dish pump


get pumped to get clean dishes

no one sets out to neglect a cheesy casserole dish in the sink for days. but sometimes it happens. and when it does, you’re glad that you have an ultra grease-fighting and biodegradable dish soap to depend on. especially since our natural dish liquid now comes in a new pump design. so you can squirt it directly into the sink or onto the sponge—or even directly on that cheese—with no drippy mess.

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ingredient what it is health + environmental summary
purified water solvent non–toxic; safe in environment; widely available
sodium lauryl sulfate surfactant (cleaning agent) low skin irritation in use and non toxic; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut oil
decyl + lauryl glucoside surfactant (cleaning agent) very gentle on skin and non toxic to people; readily biodegradable; made from corn sugars and coconut oil
lauramine oxide surfactant (cleaning agent) non toxic in use and low skin irritation; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut oil
alcohol (ethanol) solvent non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; fermented from corn sugars
glycerin (vegetable) solvent non toxic for people and no skin irritation; readily biodegradable; derived from plant sources
citric acid complexing agent non toxic in use if ingested or in skin contact; readily biodegradable; produced from corn sugars
sodium chloride salt table salt - safe for people (unless too much is eaten on potato chips); widely available and safely dispersed in the environment
sodium citrate complexing agent non toxic, non-allergenic and not irritating to skin; degrades readily in the environment; fermented from renewable corn sugars
methylisothiazolinone / methylchoroisothiazolinone preservative - prevent bacterial growth safe for people (low skin + eye irritation); inherently biodegradable; made from synthetic materials
polymeric colorant colorant (not present in ginger yuzu or white rosemary) non-toxic, free of heavy metals, azo groups and carcinogens, not mutagenic, no or low skin irritation potential; low aquatic toxicity and slow biodegradation; made from synthetic materials
fragrance oil blend fragrance free of phthalates, NPEs and other dirty ingredients; non toxic in use, free of carcinogens and tested for skin irritation and allergies; blended composition is partly essential oils and partly synthetic ingredients



    imagine a quaint Italian village tucked away on a sun-drenched hillside in Tuscany. now imagine that you’ve won a dream vacation in said village. you will spend your days lounging in splendor, with the crisp scent of freshly cut basil wafting in with the breeze. to return to this fantasy, simply close your eyes and wash up.



    as the zesty kid sister to the orange, our sweet clementine often feels that she’s not taken seriously. we think serious is overrated anyway. but from here forward, we decree that she be known as the patron citrus of all that is good, clean, bright + cheery. hear, hear!



    the natural cucumber extract with bursts of light citrus is like a spa day in a bottle. it’s crisp, cool + refreshing, just like the vegetable itself. only better, because it cleans. for best results, use while wearing a white, fluffy robe.


    fresh currant

    bright notes of blackcurrant + red apple tickled by lily + jasmine pop with a tart cheeriness. it’s like the cheeky, beautiful teenager of fragrances. except that it’ll probably give you less sass.


    ginger yuzu

    it's a little spicy-and-sweet from the ginger, and a little citrus-y from the yuzu. rumor has it there's even some lemongrass and coconut thrown in there for good measure. yum. is it lunchtime yet?


    lemon mint

    it’s hard to find two complementary fragrances with so little in common. she’s thick-skinned. he’s what you might describe as delicate. her vibrant zest stimulates. his strength is in herbal understatement. yet, together they’re a perfectly refreshing pair. love is strange.


    pink grapefruit

    there are certain scents that seem to put an extra spring in your step. like this refreshing fusion of pink grapefruit, blood orange + cassis. in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this vibrant medley induces spontaneous skipping. it’s been known to happen.


    sea minerals

    it seems like every time fresh + clean get together, something wonderful happens. uniting in this watery blend of bergamot, lemon + rosemary, with crisp marine notes is no exception. it’s like a mini-vacation to the seaside, minus the sand in your crevices.

all of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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67 reviews

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Koko Patou
Jul. 26, 2014

Everything to like about this product!

Great product for all the good reasons reviewers listed here. The only think I can think of that may be causing the pump to malfunction as mentioned several times is to check to be sure a hardened ball of soap hasn’t accumulate on the end of the spout and if so knock it off. Otherwise I imagine the pressure from unlocking that mass could cause the soap to squirt in an unintened direction.

Brian Mullin
Jun. 4, 2014


Handy product.

Amanda Adams
Nov. 12, 2013

I heart pump

I’m not sure how everyone is having issues with the pump….. The pump is the reason WHY I buy this product. The awesome scent would be the second reason. I’ve never had the soap “shoot out like a projectile” or anything close to that. It pumps nicely, one or two inches away from the bottle and into the sink, not across the sink onto the floor, although I’m sure if I slammed by hand down on the pump like an angry caveman I could achieve this, or even manage to squirt myself in the eye like some extra special people on here….. the pump is neat and controls the amount. LOVE!

Sarah Lindy Dalton
Oct. 27, 2013

Goodbye, Dawn!

Love this! It smells great, and it even managed to get the protein shake-stench out of the blender bottles that my husband is so fond of leaving in his hot car for a week at a time! No more gut-wrenching pains as I have to throw away a 6-10 dollar plastic bottle because the putrid smell lingers after several washings.

Being dishwasher-less myself, I appreciate the aesthetics of the pump. As for the issue some people seem to have with the pump squirting out of the sink/ on their clothes/ in their eye/ on the cat etc… I just pick my pump up off the counter and engage the target at close range. Labor intensive, I know, to pick up an 18 oz bottle, but it is incredibly effective.

I will surely buy some refills, and almost certainly will try the laundry soaps and other cleaners!

P.S. has discount codes all the time! I have one now for 20% off: AFF20SOAP
P.P.S You also get free shipping on orders over $35! (your discount is applied after your spend minimum is reached for shipping! Go for it!)

Cameron Wingate
Sep. 30, 2013

Method Man :-)

works fairly well

Trudy Dittmar Hardcastle
Aug. 26, 2013

Won't Buy Again

I’ll give this two stars for the scent-Lemon Mint-which is heavenly. That’s it though. As far as performance, I had to squirt half the bottle to get any suds and even then, they didn’t last. Couldn’t cut grease to save it’s life. Not too fond of the pump dispenser either. Must say it looks elegant sitting on my sink, but elegance isn’t what I was looking for in a dish soap.

Cheryl Iler Hensarling
Jun. 4, 2013

Try it!

I am a huge fan of this dish soap, especially the Clementine scent, and I love the design of the pump. I appreciate that it hasn’t been changed like a lot of the cleanser bottles. I miss the cute rounded bottles! But this looks really nice on my sink and it is the first dish soap that I haven’t transferred to a more decorative bottle. I have used it for a few years and haven’t had any problems with clogging pumps, sprayIng myself, or suds/soaking performance. I get the exact same results from this soap as I do any other brand. But seriously people, you can’t switch to a greener brand of products and expect the exact same style of performance of the conventional brands. And maybe you can just point the pump down to spray so it doesn’t hit you.
I just wanted to throw my own two cents in since this product seems to be getting a bum rap from a lot of other users.

Andrea Wendzicki
May. 15, 2013


* Clementine scent is pleasant
* Pump dispenser allows for guess-free portioning of soap
* Just as effective as petroleum-based dish soaps, without the petroleum
* Reasonable price

* Needs to soak for some time for most effectiveness
* Contains sodium lauryl sulfate

* Dispenser is odd for a dish soap, but is actually pretty handy once you “get it”
* Check for clogs and remove them, aim pump towards sink and dispense 1-3 pumps per sinkload (adjust accordingly for size of load/dirtiness of load)
* Let dishes soak for about 15 min. (longer if especially dirty)
* Scrub dishes gently with sponge and rinse

Apr. 29, 2013

scoti, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with our dish soap. please email us at so we can try to help.

Scoti Ann Nadig
Apr. 27, 2013


I love the soap, but the pump is TERRIBLE! Like several other users said, it blasts the soap across the room. I got soap all over my shirt and counter several times.Today took the cake, though. I forgot about the darn pump again and the soap shot directly into my eye! Thank goodness this was a non-toxic soap or I don’t know where I’d be….then again, the toxic soaps don’t fire across the room at every dispense…

The soap works well. The scent is nice. But for heaven’s sake, point the darn dispenser opening downward!!

Trasa Mittan Ogozaly
Feb. 19, 2013

Love everything..wish I could find coupons though!

I love the scents and the pump is a great addition in my hand dispensing comes in handing in so many ways. I just wish I could find coupons though! Thanks Method I love your products and your convenient pumps.

Sophia Hronis-Arbis
Jan. 23, 2013

nice soap,bad pump

The only problem I do have with this is the pump that shoots the soap straight. I hope they fix problem because I really do like the bottle design.

Aaron P. Leifer
Nov. 18, 2012

Not THAT bad... pretty decent actually

Personally I really love the pump idea. The only gripe I have is that it clogs really easily, making me use perhaps a bit too much force to get the soap out–and then yes, you better watch where it aims because it will shoot all the way across the sink, and usually all over my shirt. Not cute. Still this pump is WAY better than the last iteration, which was like a slippery torpedo, even with that thumb dimple.

Also, I love the clementine scent. Nice, fresh “kitcheny” smell to me. To each his own, I guess!

Lisa Riz Risley
Oct. 12, 2012

EPIC fail pump

Like so many others, LOVE the scent, HATE THE BLASTED PUMP. Picked up the limited edition pear scent–smells fabooooooo, hands don’t feel like sandpaper after doing the dishes, but the pump… argh. ARGH. AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH. I had to throw out half a package of chicken because when I tried to get a little bit of soap to wash my hands, a long shot of soap went flying across the sink and on to the just-rinsed chicken. My first experience with the pump, prolly my last.

Kerrie Baker
Oct. 1, 2012

Great Products, Amazing Scents

This soap is amazing. I honestly don’t know why people are having trouble with the pump squirting out too much soap, or getting everywhere. The pump is great, and it dispenses just enough soap for a sponge. The scents are AMAZING. I just got pear ginger (The Orla Kiely limited edition) and I am in love with it. Great all around!

Kristin Zo
Jul. 19, 2012

A friend in the kitchen!

I wash all my dishes by hand (no DW) and have gone through countless dish soaps trying to find one that will handle grease. I use a lot of olive oil and my dishes always have a layer of oil on them, even after I rinse them out in the sink. Normally I have to use a TON of soap and rinse each dish repeatedly to get all the oil and food off my dishes. Not any more!! I’m so excited, this stuff is amazing. It doesn’t suds up, so you think you need to add more and you think it’s not working – but it is! I use one pump into a sink full of dishes and water and it will take care of my entire day’s worth of dishes, pots/pans & tupperware. I’m beyond impressed. Then I rinse all of the dishes off with clean water and there is not a trace of grease left behind. I feel like I have a friend helping me in the kitchen.

Séverine Poul
May. 4, 2012


I love this product. I really like the pump and never had any problems with it. Especially when the bottle is almost empty. I don’t have to keep the bottle upside down like I used to do with other brands. I also love the “controlled” suds. This soap makes enough suds but it doesn’t become crazy like traditional brands. And my dishes are squeacky clean. I love that sound!

My only complaint is that I love limited edition scents and I am sad to see them go.

erin h.
Feb. 20, 2012


Method, what happened? I am so pleased with your other products, but your dish liquid is way below those standards. In our old place we had a dishwasher, and I loved Smarty Dish. It really cleaned well. Now, I do dishes by hand, so I bought the Sea Minerals dish soap. I am very disappointed. I love the scent, but that’s it. There are very few suds, and those are short-lived. This, I could learn to live with, as I find that many natural products do not lather as much. What I cannot live with is the fact that even with THREE pumps into one sinkful, my dishes are still nasty. There seems to be no grease-cutting power at all. Even if I soak my dishes, I still have to use another brand of dish soap on my sponge just to get them done. Hopefully, formula improvements will be on the way.

maureen g.
Feb. 3, 2012

Packaging is lacking

Smell= 5 stars
How it cleans= 5 stars
Design= 1 star

A lot of the reviewers are disappointed they are using more product. It’s not the dish soap that’s the issue- it’s the packaging. The packaging is obviously designed for people who fill up a dish tub and use one pump of dish liquid. I don’t own a dish tub- I rinse my dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I find it difficult to use the sometimes small amount of dish soap with the pump apparatus. Another issue is when I wash my hands in the kitchen- I get one big pump of soap which is too much.

lisa d.
Jan. 29, 2012

Not so good.

This is my very first use of a Method product and I can say that I am not impressed. I purchased the Cucumber scent which is a great scent and makes my kitchen smell awesome. The pump I learned after the first try to aim down or else it goes behind the faucets. The cleaning however is very lacking. I have to use 3 or more pumps just to get one sink load done (I have no dishwasher except me). The grease stays on everything and I have to resort to an old standby dish soap on my sponge to get it off. I can honestly say that I will probably never buy this product again.

allison w.
Jan. 15, 2012

switched back

Used your dish soap about two years ago, but hated the pump then.

After being disappointed by other “green” dish soap (NatureClean – smells lovely, but not very effective and we end up using a LOT of it to get things clean) I switched back to Method and so far am much happier with this pump than the one you had a few yrs ago that kept getting gross and gummed up with soap.

Am much happier with the current pump. The soap is awesome, and smells amazing.

irina p.
Jan. 3, 2012

A piece of advise

I would like to advise manufacturers to seal not only the cap but also the bottle or at least its top part. When I’ve got mine by post, half of the content was gone because the cap unwound. :( The smell is great!

deanna d.
Dec. 28, 2011

@ Julia R...........You

@Julia R………..You stated that you liked the product Dawn because they help save animals. I feel the need to educate you, as most people do not know this unless told, but it infuriates me that “DAWN aka Proctor and Gamble” makes such bold and misleading statements about helping animals when they are one of the largest companies that perform animal testing for their products. They are helping Wildllife but torturting and killing other animals in their labs. Horrible. Just thought you may want to know that before you give another penny to that company. P & G also make products such as Tide, Downey, Gain, Pringles Potato chips, Cover Girl and the list goes on. If you must try another product, I would recomment Mrs. Meyers basil scented products. The dish soap and floor cleaner is great! For a list of animal and non animal products you can go to :

With that being said, I LOVE most Method Products, however I must agree about the deformed pump. It shoots out fast and straight forward verses toward the sink, where it should! If they can just fix that issue, it would be next to perfect. I give 5 stars just for the fact that they do not do animal testing on their products AND they smell and work wonderfully. The pump sucks but it’s the least of my worries. All the other positives keep me coming back for more :-)

lucas m.
Dec. 12, 2011

Awesome product!

When I purchased the clementine dish pump, I was reluctant on purchasing it. I was already pretty well stocked up on dish soap already and I thought that because it was natural, it might not be as effective as a traditional dish soap. Boy was I wrong!

Not only has this dish soap been making the dishwashing experience more pleasant by filling the room with a lovely scent, but it also is MORE effective than the traditional dish soap (“Sunlight”) I had been using for months. The pump is also super hand since I can easily get a bunch of soap onto the sponge instead of the usual flip n’ shake. Def a keeper…

eric w.
Nov. 29, 2011

yeah - that will work!

been waiting to exhaust the dish soap so i can add yet another segment of my household to method’s roster. jumped the gun today and grabbed a bottle of the cucumber for only $3 (!!!) and could not resist giving it a try despite the bottom of the previous (non-method) looming nearby.

the aroma is magnificent! without being artificial, it is actually pleasant, if you asked me what my last dish soap smells like i’d say….i don’t know!

but the pump is the deal breaker. just like with the laundry detergent (which i’ve been using for a few months now, already had to refill) the convenience of that method (punny) of dispersal is so far advanced and simple to the wasteful ways presented by the competition, it easily pushes the product to greater importance.

This soap actually makes doing dishes tolerable!
Oct. 25, 2011


I have bought this soap several times in clementine and will have to check out the other scents next time I run out. I noticed that a lot of people complain about the pump but I haven’t had any problems with it. Yes, the first time I squirted out way too much but since then I know how hard to press for just one drop at a time. It’s not hard to figure out! I like the container too; it is the only dish soap I’ve had where I don’t empty the bottle into something more decorative before using it.

sara m.
Oct. 17, 2011

I heart Method Soap

But I hate the pump on the dish soap bottle! Twice I have been dressed for the day and had to go and change shirts and my bra because when you politely pump the soap – it shoots past the sink like a projectile missile and lands square on the front of my shirt like a lactating mishap – only I don’t have a baby and pray to God my curves don’t make me look preggo.
Anyways, y’all are geniuses and I want to support the good of your products, but I’m about 2 steps away from going back to boring because it leaves my shirts alone.
Design a pump that puts soap in the sink – where it belongs.
Your loyal and mostly loving fan,

kate w.
Oct. 15, 2011

No problems

I was surprised th first time I saw this. Got a bottle (over a year ago). I have cats & they get fed twice a day. First time I used the pump, I got WAAAAY more than I either needed or wanted. That was my fault. I didn’t realize how much was dispensed with each pump. I had no problems cleaning the cats’ dishes. Tons of suds & they rinsed beautifully. Next time, I GENTLY pushed the pump less than half way. Add hot water. No problem.
I,too, am not crazy about the we-aren’t-making-as-much-money-so-let’s-gouge-the-customers kick every single, sloitary company in this country seems to be on. I’d like to see a greater variety in the refills, too (and more uniform consistency in distribution)..
My biggest problem is with the Limited Editions: Why are they?? I can’t find the lemon-mint & it will cost more to have it shipped from you than it’s worth. Don’t like clementine or cucumber (sick or the latter & not a fan of the former). Can’t get a sea minerals refill for the pump…Might be time to go back to Trader Joe’s.

michele a.
Oct. 1, 2011

Love Sea Mineral scent!

Please keep this scent/refills in retail stores! It’s becoming hard to find the foaming hand wash refill or dish soap refills in stores. I have gone to every Target and grocery store within miles looking to stock up but no one is carrying it. I am now forced to order online. This is my fav scent and goes with color scheme. Thanks Method!

esther b.
Sep. 1, 2011

my first Method product

anyone else remember all the other shapes the bottles used to have?? I love this dispenser, kinda bummed to see the Lavender is not available anymore. I’ve been using this dish soap since Target started selling it. Love at first sight

josh s.
Aug. 18, 2011

ow! in the eye?

i don’t understand how people keep squirting this stuff in their eyes. here’s an easy solution to the problem: aim away from your face and toward the dishes!

clarissa l.
Aug. 5, 2011

Love the pump and the basil!

It was driving me crazy to see all these complaints about the pump, when I love it! All I wanted to know is whether or not there were refills available for the basil! Anyway, the pump is great, it does take some getting used to, but I stopped pressing down on it all the way or quickly and put my sponge a litte closer. It’s so much better than having to pick up and turn over a slippery bottle of soap, in my opinion! Love the scent, it’s so fresh and true to basil, can’t wait to use it in the winter to remind me of summer.

ross c.
Jul. 28, 2011

Be careful with Method dish soap dispenser

Be very careful when you press down on the soap dispenser. It shoots out very fast and very far. I got some in my eye and it was the worst pain I every got from soap in my eye. I rinsed out my eye for 30 minutes and it was still hurting. I had to go to the Ophthalmologist to have my eye looked at. The doctor said I had 65% of my eye burned. It has been two days and it still hurts. I lost my vision for a day. My vision is slowly coming back. So families that have kids please be very careful when children are using this product.

I liked the product but I will not use it again until they change the way the soap is dispensed.

adrianna s.
Jul. 26, 2011

Natural? Not so much...

How can this product be called “natural” as in “natural concentrated dish wash liquid”??!? Ingredients include: sodium lauryl sulfate, alkyl polyglucoside, lauramine oxide, benzophenone-4 and preservative….read the label – especially when a product is claimed to be “natural”.

donna m.
Jul. 25, 2011

kinda disapointed

Love the way the basil product works, love the scents available. I don’t like lavendar for my dishes. I love the freshness of basil or clementine or even pink grapefruit. I love cucumber melon too. But, I have had the stuff squirt all the way across my sink and onto my clothes. bummer. I love the style because it’s more sturdy, but wow, does it go down quickly. No one else in my house takes the time to push gently. Usually, we have to pick it up and direct it into the sink.

sabina j.
Jul. 21, 2011

Love & Loathe

I love the new clementine scent and the fact that you have the bag refills is fantastic but the pump on this bottle is horrible! I can’t tell you how many times shot myself with the dish liquid. This design is great for the laundry items since you have to hold the bottle to dispense the product into your washer but if you’re going to have a pump style bottle by your sink, to me, it should be able to do the job in a stationary position like the hand wash soap.

dana c.
Jul. 21, 2011


I will have to say that I love, love, love your products. We faithfully purchase the hand soap. The scents you offer make my nose happy!!! :] I was disappointed with the demise of the grapefruit scent but clementine made up for the loss. HOWEVER, I will have to admit that as much as I love your very long-lasting, nicely-scented dish soap, I haven’t been happy with the packaging — the new or old. Suffice it to say, I’ve had to switch over to another brand :\ Maybe it’s time to go back to the basics in terms of design and function :] The soap itself is amazing!!!

brad h.
Jul. 2, 2011

Like the Product, the Pump is the Issue

With the way the pump is designed, the liquid tends to dry on the end, and yesterday I finally sprayed myself good with the detergent. There is a lot of waste from how much is pumped out each time as well… Please fix this, because I like it otherwise!

j w.
Jun. 24, 2011

Very handy

I love the pump bottle. I don’t understand why people are complaining about something that is so convenient. I’ve never had it squirt at me. I don’t have any trouble controlling how much comes out of the pump. I like the shape of the bottle.
I also like NOT using a squeeze bottle….a lot. So far I have only used the sea minerals scent. Next time I’ll try the ginger yuzu. Oh…and yeah…it cleans my fragile dishes and my pots & pans, too!

luci b.
Jun. 10, 2011

It's the best. works great, smells great!

This product is a long time wish. It doesn’t harm my skin. It is gentle. There is not any residue on your hands or dishes. It makes hand washing dishes fun. It is even good for pet dishes since it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. It makes every dish squeaky clean. You don’t need a lot of squirts. You can rely on it. And it lasts very long. You can buy two at a time to stock up so when you run out you don’t even care cause it is always there when you need it to clean your dishes.

shawn t.
Jun. 7, 2011

I think I'm finally done...

I first became a loyal customer and brand advocate for Method about 5 years ago when the company was delivering on what appeared to be a real and exciting vision. Smart design, great products, good for the environment. Over the last few years I have noticed that Method’s products have either disappeared or the quality has continuously decayed to a point where I’m no longer the advocate I once was. The new dish soap is a perfect example. The pump is a good idea but it doesn’t work nearly as good as it should. The packaging design isn’t as leading edge as it used to be – the pump actually feels more like it’s a hand soap product than a dish soap product. Most importantly, the product itself isn’t that great. I was surprised at the lack-lustre cleaning performance and the suds were basically non-existent. I had to pump three times to get enough soap to clean my pots and pans. I chose the sea minerals fragrance and it’s more of a spa body scent than a clean dishes scent. Pink grapefruit in the old squeeze bottle was a GREAT product (even if the soap occasionally clogged the spout). The cleaning liquid worked great and the scent was perfect for cleaning dishes. This new product seems misguided and off the mark. I’m not happy and won’t be buying it again. It’s a shame, my house is full of your cleaning products. I hope you figure things out.

julie r.
May. 28, 2011


I had mixed feelings about buying this product. I bought the Clementine, when usually I buy Dawn, because I like that they give money to saving animals. However, I decided to try this. Not a huge fan of the pump. It seems like they stuck the one from the laundry bottles into the dish soap. It works great on the laundry detergent, not so much in the dish soap. Way to hard to get the proper amount of soap out, even if you press lightly. I was also disappointed that there was no unscented variety. I am very scent-sensitive, and even the fairly mild Clementine bothers me. I don’t think I will buy it again, when I can get a more easily controllable, less smelly product. However, I do think it cleans my dishes well.

kamila s.
May. 20, 2011

I like it a lot

I have been using the pump for about a year with original soap and with different than Method dish soap. I think that you can absolutely control how much soap you dispense, you just don’t press as hard. I had no incidence of soap squirting out onto my clothes and such. I like how nicely it sits on my sink and the pretty colors and fragrance it puts out.
The originally pump cracked under the very top where the springs sits. I may have pressed too hard, not sure. Method provided me with a coupon to replace it. Tnx.

The only thing I don’t like is the fact that there are no refills for all the scents and that I have to drive so far to get new soap. I live in the sticks in Colorado and in my little town no one carries the Method dish soap. :(

This dish pump in my number one Method product so far closely followed by the laundry pumps.

Tnx, Ka

steve s.
May. 15, 2011

not a good product

I agree with the other negative reviews. I have used the free and clear for a while now. I started based on a review by America’s Test Kitchen. The original product was fantastic. Method has changed their formula a few times since the first bottle I tried, each time dumbing down the effectiveness of the product while increasing the price. The latest version doesn’t even have a free and clear (this for a company the claims to be eco friendly) is really bad. Fragrance is overwhelming, cleaning power not so much and the amount per bottle has gone down. A lot goes a little way. I disliked it so much that I threw out half a bottle. I have also stopped using other Method products.

sandra h.
May. 15, 2011

Dish Pump Issue

It smells nice, but it’s way too strong for dishes. Plus the pump dispenses WAY TOO MUCH liquid in one shot, and it ends up getting wasted/used up way too fast.

lindsay a.
Apr. 26, 2011

Love it!

I love this dish soap! I use the clementine and it leaves my kitchen smelling wonderful! It is great at cutting through anything I manage to get on my dishes and leaves them spotless with no weird/disgusting residue like some soaps do.

I used to use the naked dish soap when it came in the squeeze bottle and I really prefer the pump, though it took a little getting used to. I also love that there is a refill available for this!

pamela h.
Apr. 18, 2011

I totally get what people are

I totally get what people are saying about the pump, but I don’t really mind it. When it shot my shirt for the second time, I realized you need to have a sponge or something directly in front of it while pumping. My husband actually shot himself if the eye, which I found hilarious. Lesson learned, and now I’ve come to toleralte the pump. My problem- Why would they take away the unscented ‘go naked’, especially for dishes? I don’t want my dishes to smell like anything but clean. I tried the cucumber, and whoa, WAY too strong of a scent. I’m afraid to buy any other scents, and I won’t unless they bring back go naked. What a dissapointment!

anna t.
Apr. 13, 2011

Really like this product!

I recently purchased the dish soap in the sea minerals scent. I LOVE the smell and it cleans just perfect. The bottle is great too. I haven’t had any issues with it over-squirting or not pumping the correct amount of soap.

sally s.
Mar. 31, 2011

Don't like it. It is wasteful.

I like my old bottle and WHERE IS MY FRENCH LAVENDAR? I have tried other products but they do not have the same fragrance and they don’t work as well.


ann m.
Mar. 15, 2011

I actually love the pump but WHERE IS THE PINK GRAPEFRUIT??

I love the pump I like it better than the old squeezie bottle but I only liked the pink grapefruit dish soap, so now, I am buying organic non scented soap in bulk and making my own pink grapefruit to refill the new pump bottle that is so awesome…the best of both worlds. It is not hard, organic non scented dish soap, food coloring, grapefruit essential oil voila. Until Grapefruit comes back I will be doing this and only buying the soap in the pump if my pump is wearing out. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT????

elsa r.
Mar. 10, 2011

Love Clementine but Where's the Grapefruit Scented?

I feel pretty much like some of the others here… i really want my Grapefruit scented dishwashing liquid. Although I love the Clementine scent I do wish I had the option to purchase the Grapefruit scent as well.

Also, the pump is awful when the product runs low. So many times it’s squirts all over my clothing or on my floor. Perhaps they can rethink/redesign the pump? Also, why is the price so high when we’re getting less product?

I love method but it’s becoming more and more difficult to find locally and I’m trying to save money. I’m beginning to wonder how much longer I’ll be able to afford your product since I’m getting less than I did before.

emily m.
Mar. 7, 2011

Where is pink grapefruit & pump issues

Clementine does smell good but I really miss Pink Grapefruit!! Please bring it back. :)

This one is 18oz the old one was 25oz????

Bottle works good until you start to run out/soap gets low. You have to turn and shift your hand / squirting direction trying to get the adapter to line up with the soap – this has lead to soap landing everywhere but on my dirty dishes. I tried to turn the top to line up the stick in the soap, then I hear a loud crack and now the pump is halfway broken. Also, the squirt is quite powerful and you can’t control the amount of soap that comes out.

Sorry Method but the new bottle needs to go back to the drawing board for a re-design. A twist dial for small, medium and large amounts of soap and an easier way to line up the pump stick with a nearly empty bottle would be great!

thomas a.
Mar. 2, 2011

Smells great, stinks all the same..

I love the fresh Clementine scent and the convenient, well designed pump. Although you do need to use more than one pump for grimier/greasier dishes. Also, lack of refills and Pink Grapefruit scent is a little disappointing. Save your R&D dollars in the future when your existing products, like the old dish detergent line is just fine, less a tweak to the twist-top bottle top (that oozed down the side of the bottle and got all gummed up.)
Lastly, giving loyal customers less for the same price is NOT an exciting thing or a way to maintain loyalty. Still VERY VERY VERY UPSET that you eliminated your AIR CARE line! :-(
Once there was a mighty Roman Empire…

claudia o.
Feb. 28, 2011


I really can’t understand why anyone would not love this new pump? You don’t have to lift it to use it. I would like to see a different scent added because I too have been brainwashed into thinking that lemon smells clean. When are you coming out with the refill liquid??? Hm? I even made a video about it!! Coming out next week. Yahoo.

louise h.
Feb. 19, 2011


The pump is awkward to use, bottle must be held upright for the pump to work at all; more soap is required and it does not need an aroma. Who smells their dishes? Too many products have scents and they all clash. Please bring back the original squeeze bottle.

lien h.
Feb. 15, 2011

Leaves a residue

It cleans but doesn’t clean as well as I had hoped. Might be the essential oils in it…i dunno. Smells nice tho!

wendy c.
Feb. 8, 2011

I want the old one back

There are 3 things that I have not been fond of in the new product:
1. it definately takes more to get the job done
2. the pump does not work quite right
3. the scents – my local store only carries the clementine and cucumber. The clementine makes me want to vomit it is so strong. Cucumber does not have a scent that says clean dishes to me. I would love to have grapefruit come back or a non-scented like the Pro-chef items.

I have been using Method products for years and am a dedicated customer and spread the word to friends and family, but could not suggest this to anyone.

l d.
Feb. 4, 2011

worse bottle; worse scent; worse price - I'm gone.

I’m only giving this one star because your system doesn’t let me give zero.

When I find something I like, I stock up – which is why I seem to be the last to discover that you’ve discontinued the product I liked so much.
I’ve been all over town, and can’t find it anywhere.

1) I don’t want a pump. It’s too hard to control the amount, and where it squirts. Bring back the squeeze bottle;
2) Bring back “go naked”. Sure, pink grapefruit, clementine, and lavender all smell nice – but everything in the kitchen (and bathroom) has a smell. Too many smells, all on top of each other. If I wanted my kitchen to smell like lavender, I’d decorate it with actual lavender. I only buy unscented soaps (and lotions, tissues, etc.). If you want to call an unscented version something else, that’s okay, though “go naked” was also a cute name;
3) If you think that by changing the packaging you can fool us into not noticing you’ve raised the price, read all the comments. And maybe that annoying new pump is wasting you extra money to produce.

I used Ivory dish soap for many years and now I’m going back.

I’ll keep watching – if you bring back the product that I liked, I’ll come back.

ingrid s.
Jan. 29, 2011

Dish pump is terrible

A pump for dish soap? Such a bad idea. We need to point our dish soap down into the water, down into the dishes, not straight ahead. Very, very bad. I love Method products, but this is really bad. I guess I will do what some others do….pour it into another container. Oh how I wish I had saved some of the old Method Dish Soap containers! Drat.

Please, please, please get rid of the pump and bring back the good ‘ol squeeze bottle

marrisha f.
Jan. 28, 2011

I don't care about the pump...But!

I don’t care about the pump because I just put in my own. But I have noticed that you do need more to get the job done. and that it’s the same amount of money for less product. which I don’t like.

I didn’t like the pink grapefruit or the clementine for that matter. But I really really really miss lavender. It really relaxed me when doing dishes. or maybe you could make a lemon to go with the new kitchen hand soap. I would love that.

susan d.
Jan. 15, 2011

works great

we have been using this in my house for a long time, and it works great! for us who have skin alergies it is great to have something that doesn’t make our skin breakout and dry out we love the lavender too but change is good it makes everyone try new things!!!! like the clementine or mmm basil

rebecca w.
Jan. 8, 2011

The pump works for me

I am surprised at all of the negative comments in regards to the new pump. For the people who keep unintentionally spraying themselves or the product all over the sink area here is a helpful hint, pick up the bottle point it away from you and pump onto a sponge.

I agree that the pump dispenses far more dish soap than I need, which is why I only pump about halfway. It’s dish soap people not rocket science.

I’m sad that they got rid of the grapefruit scent before I was able to try it, hopefully they will bring it back. For now, I am in love with sea minerals.

stephanie b.
Jan. 7, 2011



shinenge a.
Jan. 3, 2011

ah ha... where are the refills and why doesn't it work as well?

I’m glad to read these reviews, I have the exact same comments. I really really like Method dish soap, I like that its a green product, that its affordable, that it really suds up and cuts grease, and that a little goes a long way and that it comes in cucumber. I am okay with the pump bottle although I agree it squirts more than I need. More disturbingly: why aren’t you selling refills? Whats the point of being a green company if you don’t cut down on packaging and transport? Furthermore, the new soap DEFINITELY does not clean as well. I really miss the old formula: the bottle of soap lasted for ages and did a really nice job with my dishes. Please go back to the old formula and PLEASE sell refills, otherwise I likewise will not be able to justify buying a new pump every time I need a new bottle of dish soap.

stefanie f.
Jan. 3, 2011

Squirts everywhere but IN the sink!

I bought this dish soap for the first time this week. I’m a big fan of Method products and was excited to try the dish soap. I got the Clementine (smells good) “pump”. However, I have been nothing but annoyed at the actual dispenser. Even at the lightest push, this thing squirts way too far and way too much. Every time. There’s nearly no way around it. I have a very deep modern sink, yet this dispenser manages to squirt all the way across my sink onto my shirt, dish towel, dishes that are drying, or anything else in the proximity of my sink. It’s also a complete waste, because it pumps way too much. This should be re-designed, as I’d currently not re-buy this nor would I recommend the pump to anybody.
I love the look & feel of the design, but this surely hasn’t been tested properly because it’s far from practical.

Jan. 2, 2011

Nice, but maybe could use a few tweaks?

Love the pump idea. Please keep it.

Would join others in wanting Grapefruit, since it’s my favorite, but Clementine has been lovely.

I think most reviewers had the same thoughts:
-refills would be awesome.
-adjusting the amount pumped would be great, too. Even when not employing a full pump, there is still too much soap pumping out, so I’m not sure just not pumping all the way solves the problem.

Thank you Method, for continually trying new things :)

sue m.
Dec. 27, 2010

Really people? It's called change -- adapt.

Thank goodness I form my own opinions on things. If I let myself be led by most of the reviews on this product, I’d have to check myself into therapy. Seriously. It’s dishsoap, not organ transplant or quantum physics.

I liked the original bottles in the mint back when Method first came onto the market. They discountined them. Instead of acting like a toddler, I bought the new bottle in a different scent. My life went on just fine… my dishes were clean… the sun rose and set each day like always. I fell in love with the holiday dishsoaps they used to have. Loaded up when Target clearenced them out a couple of years ago. Now I am out and go to the store… new bottle, new scents. No big deal. I can handle the pump just fine… I don’t shoot my own eye out or spray myself or my clothes.. If I had, you can bet that I’d learn how to handle the bottle really quick. I may actually have to lift the dish to the pump or the sponge. So what? Sure it costs more, what doesn’t. If I couldn’t afford it, I wouldn’t buy it. If you can’t, you probably shouldn’t.

So if you are reading this and have not tried the soap yet, try it and form your own opinion. Maybe you will like it, maybe you won’t, but hopefully you will make that decision for yourself rather than the small population whose life won’t go one because they don’t have their beloved grapefruit dish soap. Really? Have you lost a family member, a friend, a beloved pet? Those are things to cry over… not this. If you have the luxury of getting this upset over dishsoap, I suspect your life really isn’t THAT hard — you just insist on making it so.

what do you think about dish pump?

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