daily shower spray


no elbow grease required

we’re all for singing in the shower. maybe even serenading the shower itself…especially when it’s free of chemical residue and nasty toxins. and we love when it smells like spa. mmm, spa. with our daily shower spray, you’ll never have to scrub, wipe or rinse your shower again. just spray a fine mist on all wet surfaces after each shower and we’ll take care of the rest. you just sing. (for best results, start with a clean shower.)

powergreen® technology is cutting-edge green chemistry that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to deliver a mighty cleaning punch. so even after you’ve left the shower, lactic acid and corn-starch derived decyl glucoside are busy dissolving and preventing soap scum + lime deposits.

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ingredient what it is health + environmental summary
water (aqua) diluent / solvent deionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
sodium laureth sulfate surfactant (cleaning agent) low skin irritation and non toxic in use; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut oil
polyquarternium-95 surface modifier non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; inherently biodegradable + not toxic in aquatic systems; made from renewable starch sources
sodium citrate complexing agent non toxic, non-allergenic and not irritating to skin; degrades readily in the environment; fermented from renewable corn sugars
benzisothiazolinone preservative - prevent bacterial growth safe for people (low skin + eye irritation); inherently biodegradable; made from synthetic materials
fragrance (parfum) fragrance free of phthalates, NPEs and other dirty ingredients; non toxic in use, free of carcinogens and tested for skin irritation and allergies; blended composition is partly essential oils and partly synthetic ingredients


    eucalyptus mint

    invigorating is its middle name. the crisp blend of bergamot, citron + lime leaf with eucalyptus + wild mint brings to mind frolicking among the trees in the cool mountain air. and who doesn’t like a healthy dose of frolicking?


    ylang ylang

    tranquility isn’t all candlelit rooms + snooze-inducing wind chimes. in fact, we think you might find that it’s a little more orange flowers + honeysuckle with bright notes of ylang ylang + jasmine than you expected. we like to think of it as the closest you can get to doing yoga without stretching anything.

all of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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61 reviews

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Nanette Clark
Aug. 29, 2014

Love this product!

I really love this product, smell and all. The smell is very similar to the scent of lavender. When I can get all of my family members to use it as intended I don’t have to do a tremendous amount of scrubbing. For those who don’t like the smell, it may be the reason why it works the way it does, maybe some natural ingredient. I will continue to use it, I like it.

Jackie Wilson Erickson
Mar. 23, 2014


I love the smell of the ylang ylang scent. I have three dogs and three cats in the house and the scent (ylang ylang) helps with the pet odor and the products cleans well.

Natasha Lugsdin
Jan. 3, 2014


I really want to like this product but I cannot use it because of the DISGUSTING smell. I brought this home from the store and decided to spray the shower to see how it works. As soon as I started spraying it I began coughing/choking from the over-whelming scent of this product. I immediately ran the shower to try and rinse the product and smell away. My throat is irritated and my apartment smells of this putrid ylang-ylang. Method you really need to change this scent or make an unscented version. I will be returning this to the store as soon as possible for a refund. So disappointed!!!! :( #methodfail

Scarlet Oscarlet
Jan. 2, 2014

Tried this for the first time

Nice product, but I can’t use it because the smell is insane. Please make an unscented or if necessary a lightly scented one.

Michelle Maestas
Sep. 26, 2013

One More Thing

I’ve noticed that people have been complaining about the scent for three years, why haven’t you done anything about it? That’s not good customer service.

Michelle Maestas
Sep. 26, 2013

Overpowering Scent

The scent is way too strong. Also, it doesn’t do much to prevent mildew. Otherwise, I think it is great at keeping my shower clean for a longer period of time. I just wish it was unscented and was more effective at keeping my shower clean.

Sara McGann
Sep. 7, 2013


I only tried this product because Method discontinued “le scrub” which worked wonders in my bathroom. This shower spray has a very overpowering smell, and I will not be using it again. It smells like a package of baby diapers or baby powder and even lighting candles wouldn’t rid my home of the scent.

Sharleen Gill
Jul. 20, 2013

Works but smells bad

I’ve been using this product for about 2 to 3 weeks now. It has done a great job of keeping my entirely white tub and shower tiles clean and shiny. I haven’t had to actually scrub the tub or the tiles yet. However, what I do find hard about this product is the overpowering smell. I usually have to hold my breath while I spray it. It smells very strong and I find it irritating to breathe it in. If the fragrance could be changed or lessened, I think it would be even better. I will continue using it but I usually just hold my breath and spray as quickly as possible and then run out of the bathroom until the smell fades. If you are sensitive to strong scents, this may not be for you.

Jessica Larkin
Jul. 12, 2013

Ugh! Add me to the list of scent complaints

I am thrilled with the concept of this product and how it works and want to buy more but the overpowering scent makes me gag. I can smell it all day! I like the initial first whiff but the scent builds and builds and becomes sickeningly artificial and sweet. This is a product that should be scentless since so much is used any scent would run the risk of being overpowering. If you must scent it I would prefer a single simple smell, like mint or a citrus as recommended, something clean and crisp without being sweet.

Wendy Trujillo
Dec. 20, 2012

New Fragrance?

Please make this in a new fragrance, the Ylang Ylang is far to heady, the Eucalyptus mint would be nice for the shower spray as well.

Christian Mahne
Nov. 27, 2012

What's that terrible smell?

Changing the scent for the method shower spray was a big mistake. It’s now a cheap, overpowering bubblegum smell to the extent that I’m unlikely to buy it again which was a pity, because it was the only one I bought for years before that. I hope you’re paying attention guys – way too many people on here are objecting to the new formula

Veronique Kruger
Sep. 25, 2012

Where has this been all my life?

I am a college student with time and budget constraints, and while I love cleaning I despise cleaning my shower, so I thought I would try this. It’s AMAZING and it actually works the way it says it does. My shower wasn’t very clean to start with so I didn’t expect it to work but it did…there are no streaks that I can see and it’s taken the majority of the build-up on my glass doors with it.

Also, I like the scent…I don’t think it smells at all like baby powder, and it isn’t overpowering, even though I have a small bathroom. But, to each their own…just smell it before you buy it I guess :)

Mike Worsfold
Jun. 8, 2012

It's got worse

This used to be an EXCELLENT product, but since Spring 2012, the bottle shape and smell of the product has changed. Now it does not work so well. I am getting streaks on the glass. Perhaps I am using too much/ not enough of it.

Mike, UK

Diana Couch
Jun. 7, 2012

Good sort of

This works really well with the scrub. Our shower stays nice and clean unlike some other more chemically products. Only thing is that we don’t really care for the smell. I normally end up running the vent. Hopefully there will be a new scent.

James Merlo
May. 4, 2012

Other Uses

I give this product a 10 plus for cleaning hard water spots off fiberglass boats. Works far better than the $15 per bottle product I bought in the past- plus it’s safer for you & our earth.

Mary Scrapper
Apr. 16, 2012

hate the fragrance

I returned the bottle of daily shower spray and won’t buy another since ylang ylang is the only scent available. So I can’t speak to if it really works because I could only use it once.

For a company that says “breathe easy” they sure missed the boat on this “ylang ylang”
the smell is just overpowering.

I would prefer one that smelled like regular shower cleaner (like my usual Scrubbing Bubbles) over this old lady perfume scent. This doesn’t smell at all like a spa. It smells like a nursing home doused in Febreeze.

Why can’t Method make some unscented products?

Mary Morgan
Mar. 25, 2012

Although we haven't tried the new formula...

My sister and I LOVE it! We love it so much that we use it not for intended purposes (I.e. We use it as spray, sit cleaner on almost every surface in our kitchen!) And, since we usually scrub with a rag soaked with hot water, the smell isn’t too potent for us.

Kathy Bryant
Mar. 14, 2012

Take the hint - Mint!

It works pretty well for keeping my shower from becoming a moldy mess from inadequate ventilation but the inadequate ventilation is also why I don’t care for the ylang ylang scent. I have migraines and the “nose of a bloodhound,” as my husband puts it. Mint would work much better for me than the ylang ylang. Please take the hint and at least offer mint as an alternative. Bet you’d double your sales!

jill c.
Feb. 20, 2012

Stinky Strong Smell

I love this stuff but that strong smell is offensive!!! I use it on my SS sink and it gets rids of the streaks. Please make it in another scent.

michael l.
Feb. 17, 2012

Soap Scum NO MORE!!

I really love this product it does a great job of getting rid of soap scum. The scent is a bit strong, but I do like the smell.

jet j.
Feb. 3, 2012

Looks great....

So this spray works awesome on my bathroom tile.

However… I didn’t find the ylang ylang scent to be too strong, I just don’t really like it much. I saw another review for a eucalyptus scent; I like that idea, Great product but I leave the door and window open to air out the smell.

Only three stars because smells are important especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms.

Ron s.
Jan. 29, 2012

Great Stuff

I take baths, not showers, but this product works great for preventing the inevitable bath tub ring. Another use that saves me a ton of time, although it wasn’t designed for this, is keeping my stainless steel sinks in the kitchen spotless. I recently bought a house and the previous occupant had replaced the sinks and counters with stainless and granite (Lucky me!). I wanted to keep everything looking nice, and on a whim tried this product on the sinks. After two months they still look new. And yes, even though I am a single guy, I DO know my way around the kitchen and the sink gets heavily used. Bottom line–I LIKE it! (ps–the scent IS a wee bit overpowering, although I’ve gotten used to it. Would be nice to possibly have a ‘free and clear’ version of this?)

crosswind l.
Jan. 15, 2012

Disappointed Fragrance has synthetic ingredients :(

I didn’t realize this product had synthetic essential oil. It’s mis-leading!!! I cannot stand when companies do this and NOT list on the label. I will not buy this brand again. Nope! After taking an aromatherapy class, I am more vigilant about labels when looking at essential oil ingredients. I have minor asthma and did find this product a little irritating but didn’t know why. Now, I do. When companies do not list their entire ingredients on their label >>> there is a reason i found. They are usually hiding something, even though they say non-toxic and natural, synthetic can still be non-toxic.

robert h.
Jan. 15, 2012


THe product works well but the Ylang Ylang scent is too strong. I’d buy this if they made it in the Eucalyptus Mint scent.

breanna p.
Jan. 12, 2012

Spray lightly

I do love the scent and the clean, but if you spray a lot it is really strong.

f k.
Jan. 7, 2012

Great if You Like The Scent of Baby Lotion

The actual product works beautifully. It’s the smell I can’t handle. It smells like baby lotion. Or baby oil. Which is fine if you are a baby. But I’m a 34 year old woman. Why it’s not Eucalyptus Mint is beyond me. It would be reasonable for it to compliment the other products. The bottle is pretty, though. :) At this point it just sits in my shower staring at the shampoo.

bobbi r.
Jan. 6, 2012

Overpowering Obnoxious Scent!

I just tried the daily shower spray after having used Mrs. Meyer’s for years, which they are no longer making. Method’s shower spray is so overly scented, it made me cough. It smells like bug spray with a heavy perfume to mask the bug spray odor. I used it several hours ago and my bathroom still reeks of it. So sorry, Method, won’t be using this one again

macy w.
Dec. 13, 2011

Best. Thing. Ever.

We have an old 1880 Victorian, with no ventilation in the bathroom in the wintertime. Yeah, like I’m gonna open a window in New England in the winter…moldy shower curtain, anyone?

This product keeps those fungoids at bay, SERIOUSLY. I am absolutely NOT a domestic goddess, so you can rest assured that I don’t scrub the shower curtain (or anything else)!

However, this product makes it look like I do! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only thing is, it smells kinda ‘girly’ to me. I own perfumes whose ingredients include ylang-ylang. I like it, but maybe you’d gain more market share with the guys out there if you had a less flowery-smelling option available, that works just as well as this does. Just sayin’..

lucas m.
Dec. 12, 2011

GREAT solution for any College Studen

This was the first method product that I purchased and used. Based on the success, I went running back to the store to stock up on my other method products. I originally got this since I was getting tired of the mess in the bathroom (3 male college students sharing one bathroom).

It has now become a habit to spray down the shower with the daily shower cleaner. Not only does it leave a lovely scent (Yes, it does take a week or so to get used to) that drifts down the hall (and has brought compliments from visitors), but it also makes me feel safer than my chances of picking up some sort of foot fungus or something from one of the other guys is eliminated or greatly reduced.

My only complaint would be that you can go through a bottle much more quickly than you would say, an all-purpose cleaner bottle since it takes more to spray down the 3 walls + floor. But, I guess that’s what they make the refill bottles for. Plus, it’s simple and easily within a college students budget…

james w.
Dec. 3, 2011

It no longer works

I’m not sure why people say the new formula has a stronger scent. The new formula I finally started using this week smells roughly the same, maybe weaker. The problem I have is that it … how can I put it delicately? … totally sucks now. I have clear glass shower wall. The old formula left fine streaks you could only see if you were looking for them. The new formula leaves thick, opaque streaks, like I sprayed it with soapy water. … And I cleaned the glass completely and started over in case there was some kind of interaction between the new and old.

I am _extremely_ disappointed. Is this a defective bottle? If so, I want a replacement. If this is the new normal, I want a refund so I can use the money to buy something else.

colin m.
Nov. 18, 2011

Am I in the men's room?

I love Daily Shower Spray. I really do. It works like nothing else I’ve ever tried, keeping my shower surround, tub, and shower curtain free of grimy grody soap scum from our hard water.

But the ylang ylang… It smells like urinal cakes. Always has. And even after the reformulation, apparently always will.

It’s not enough to keep me from using it, but some other scent options would go a long way. Like a nice citrus smell. Or eucalpytus-mint. Anything but liquid urinal cakes

nicole t.
Nov. 9, 2011

Spray and Walk Away

The scent is a little strong to start with, but I’m used to it now and besides, I can just spray this all over the tub after a shower and stroll out. Soap scum is my evil nemesis, who tends to reemerge every time we neglect to spray this after showering. Otherwise, it works like a charm. I know that my momma loves it to pieces!

[The full review of method's shower spray and my epic battles against soap scum are here - http://www.epinions.com/content_568115433092. Down with soap scum!]

corrina b.
Oct. 29, 2011

Why change the scent?

I have used & loved Method Shower Spray for several years. My newest bottle indicates a “powerful new formula” which I must say is not an improvement. The new scent is nearly unbearable…there is a definite hint of port-a-potty chemicals. I am so sad.

robin b.
Oct. 24, 2011

Why did you change the formula?

I really miss the light ylang ylang smell of the old formula. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to switch to another product because the new formula smells closer to Tilex than what I’ve come to expect from Method.

annalea e.
Oct. 19, 2011

Love the clean, can't STAND the scent.

I love method products, and am full on in love with so many of them. But this one . . . I really, really NEED a shower cleaner, but the fragrance of this one is just all wrong to me. It’s heavy, cloying, makes me feel like I can’t breathe . . . and I want something just the opposite in the mornings when I shower. Clean, light, fresh, invigorating. Lavender, citrus, lemon, grapefruit, nearly anything else than what’s currently going on with the ylang ylang.

Please please please please, will you offer a choice of fragrances in this one? Your sales will surge! (‘Cause I’ll buy a case when there’s something I can stand to breathe!)

inez b.
Oct. 14, 2011


I don’t find the smell strong at all. Actually I think its a bit too light and should have a stronger scent. I ordered the bottle and the refill because I knew the bottle would go pretty fast. I like it and it works fairly well. I just wish they would make the scent more stronger and lasting. They could make two kinds. Strong scented for those like Me who love strong smelling nice scents and light scent for those who don’t like a overpowering scent.

lori a.
Jul. 8, 2011

Smells bad, works great

I have been using this product for years and it works great. The last bottle I purchased has a much heavier scent than before. Did something change? I won’t buy it again unless the smell of the product is changed

amy a.
May. 20, 2011

Scent too strong

We have troubles with strange orange stains occuring after a couple of days in the shower. I have my family spray the shower down after each use and we no longer get any discoloration. The cleaning power is awesome. But I hate the scent it is much too strong and lingers for hours. Would give it a 5 if it shared that nummy Eucalyptus mint scent in the other cleaners I use.

glenn b.
May. 18, 2011

Really Effective - I should be using it daily.

Unfortunately, I often forget to spray even with the bottle right next to the shower. But even after a week+ it does wonders.

Thanks to my favorite B-Corp certified company. Check out what I’m talking about at:


steve s.
Apr. 13, 2011


It seems like this product gets really great reviews. I generally agree but have one question. I have a shower with glass walls. I noticed an earlier post where the person said that it even worked great on glass shower doors. I’ve noticed that it leaves oil/spots after it dries. Some areas are clean, some have a spots and then others have oil/product droplets.

So anyone know what you’re supposed to do? The tile walls seem fine but the glass walls/door aren’t really clear/completely clean.


tina s.
Apr. 11, 2011

Allergy approved scent

I have allergies so smelly things really really bother me. I must say that when I first sprayed this I was worried. It is rather strong when you first spray it, but after a few minutes I realized it was OK and now I’m kinda hooked on it. I’ve only used it twice, last night and this morning so as far as how well it works, that’s still to be tested.

michelle g.
Apr. 8, 2011

Love the product, but not the scent

This stuff works great! However, I wish it was in a different (or not as strong) scent.

jenna d.
Apr. 6, 2011

Looooove it!

My favourite product from method thus far. I don’t particularly adore the scent, but the product is GREAT– works like a charm.

ellise h.
Mar. 21, 2011

Best Thing Since Chocolate!

I LOVE this product! I just discovered it. I was buying some Method Laudry Detergent (love this, too!) at Lowe’s and just happened up on some of the other Method products. We have a clear glass shower that shows all water spots and scum. I cleaned it really well and started using the Daily Shower Spray that night. I haven’t seen a spot since! It is the answer to my shower-cleaning prayer! Thanks so much. Keep those products coming, ya hear?

judy b.
Mar. 20, 2011

No more scrubbing!!!

I hate scrubbing the tiles in the shower, and I’ve tried several products that promise to keep your shower clean with just a spray, BUT none of them worked. Most left a dull, sticky residue when they dried. One green product I tried didn’t work at all. I was getting desperate! One day in August 2010, I stumbled upon daily shower spray and decided to give it a try. I haven’t had to scrub the tiles since! Occasionally the bottom and horizontal surfaces of the tub need a quick swipe with a damp sponge, but THAT’S IT!! A lot of people have complained about the scent. It is a bit strong at first, but I like it because it keeps the bathroom smelling wonderfully fresh all day long. I like this product so much that I decided to try some other method bathroom cleaners. So far, so good! I’m especially happy with lil’ bowl blue. No more overpowering chemical smell when I clean the toilet bowl!

christine b.
Feb. 3, 2011

it does the job, but that smell...

i have to agree with some of the other posters, the product works very well, but the floral scent is way too strong. i would really appreciate another option fragrance-wise

rachel m.
Jan. 21, 2011

love it!!

This stuff works GREAT! we have a glass enclosed shower and nothing else has gotten the film off of the glass and made it as shiny as this product!! The smell is strong but just get out of the shower before spraying and you should be fine! I love it!!!

maggie l.
Jan. 1, 2011

scent too heavy

Good idea for the shower, but scent is overpowering, which is probably why I often don’t use it.

Not clear on usage: just spray, and no rinse or wipe dry? I was told by an expert that the only way to prevent mold, etc., in the shower and bath is to wipe it DRY (tiles and around tub especially) after cleaning. As I read the instructions, one is to spray only, no rinse and no wipe. Please clarify, thanks.

amy p.
Dec. 1, 2010

You people need to stop burning the gange


sarah k.
Nov. 10, 2010

LOVE it!

I LOVE the scent of this stuff! We use it every day to keep the newly resurfaced shower clean and sparkling. I also love that I don’t have to flee from the bathroom once I spray it. Thanks Method for making cleaning products I’m not afraid to use.

matthew s.
Nov. 7, 2010

Dis-statisfied so far

This stuff wont cut through my sister’s grim and gunk she uses for her hair and our hard water. Also the smell is way to overpowering. I love Method products but this one just doesn’t cut it.

rachel w.
Nov. 7, 2010

please, please please change the scent, or offer a choice.

Love the way it works, but can’t stand the smell – very heavy, floral. Would love something citrus-y and fresh.

melanie c.
Oct. 23, 2010

Bad bad scent

This makes my ENTIRE apartment smell like baby powder – a distinctly un-sexy smell (the opposite of ylang ylang – not that babies are bad…but I don’t have any yet and I don’t want my apartment to smell like it). I’m embarrassed to have people come over if I use this, it’s that bad. I like the idea and I love most method products…but I can only use this on occasion (like before I leave for work in the morning…and I can still smell it when I come back). An unscented version of this would be amazing.

michele r.
Oct. 18, 2010

Love the scent

Love the product, love the scent…… like a brand new, sparkling clean, plastic shower curtain! Don’t change a thing.

peggy b.
Oct. 15, 2010

ditto to all above!

I too like the way the daily cleaner works…alas I dont use it anymore because of the fragrance….how sad

lauren k.
Sep. 13, 2010

mmm spa

I like this spray and I think the scent is nice. The only thing that would be better is if it came in a variety of scents (mmm lemon! or mint!) to have a variety to choose from. I like choices :o)

m w.
Sep. 10, 2010

Outstanding on all counts

I have been using Method products for several years. When we installed the new shower I wanted to make sure I would be using a product that did not damage the new fixtures, glass or tiles. Daily Shower does all that I would want for my shower. I love the scent! Makes the entire bath smell fresh and clean. I would would be very dissappointed if it were to change. Given how well this products works, I wouldn’t let fragrance stand in my way of having a clean shower.

evelyn t.
Sep. 10, 2010

Smells bad, please change it

This product works GREAT!! But the scent is pretty awful. I’m afraid I’ve had to suffer through it because it works so well…but please, please…change the scent ASAP.

lynn p.
Sep. 9, 2010


I love this product. I live in an area where there is very hard water and it causes severe problems in showers. I also have serious sinus issues and can’t use regular cleaners. After having new shower tiles installed I started using Daily Shower Spray. That was 3 years ago and I have not had one problem with the shower or my sinuses. I use it every day and once every six months I scrub from top to bottom with Tub N Tile. My shower looks brand new without a spot in it. Although it is not my favorite fragrance I don’t find it offensive at all. I highly recommend this product to anyone who dislikes cleaning showers but wants theirs to look beautiful.

staci l.
Sep. 9, 2010

This stuff is good. . .

It works and can’t be easier to use. Get the large refills to save money. My only complaint is the same as everyone else. . . the scent is not that appealing. Not bad, but not my favorite. I would LOVE to see this product in the Pink Grapefruit scent.

rachel h.
Sep. 8, 2010

I don't like the scent, it

I don’t like the scent, it smells like overly strong baby powder.

what do you think about daily shower spray?

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