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germs and toxic chemicals are equally unwelcome where you drop your drawers. thankfully, we have you covered with a disinfecting toilet bowl cleaner that depends on citric acid to eliminate bacteria + dirt. so after a good, clean scrub, the only thing left will be the reassuring reflection of your bottom coming in for landing.

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    just like your favorite chewing gum, spearmint makes you want to take a deep breath and say “ahhh.” the crisp minty fragrance of peppermint + spearmint bursts with cooling menthol, while a hint of geranium provides just the slightest floral note.

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Barbara Carlson
Sep. 10, 2014

Detest spearmint

I can’t really rate it because I haven’t purchased it, but I won’t buy anything spearmint scented. I have a strong aversion to spearmint. It would be great if you offered it in a different scent. Then I’d try it.

Margalit Tetlow
Jul. 28, 2014

Too small

My only negative comment is that the container is too small and it gets used up quickly. As far as effectiveness is concerned….fabulous!

Sonya Noble
Jul. 3, 2014

Eucalyptus toilet

Why did you D/c this? Spearmint is terrible!!!

Lionel Cai
Jun. 17, 2014

Bring back Lil bowl blue

Please, I’m begging you, bring back blue, he’s my boy!

Jill Underhill
Aug. 23, 2013

Make it stop! Bring back eucalyptus!!!!

NO. what were you thinking? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Bring back eucalyptus!!! Please. Hurry.

Michael Lee
Jul. 20, 2013

Love Lil Bowl Blue

Please bring back the original scent! Take a listen from your consumers and bring back the original scent!


This new mint toilet bowl cleaner actually made me gag! It does not cover toilet smells!!!!! ITS GROSS!!! I refuse to buy it ever again, my family agrees. I clean for a living and was IN LOVE with the eucalyptus! It actually made me want to stick my head in the toilet!!! Now Im back to hating cleaning toilets!!! Please bring it back!!!! I dont know why you get rid of the good stuff! Eucalyptus toilet bowl cleaner, dryer sheets, basil kitchen soap………. very, very dissapointed…….. Im buying chemical cleaners again for my toilet, and so are my family and friends! I got them all hooked and now they’re all giving me a hard time!!!!

Please Bring Lil Bowl Blue Back!!! PLEASE!!

I thought that you would not discontinue Lil Bowl Blue after releasing this product, but apparently you did and I’m DESPERATE!!! Eucalyptus Mint was the most amazing smell ever. Please, bring it back!! What can we do to convince you? :(

Jeanne-Marie Kavanagh
Mar. 19, 2013

This isn’t bad per say…just not the same out of this world experience as the original

Jeanne-Marie Kavanagh
Mar. 19, 2013

I also miss little bowl blu…eucalyptus mint :( please bring it back! Superior dispenser design, stellar cleaning power, fresh, wonderful scent….why oh why is it gone?!

Tobey Henry
Mar. 9, 2013

Missing Eucalyptus Mint

PLEASE BRING BACK THE EUCALYPTUS MINT!!!! That product, along with the Basil Kitchen Handwash, was why I fell in love with Method. Now the two best scents in your line have been discontinued. WHY?!?! PLEASE PLEASE bring back the Eucalyptus Mint toilet cleaner and the Basil Kitchen Handwash!

Kelly Clark Willis
Dec. 10, 2012

It worked where others have failed.

I had some tough stains in my toilet that bleach couldn’t even remove and to my surprise, this did the job — with minimal effort!!!
Great product!

Elizabeth Lee
Dec. 9, 2012

Cleans so well and smells good!

This product cleans so much better than the scrubbing bubbles toilet bowl cleaner I was using before, and it is naturally based. I love the minty smell!!

Sally Ellis
Dec. 2, 2012

Won't buy

BRING BACK THE EUCALYPTUS MINT! Yes, I’M SHOUTING! I won’t buy the spearmint smell, don’t like it. Switching to Bon Amie til you bring it back!

Joseph Colas
Nov. 29, 2012

change is good!

i saw the reviews of disappointment in the change of scent for the toilet bowl cleanser and braced myself at the store, where i was completely restocking my method supply. i opened the bottle and took a light sniff…delightfully clean, fresh, natural spearmint, not the eucalyptus mint i’ve loved since day one as it gives such a fresh spa like scent to the worst room in the house to have to clean! but nice. then upon using i noticed how perfectly the aroma complements the bathroom cleaning spray which still comes in the eucalyptus mint….they seem to go together so nicely i couldn’t have found a fault at all. as far as cleaning, it does a great job, clings well, lathers well as you scrub and leaves behind a fantastic scent! so for anyone not liking change much, and loving that familiar spa scent, this will blend nicely with the spray bathroom cleanser and cleans just as nicely, with the fantastic addition of being antibacterial, which i can’t recall if l’il bowl blue claimed. one thing i want to say off topic, i love how many start their reviews with the scent of the product, we know we want it for the cleaning, and i’m not sure i’ve heard any disappointments there, but it’s method’s fantastic scents that make us want to find things to clean just so we can enjoy an aromatherapeutic moment! normally i’d say ‘boooo, you changed my fave scent’, but i just can’t to this product! thank you method for making me excited to clean!

Jennifer Hartung
Jul. 26, 2012

Where did lil bowl blu go?

New product… Works well. Scent is just okay. I think that Lil Bowl Blu worked just as well if not better. What do I miss the most? The old eucalyptus mint scent! It is what got me hooked on method in the first place! It makes the whole bathroom smell wonderful! In protest, bring back the old scent, please!!!

Julia Beth Bolick
Jul. 18, 2012

Not sure about this "new" scent ...

BECAUSE, the original scent was the best! WHY did you retire the Eucalyptus scent! It really allowed the whole bathroom to smell better. When I clean homes for others, I use Method products and they absolutely want to know what I’m using because of how good everything smells … This Spearmint is NOT the same … This is the first time I’ve EVER been disappointed in something that you have offered the public.

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