresh air. the kind you smell. pretty much named itself.


    lavender cedar

    despite what you might assume, lavender cedar is not a particular variety of bedding for Provençal hamsters. rather, it is a decidedly sophisticated scent suitable for laundering your unmentionables or tidying up your chateau—or your sixth floor walk-up. it’s not fussy.


    spring daisy

    few things sadden us more than the brevity of springtime. like most good things, it’s gone before we’ve had enough. but not anymore. we’ve captured its essence and now the light scent of blooming spring daisies is yours whenever you like.


    sweet pea

    babies smell wonderful, except when they don’t. in an effort to harness the former, we’ve bottled the heavenly scent of little ones still warm from the bath. so even if that freshness is fleeting where your own sweet pea is concerned, every cleanup and wardrobe change will feel like the first. even if it’s more like the seventh.


    water lily + aloe

    imagine yourself exploring the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. let’s assume you can fly for the sake of this exercise. now breathe deeply to bask in the watery, green freshness of bergamot, hyacinth blossom, water lily + orange flower. isn’t flying the best?

all of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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49 reviews

overall rating
Cameron Wingate
Mar. 13, 2014

method man

it cleans pretty well its your had too because I ride horses and work in the barn and maintain my own car so I need an eco-friendly laundry soap that get the dirt out

Dana Cassle Baker
Jan. 3, 2014

Spring Daisy

Please keep this scent, Spring Daisy, it is my favorite scent. It is always the first to sell out at my Target store. I have severe asthma and allergies and this is the only detergent with a scent that doesn’t aggravate my asthma and make me wheeze. I really hope you won’t do away with my favorite laundry detergent.

Devan Lee McDaniels
Jul. 12, 2013

Enjoyable scent, but...

While I love the out-of-the-box scents, I was very disappointed with the cleaning power of this detergent. I run a laundry detergent review blog, so I intentionally stained one of my white work shirts with chili and let it sit for a while.

I pre-treated the stain with the detergent, let it sit for a good 15 minutes then put my shirt through the wash with a small load of laundry. I followed the recommended amount directions and did two pumps. By the time my wash was over, there was still a very large, visible chili stain on the front of my shirt. It looked as if I had just run it through hot water, little more.

In the end, I will only use this detergent on lightly-soiled clothing, or if I want a unique scent on my clothes.

Kalyn Hoeppner Essex
Apr. 21, 2013


The Method laundry detergent bottle is husband proof, as I no longer have to remind him what line the cap needs filled to for what size of load or clean up his messes :) No more wasted detergent left in the cap or spillage from the other foolish (as I now call them) bottle designs! My clothes smell AMAZING afterwards…even after sometimes forgetting them in the washer overnight :/ I’m so happy refill pouches are now offered!!!

Travis Wester
Apr. 13, 2013


I’m serious about my laundry. I don’t mess around. I need my stuff clean and I don’t like using scents, which is why I love the free + clear (please method, don’t discontinue it). It works great, the pump is solid… what else can I say? If you’re still using laundry detergent that smells like a DuPont factory and poisons the water table, you need to shake yourself and buy a bottle of this stuff!

Janice Dorn
Apr. 8, 2013

Clean, Fresh, & "Green"

I have been looking for this particular fragrance for awhile! I was afraid the bottle lasted so long, Method stopped making it… So happy to find it online!

Eryk Woods
Feb. 18, 2013

Love the travel size!

I don’t own a car and walk/bike exclusively. This tends to create problems when trying to get something home like a giant jug of laundry detergent. Well on my last trip to the store, I saw this handy little backpack-sized detergent and I’m hooked! It cleans better than my old detergent, and the packaging (and refills) are much easier to get home!

Ashley Fiedler
Nov. 12, 2012


WHYYYYY I can never find the Peony Blossom anymore? It was FANTASTIC! Why would you get rid of it?! Spring daisys is okay, but it’s not the peony blossom, I use everything Method but this has me seriously debating checking out other all natural detergents to see if I like them better simply because of smell and I am not the only one, as I saw below!

Danielle Chandler
Oct. 5, 2012

I like it but...

I really liked trying this detergent, and liked the way it cleaned. My main gripe is the fact that it says 50 loads. I kept track on it to see how true this was, and I only got 35 loads out of it! I stayed withing the directions and didn’t use more squirts unless I didn’t get an entire squirt. I really don’t think I wasted enough to short me by 15 loads of laundry! If they come up with a different pump to get everything from the bottom or be sure that we get our 50 loads out of it, I will consider using it again.

Ariadne Monfalcone
Jul. 24, 2012

please bring it back

I love the convenience of this detergent! It does a great job cleaning, and I don’t have to carry those huge jugs around anymore. My only gripe? PLEASE BRING BACK THE PEONY SCENT!! i can’t find it anywhere and miss it so much! Please, please, please!!

Sarah Rachel
May. 2, 2012

I don't understand having a pump on a laundry detergent begin with. Especially if you’ve got a front loader with a pull-out tray. Very awkward. With all the complaints here about the pump and bottle design, I sure hope Method is listening, because this is very pricey stuff, and a bad bottle design only makes it that much less attractive. I’m not even going to TRY it until I hear that the design has been fixed.

That said, I love many of the other Method products. My house is full of Method soap.

Jamie Robert
Apr. 22, 2012

method laundry detergent

method laundry detergent is good stuff but the one thing I don’t get is why is it $16.00 for (20 fl oz)
The reason why I say this is because you can go to Walmart and get Tide (150 fl oz) for $18.00.

Cynthia Dondrea
Apr. 10, 2012


I am such a loyal brand shopper. I have always used Tide. I read an article about Method, got a sample in LOwe’s and thought, uhm, let’s try it. So with a load of regular clothes I washed with Method laundry liquid… I WAS HOOKED!! I love the fact that I can do all my laundry with 4 -6 pumps per load. I get 50+ loads from one bottle (depending on the month and how dirty my boys get!!). The price is higher than you would think for this little bottle, but when you actual see how many loads you get from the large size Tide versus the 50 load bottle of Method, the savings is there. I find myself shopping for laundry soap a lot less than I used to and since I have my husband trained on 5 pumps, he gives it no more and I can save even more! I have never had any problems with the pump going bad or needing a longer pump line. As a matter of fact, when I get so low, I add a little water to the bottle and use what is left in there. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!!

shannon l.
Feb. 22, 2012

Love this product but with the price was a little lower

I really do like this product, but I find the price point to be a little bit high. Whenever I am at Target and am ready to buy some more laundry soap, I always feel like this product is priced too high. There are some other earth friendly lines that are less expensive, so I tend to buy those instead.

rachel h.
Feb. 21, 2012

Spring daisy

This has a pleasant light, fresh, floral scent. If you like peony(my favorite), you will probably like this fragrance.

robert h.
Jan. 15, 2012

Love my laundry

Great stuff and a nice light & clean scent. Works well but it’s priced a bit on the high side compared with Clorox Green Works.

breanna p.
Jan. 12, 2012

Love love love spring daisy

This scent is so fresh. I don’t like perfumy scents for my laundry and this one is perfect. It really smells like you dried your laundry in a meadow- very natural and soft. I want it to stay FOREVER. Plus I want dryer cloths and fabric softener and REFILL on this scent, PLEASE METHOD!!!

elisabeth g.
Dec. 2, 2011



julie m.
Nov. 30, 2011

Spring Daisy

I picked this up at Target in the Spring Daisy scent (50 load bottle- yellow). I can’t find it on the method website… Anyway, it works well and takes up so little space. No more messing with laundry detergent powders that don’t fully dissolve or sticky liquids that drip everywhere. I’m not missing cruel Tide at all!!

tj v.
Oct. 22, 2011

The Fresh Air scent and

The Fresh Air scent and packaging sold us the first time around. We have a city apartment and lugging all the laundry plus detergent, etc. 29 floors down is a pain so the compact size (and concentrated product) help. (And let’s face it, in a big city, carrying a small bottle of detergent home from Target on the bus is a lot easier than some gigantic plastic behemoth bottle.) Needless to say, we keep buying this because family members don’t mind the scent, it doesn’t irritate our skin and seems to clean our laundry despite the crappy water we have. The downside is it’s a little pricier and we have to search for it a bit.

angela s.
Sep. 5, 2011

Love, love, love and need Method for my daily use!

It was recommended for me to try the laundry detergent. I did. So impressed with the fact that I do not need anything extra and the stains, dirt and ickies come out just by the normal wash. No pre-treating, no extra care for area with issue, just wash.

*Bonus is children with eczema do have any issue that they did with others, even the pricey baby detergent! NO matter what scent I use, they (2 of 4) are just fine.

The 3 different fragrances I have tried are gentle and pleasant.
I do not have to lug a big container from the store or every time I was to wash a load. Simple, easy and clean!

All of their products work so well. I no longer feel sick or headache half-way through cleaning from the toxic products I once used to clean the home. I scrub less, get more clean and feel just fine.

Laundry products – Rain, Lavender – fresh and gentle scent
bathroom cleaning – all! Cleans fast, with ease and without the toxic headache I usually get while using cleaning products.
Kitchen cleaning – fav grapefruit and Lavender- depending on my mood
Dishwasher tablets – fav is grapefruit – scent makes everything fresh!

Thank you Method!


nancy b.
Aug. 7, 2011

Pump not good

Love the product, love the fact that it’s refillable, but the pump broke after 5 uses. So sad…

michie l.
Jul. 27, 2011

Make all your detergent bottles refillable please!

i love the scent of the detergent Sweet Pea, the quality of the actually detergent and its cleaning power is okay. But please make ALL of your detergent bottles refillable! And please start making refills for Sea Pea and Poeny Blossom refills and sell them on !!!

jessi j.
Jul. 27, 2011

Sad about this one...not good with odor

This is the first method product I haven’t liked and will have to switch out when it’s gone. :(

I sweat a lot, especially in the summer, and my clothes, especially blend fabrics, come out of the laundry smelling like they never went in. I’ve tried putting half the amount of clothes so that there’s plenty of water (a bit of a hardship for me since I pay for every load), different water temperatures, and pretreating. Pretreating seems to be the only method that helps a little, but for the cost of this detergent, I don’t want the aggravation of having to pretreat every shirt when I can get some Seventh Gen detergent for less and not have to go through that step.

Sorry method guys. I’ll keep using all the rest of my products, but this one is fail.

s o.
Jul. 22, 2011

Almost great

I like the way it cleans, I like the green aspect a lot.

BUT, once the bottle is half empty (half full?) when you tilt the bottle to squirt it into the tray of the front loader machine, nothing comes out. Which just seems like a HUGE design flaw for an HE detergent. So for half the loads I can use the pump, but then I end up having to pour it directly into the dispensing tray, and there’s no spout of course so it drips.

The refill bag is genius though, love the hard “straw” to grip to make it easier to pour.

allison j.
Jul. 22, 2011


This is a fantastic detergent! I agree about the bottle but it was suggested to my mother that an HE machine needs a very limited amount of soap so she uses (passed one on to me) one of the liquid baby Tylenol measure cups. This has come in very handy when the soap is low.

mary j.
Jul. 1, 2011


I use the Fresh Air laundry detergent in conjunction with the Sweet Water dryer sheets, and it’s great! I love it :) Smells nice and gets my clothes clean (I work in an animal hospital so I get some interesting stains/smells on my scrubs). I will definitely keep using this product!

kate s.
May. 26, 2011

Reading love it, dont love the limited avabilty of scents

I love this detergent, I just wish I could find more of differnt scents in retail stores. I’m not wasting money on shipping ect though. Its not worth it. All I can find are the peony blossom, free + clear and fresh air. But the product is awesome and here’s hoping more retailers will carry more versions.

tresa r.
May. 2, 2011

Fruity Scents

I would love to see some of the fruity scents, such as Clementine, extended into your laundry line.

I don’t like anything perfume-y or floral, so I currently use the unscented laundry pump. I occasionally use a squirt or two of my Clementine dish soap in my towel and linen loads :-)

I know a lot of men don’t like the smell of most laundry soap, as it’s generally feminine, I bet Clementine/Fresh Apple/Etc would be a hit with them too!

christy c.
Mar. 6, 2011

Longer Pump line?

I too have been using Method Laundry Detergent since it came out – specifically the Free and Clear. I have allergies to other Laundry Detergents and discovered through lots of trial and error that Method is the one that does NOT cause me to break out into hives and/or rashes.

My biggest concern when Method came out with the new Pump container is that I have a top load washer (and stackable at that). Due to the small space, I have to tilt the bottle to get the detergent aimed into the washer. As the detergent lessens, the pump does not have the ability to get the detergent. So at about 1/4 left, I have to unscrew the top and approximate the detergent for the remainder of the bottle.

The other container with the cap was so much more easier to use. I understand Method trying to be less wasteful but is there a happy medium? Could they offer two containers – one for those who have the side door washers and one for those who have the top loader/stackable?’

In any case, thank you for all that you do for the environment and for those of us with allergies! Thank you!

lien h.
Feb. 15, 2011

Smells so lovely!

I use both Peony Blossom (for my & hubby’s clothes) and Free + Clear (for baby.) I love the smell of Peony so much! It cleanses our clothes so well and I love the pump action! I hope you guys come out with Peony Blossom fabric softener & dryer sheets. Seeing as it doesn’t affect baby’s skin I think my next purchase will be Sweet Pea because it smells soft like a baby should!! :)

marrisha f.
Jan. 28, 2011

Love it!

Llove this detergent. Like all the others say. It cleans great. Love the pump and love that if you read the bottom of the bottle it tells you to line up the arrow to the pink straw so you can use every drop without taking the lid off. The only thing I would love to see is a window strip down the bottle so I can keep track of when I’m almost out, so I can buy another great bottle of detergent.

lauren d.
Jan. 28, 2011

Squeaky clean

This is the best detergent I’ve used, mostly for the things I DON’T notice. Like itchy skin, sneezy laundry day and fading colors. I like the pump design, but can understand why some would find it wasteful. I don’t have an issue with it because we have recycling. I would love to see refill bags though, just because I know that would probably reduce the cost greatly!

michelle l.
Jan. 24, 2011

Almost perfect

I’ve been using Method laundry detergent for years; I can’t say enough good things about it. It works fabulously and flawlessly. I’ve always been conscious of the environment, but what really hooked me on this detergent was the small size and design of the original bottle (you’d squeeze the bottle and the detergent would self-measure into a little cup attached to the top of the bottle.) Thank you for once again moving to a bottle that can be operated with one hand, plus it’s even smaller and more lightweight. Now, if you could only bring back the Morning Bloom scent I would be the happiest Method customer on the planet (until then I‘ll mournfully use the fresh air scent).

susan d.
Jan. 15, 2011

no smell yeah!

this is the first product i used. i love that there as no scent and weird stuff in it my family has skin allergies. we also don’t like going around smelling like laundry. the small bottle also great so you don’t have to keep lifting a huge jug. refils would be lovely!!

rob s.
Jan. 13, 2011

Love it, but is it discontinued?

I like how concentrated this detergent is, which means a nice small bottle for many loads of laundry. And it works great too, cleaning effectively without adding an artificial scent.

But amazon just told me that it has been discontinued and cancelled my subscription to it. Is this true? Or is it still available elsewhere?

janis l.
Jan. 13, 2011

Fabulously Refreshing!

Easy Peasy, fresh, no muss no fuss, this detergent WORKS, takes up little space in the laundry room, and can be used on everything from the grime duds to the delicate undies. I love it!

wolf m.
Jan. 6, 2011

dosing without the pump

This stuff is awsome!
FYI to those having trouble with broken pumps:
The proper dose (4 pumps) is pretty much exactly one measured table spoon (the kind used for baking, not just your regular spoon!), or 15ml if you prefer.

marisa l.
Jan. 2, 2011

The detergent is great

The container, well, not so much. It’s nifty looking but not functional. I have a front loader with a little drawer that you need to pull out to fill with detergent, bleach, etc. Once the bottle of detergent starts to get low and you need to tilt it, you start having problems.

Some sort of soft refill bag would also be much more practical than having to buy a new container every time, as well.

Other than that, I love the soap. I understand the concept of pre-measured pumps, I just wish you had stuck to the original packaging. For now, I just spend a lot of time unscrewing tops and condensing small quantities of almost-empty bottles. Not a pleasant (or easy) task.

wynter d.
Dec. 27, 2010

Love it

I never bought baby detergent for my baby (just used free+clear) – but I recently purchased the Method baby detergent (sweet pea). I love it! It does a great job on baby messes and smells so good! I want to use it on everything and find myself making excuses to wash his clothes (and toss in something of mine too).

katherine c.
Nov. 25, 2010

Got out stains other detergents didn't

I’m a bee keeper and occasionally things get a bit messy. I was able to get out stains that other fully synthetic detergents were unable to get out. Love the scent and I had no allergic reaction, which is HUGE for me. Great product.

barbara k.
Nov. 15, 2010

Product: yay! Pump: improvement needed

I was thrilled to find Method brand laundry detergent for my HE washer. I was even happier to find it in Free+Clear so I could use it on even my baby’s clothes!

The product works great. (Though I miss having any scent. My husband actually wondered if it was getting our clothes clean because there is NO scent at all.)

I like the shape of the bottle. It doesn’t tip over due to the wide base.

However, the pump doesn’t seem to hold the product between washings and it eventually just stopped working. There was still plenty of detergent left in the bottle, but nothing would coax it into the pump. I had to resort to unscrewing the top each time I used it. (Besides being inconvenient, it also made it difficult to accurately measure the amount of detergent I was using.)

I will buy it again, but I hope the pump will work for the duration of the product.

kristine m.
Nov. 14, 2010

Love the product, not so much the packaging

I’ve been using Method’s Laundry Detergent for years now, I love it! Nothing cleans or smells better. I use a laundry service and one day when I was picking up my laundry, the store manager ran after me to ask where I get such a wonderful detergent! I’ve never been chased by someone…let alone chased for my laundry soap :)

Now the bad, I love the sleek new design, I even think the pump is a good idea…however, because I travel with my detergent and there’s no lock on the pump the trunk of my car now has laundry soap all in it. Things tip over, soap leaks out…not quite sure maybe the pump pressed down? In any case, I wasted a lot of detergent in the trunk! I am, though, enjoying the lovely smell when I open the trunk?

Still how about a cap? A lock? Something to keep the pump from pumping…something for us laundry toting folks?

claudia w.
Nov. 12, 2010

Love it, too! But the pump...

… really should be refillable. And I can’t get ALL of the product out when the bottle is empty… I want to access every little drop!

jessica w.
Nov. 9, 2010

Love It!! But...

Love this product. Smells fantastic and cleans well too. Only thing that bothers me is the pump doesn’t seem to retain the product well – so I have to pump a lot of times initially to get the detergent to come out.

kerry l.
Nov. 2, 2010


Love the new bottle design, hate that it’s not refillable! Why by a new pump every time when you could sell this in a bagged refill, like you do for (some of) your other products? Or at least sell a non-pump version of the bottle, like Aveda does with their products, so you can transfer the pump and recycle the old bottle.

barbara p.
Oct. 16, 2010


It cleans great, can be used in any washing machine, smells great, easy to use pumps = no soapy hands (which I hate when doing laundry!), space saving, planet friendly….need I go on?

marie b.
Oct. 15, 2010


I have severe arthritis in both hands and the design of the bottle is so wonderful! And it smells great and cleans as well as any other detergent I have tried!

christine w.
Oct. 14, 2010

greatest laundry detergent ever

This stuff is so good I even use it to pretreat stains. It even got out a set in blood stain on one of my husbands white dress shirts. I can’t say enough about how great this detergent is.

what do you think about method laundry detergent – 50 load size?

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