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tough on bacteria. easy on you.

if you’re not used to powerful-smelling essential oils + tough cleaning power in one, you’re in for a serious surprise. this patented disinfectant formula may smell strong, but it cleans like heck, and kills 99.9% of household germs (specifically: influenza A, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella enterica and E. coli). yet, despite the tough guy routine, it’s gentle on hard non-porous surfaces. surprises are nice. unless you’re a germ.

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    lemon verbena

    lemon scents tend to err on the side of sickly sweet. bringing to mind memories of our summer running a wildly unsuccessful lemonade stand. which we never really got over. on the plus side, it inspired us to seek a better lemony experience. and now we have it. a clean and fresh, refined and herby, green lemon verbena. ahh, finally.

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Andrea Levac-Jackson
Mar. 18, 2014

Change in Lemon Verbena = AWFUL

I have been using the LV anti-bac kitchen spray for quite some time now and have always LOVED it! The smell was earthy, yet clean, I adored it and the way it cleaned my counters and surfaces in my kitchen. I went and bought a new bottle as I had run out and much to my dismay, the smell was DRASTICALLY different. My husband actually asked me if there was a dirty diaper laying around (and we no longer have kids wearing diapers). It took a few times of me using it before he realized that the smell was the cleaner. To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement. I use MANY Method products all around my house. For the life of me, I can’t understand how you can keep this product on the shelves when there are clearly MANY dissatisfied customers. Clearly the change to the LV was not for the better. I really hope you switch back to the old formula – SOON! I will be switching to another anti-bac cleaner, we just can’t stomach this smell – AWFUL :(

Loredana Ragone
Mar. 9, 2014

absolutely horrendous SMELL

I really wanted to like this product and read all the reviews regarding the scent, but unfortunately they are correct.
I could have probably “put up” with the smell just to finish off the bottle (I think it cleans good, but haven’t been able to use it too many times) but my husband and son complain that it smells like cat urine. It is that awful. Please try again Method.

Lisa Pearson Hamre
Oct. 26, 2013

change in formula = awful smell

This cleans well, but I liked the old Lemon Verbena formula (when they used the thyme as the active ingredient). Just started a new bottle with the citric acid as the active ingredient and really dislike the new smell. Hope they change it back soon.

Kenny Cheshire
Oct. 23, 2013


Contrary to the other Method products (which smell awesome), this one honestly smells like feces. Sure, it cleans well and disinfects, but the scent is unbearable. Change the scent!!

Kurt Damron
Jul. 20, 2013

Horrid Scent!

I love Method products and have been using them for years. However, this one takes the cake for all time worst product. The smell is literally unbearable. Contrary to what some of you think, I do not have a sensitive nose at all. I actually returned one bottle to the store and swapped it for another. There was a noticeable difference in the two. Don’t get me wrong, the scent was still off the chain disgusting, but there was a certain “offness” to the first bottle that made it almost sickening. And, the smell lasted for hours. This is a clear loser. Disappointing considering Method’s long track history of making sexy, great smelling products.

Ruth-Ann Brown
Jul. 17, 2013

Horrible Smell

I so wish I had read these reviews before purchasing the Lemon Verbena Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner. I used it once and thought, “Something must be wrong with my nose,” but then I used it a second time, thought it smelled like stale urine that had been sitting in the sun for days (yuck) and threw the wet paper towel in the garbage. My boyfriend came in shortly, opened the garbage can to toss some paper, and said something smells like SH*T. I am very disappointed. Why couldn’t you guys make it the same scent as the all-purpose cleaner? That smells fresh and clean but I need antibacterial action in the kitchen. So many of us are telling you the same thing. It’s time to fix this problem!!!

Debbie Cushing
Jun. 26, 2013


I LOVE Method products, but this so called Orange Zest scent smells horrible! There’s certainly nothing orange-smelling about it, that’s for sure. Method, if you have a Quality Control department, they need to be fired! I’m glad this wasn’t the first Method product I tried, otherwise it would have been the last!!

Kathy Scarry
Jun. 11, 2013

Love the herbal thyme scent

When I first used the product I did expect a lemony scent , but the thyme scent grew ever so pleasant to my senses. I don’t like lemon scent anyway. Cleans well also.

Karen Root
May. 26, 2013

Best kitchen cleaner ever!

I know those of you with “sensitive” noses will be up in arms over this review but I love this cleaner! I admit at first I didn’t think the scent was exactly yummy but the cleaning power over rode any problems I had with the scent. I had a huge problem with calcium build up and stains on my stainless steel sink and faucet. Despite using countless other cleaners nothing worked until I tried the lemon verbena scented kitchen cleaner. It quickly broke down the calcium build up and removed the stains. Now my sink sparkles. I occasionally have a problem with odor from my kitchen disposal and since the product seemed to break down build up of all kinds I poured about an 1/8th of a cup down the disposal, NO MORE ODOR! I have quickly gotten used to the products unique smell and as it doesn’t linger more than a few minutes I can certainly live with that for the excellent cleaning power the product offers.

Jennifer Lasneski Jeskie
May. 24, 2013

Worst Kitchen Cleaner I've Ever Used!

I bought this product with a coupon and I am terribly disappointed. Cleaning with a paper towel & water is more effective! The smell is unpleasant also, and I wished I had smelled its scent prior to purchasing. Do Not Buy!

Katie Baydek
Mar. 26, 2013

my kitchen may be clean but it doesn't smell like it

This is the first time my kitchen smells worse than it did before I cleaned it. What is it? Not Orange Zest. It smells like vomit, or maybe urine. I am so disappointed and will not be using it again. Too bad, as I hate to waste an entire bottle.

Beki Martin
Mar. 6, 2013

LV formula smells like *PEE*

All of these commenters are saying the same thing; the current formulation of Lemon Verbena smells AWFUL. I bought a bottle about a year ago (Nov. 2011 to be exact, because it was when we moved into our new apartment) and I loved it! It cleaned well and had a mild fresh scent. When that bottle ran out I used some other less expensive cleaners for a while before buying another bottle of Method lemon verbena when it was on sale a few months ago. When I sprayed it on the counters I almost gagged! I thought for sure I had gotten a bad bottle or maybe I was misremembering how nice the old bottle smelled. I also hoped that the smell would dissipate after a while but an hour later the counters still smelled like urine! But then I came on here and read the other reviews and now I see I’m not crazy. It really really smells AWFUL! Method, please try and do something about this! I love your products and would happily purchase them but to describe this scent as “Heaven” is to outright lie to your customers. I doubt heaven smells like a New York city subway station!

Megan Klosterman
Mar. 6, 2013

what is with the scents?

I really wanted to love this product since I love all other products by Method but Awful scent, please please give us more options or make a kitchen cleaner in the same scents as the bathroom cleaners – I love those and the glass cleaner scent. I might just have to get the antibac bathroom cleaner and use it in the kitchen even though my husband is going to think I am crazy using a product labeled “bathroom” in the kitchen even though they are essentially the same thing. I absoultely LOVE method products, and was extremely disappointed with this – every time I go to Target I look to see if a new scent has came out and am upset when I see there is still the same two awful choices. Granted I still use this product since it’s better then the chemically loaded kitchen cleansers, but boy oh boy the smell I just can’t get past! Please with how many negative reviews there are regarding the scents please come up with some better ones! I vote for fresh and clean like the bathroom cleaners!

Lemon Verbana SMELLS AWFUL

I normally love Method products, and when my last bottle of Orange kitchen cleaner ran out I had to buy the Lemon Verbana scent because that’s all the store had. It smells DISGUSTING. The first time I used it my husband thought we had ants or something because he thought I went crazy with insect spray. It smells like some sort of awful chemical. I’ve been trying to suffer through it because I don’t want to waste the money I spent, but I give up. Why did you try to fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place??

Diane Holmes Anderson
Jan. 31, 2013

lemon verbena smells horrible

I am a huge fan of METHOD, but what is up the Lemon Verbena Antibac Kitchen cleaner? I have tried it 3 times now and have to chase the smell with another product. My husband repeatedly ask if our 3 year old had an accident. I agree, it smells like urine. I had to let you all know that you have to do something about this. I feel like I wasted my money. Please change it.

Love love love this cleaner

Ok have to admit didn’t like the smell of the Lemon Verbena antibacterial kitchen cleaner at first but now I don’t really mind it at all. What I do love about it the most is that it is a very powerful cleaner yet it is so safe to spray on my 20 month old daughter’s high chair, in fact, it’s safe enough to clean with anywhere where she will get her fingers, hands, toes, mouth, etc…without the worry. I would recommend changing the smell, fragrance, flavor…whatever it’s called but if you it’s not possible because it would take away the cleaning power…don’t do it, I love this product!

Nan Wolf
Jan. 9, 2013

Allergic Reaction !!!

Smell is disgusting !!! Worse than that, I developed itchy bumps over my entire body !!! It was unbearable, so my doctor prescribed prednisone and benedryl. It took 3 days for the itching to subside. I do not have any history of allergies or sensitivities, so this came as a shock….especially using a “natural” product. What ingredient in this product (Orange Zest, Kitchen Antibac) could have caused such a reaction ???

Richard W Farneth
Dec. 27, 2012


Twas the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…EXCEPT for me as I was in the bathroom losing all bodily fluids from a stomach virus that St. Nick must have brought down the chimney. I guess I was on the Naughty List! You ask, what does this have to do with the Orange Zest Antibac Kitchen Cleaner? Well, its the day after Christmas and I am back on my feet so I come down and have breakfast with my family and then offer to clean up the kitchen for my wife. She took wonderful care of me while I was sick. I pulled out the new Orange Zest cleaner from the cupboard to clean and disinfect the granite countertops. Much to my surprise, it made the entire kitchen smell worse than the bathroom I suffered the night in!!! My wife came into the kitchen and asked if the dogs got sick or if I was sick again. I told her it was the cleaner and offered her a smell of the bottle. She ran from the room and insisted that I reclean everything and spray it with the Lysol and Febreeze. We love all the method products we have used so far. But, as I have now read from others, this scent is horrible. PLEASE CONSIDER CHANGING THIS PRODUCT AS IT DOES NOT COMPARE WITH YOUR OTHER PRODUCTS. I have never written to complain about a product before, but I feel you need to be aware that my family of six and visitors all have the same negative opinion of the scent. Thank you for your consideration.

Brittany Schmidt
Dec. 10, 2012

I now use Mountain Green

I always purchased Method products but after buying the antibacterial orange zest kitchen cleaner, my friend came over and asked me why my house smelled like pee. It was very embarrassing and she recommended that I tried Mountain Green. They are the best products and they smell great. They are truly all natural! I will never again buy another Method product.

Katie Fritzen Rienzo
Nov. 5, 2012

New is Not Good

Seriously Method? I loved the old orange so much I would buy several bottles at a time. Well, I opened a new one today (after ordering multiples) and to my surprise, it smelled different. Not good different either. What gives? Why was it changed? I am seriously considering returning it to the retailer I ordered it from and switching to another product like Mrs. Meyers.

Kristy Asken
Nov. 4, 2012

Lemon Verbena - Ewwww.

I love Method products. So when I was out of my old kitchen cleaner, I was looking to upgrade to a Method product. I have always loved the smells of anything Method, so when I bought the Lemon Verbena, I didn’t even bother to smell it….because I knew it would be yummy. Boy, was I wrong. As a cleaner, I like it…..but the smell is so horrible that I can’t stand to use it. Please do something about this! I read the previous reviews, so I know I’m not the only one who hates it. I purchased the product at Target, and they didn’t have the Orange Zest scent…..but I’m glad to know there is another option besides the disgusting Lemon Verbena for the anti-bac kitchen cleaner.

Kasey Hicks
Nov. 3, 2012

Pee......It smells like pee

Lemon Verbena. How could you go wrong, right? I had been using Method’s Pink Pomegranate kitchen cleaner but my bottle was running out and it wasn’t anti-bacterial. I thought I’d try something new. I had smelled the lemon verbena combo with another company and it smelled so herby and clean; I loved it. One spray of this lemon verbena cleaner and I felt like I was in an old cat lady’s home. No joke….and I’m not usually one to complain! Once I mentally placed the smell I immediately came to this page to see if others had the same problem. Glad I’m not the only one, but disappointed I got this from and can’t return it. :(

Cooper X Cooper
Sep. 29, 2012

Bring Back the Old Scent!!

I seriously hope someone at Method is reading the reviews, taking them to heart, and the old scent will be brought back ASAP.

I have been using the bath and kitchen products for about well over a year now and LOVED the old smell – very earthy, like thyme or some other herbs.

I usually purchased Orange Zest but felt adventurous last month and grabbed Lemon Verbena. I could NOT STAND the smell of it. I cleaned my fridge with the new formula, and everybody asked why it smelled like PEE in my kitchen.

I used it up as fast as I could, wasting a lot of product just to get rid of it, and thought I’d just get back to my good old Orange. But, surprise, it smells just as BAD now.

I am really not that fussy with scents, but this is just utterly unbearable. To me a classic case of fixing something that wasn’t broken.

Dear Method, please email me when you’ve fixed this. Until then I will regretfully have to resort to another brand.

Darla DeCrosta Marvin
Sep. 19, 2012

Smells like Urine

My cousin told me to try the everyday granite and I instantly fell in love with it. It smells great and makes my granite shine. However, I bought the lemon verbana also and after I sprayed my sink with it when my kids came home from school, they asked what smells like pee. My husband got home, I forgot about the whole thing and he actually had to ask if I threw a feminine product in our kitchen garbage. Tossed it immediately. Stinks.

Lanette Rooney Carothers
Sep. 18, 2012

So strong, made my asthma go crazy!

This has to be the worst natural cleaner, I have purchased! I only use natural products with clean smells, they don’t aggravate my asthma or allergies. I bought this excited to try it. Wow! It was so stinky and over powering. I will never use that again. I guess back to my other brand of natural cleaners that just smell clean.

Nina Lane
Sep. 18, 2012

New scents!

The Anti-Bac cleaners do a great job cleaning, but the smell is just hideous! My husband won’t let me spray it before he eats, because the smell is that bad! That says it all! Please make the kitchen hand soap in Basil again! I love it!

Kate Kankiewicz-Chase
Aug. 18, 2012

Bring the old scent back....

The original “lemon verbena” Antibac was my bathroom/kitchen cleaner of choice. It performed great! And the scent…. My freshly cleaned rooms smelled wonderful; an earthy, healthy clean. The revised formula cleans wonderfully, but the (new) “lemon verbena” scent is unbearable. It’s surprising how a nontoxic product can smell so noxious.

I will no longer be purchasing this product.

Rick Ford
Aug. 13, 2012

What happened to Cucumber?

This antibacterial cleaner was my favorite, but then they stopped producing the cucumber scented one. The rest smell terrible, and I always end up having to clean again just to get rid of the odor. Please bring cucumber back!

Chelise Slowik
Aug. 6, 2012

stink!! :(

I LOVED the old Lemon Verbena smell, and the job it did in the kitchen. The new one smelled so badly I thought it was just a bad batch and almost took it back to the store. Now, reading the other reviews, I realized the formula must have been changed. I’m just not sure HOW that smell got by the test kitchens!! PEW! Mine landed in the garbage.

Lisa Brown Davis
Jul. 28, 2012


I just tried is lemon verbena for the first time and on my that is bad! Both my husband and two kids invidially walked into the kitchen and said they smelled pee. Did you not focus group this before going to market? It’s the worst smell to have in your ktichen. I’m so glad we didn’t have company over. This stuff is going straight back to the store.

Lydia Yeh Acheson
Jun. 29, 2012

A Method Fan

I am a huge fan of Method products. Yesterday, I tried the Lemon Verbena spray in my kitchen. The smell…oh God, the smell. It’s like Satan threw up garbage. It cleaned well enough, but what good is a clean kitchen when it reeks like a fraternity house the morning after an epic bender?

Seriously, Method…I love your stuff. I truly do. But this spray has GOT to go.

Melissa McLean Braunbeck
Jun. 25, 2012

Lemon verbena, YUCK!

Please go back to the original formula. The citric acid makes this cleaner reek! I’m heading to Target to return all 3 bottles. Please go back to theThymol/Thyme oil!

Jessi Snapp
Jun. 21, 2012

In with the OLD out with the NEW

I loved loved loved the old formula Lemon Verbena. The new one smells like urine and I cannot use it at all!! IF I dare, my family thinks that my dog or toddler had an accident somewhere! So needless to say I can’t stand the new smell and won’t buy this again (unless they bring back the old one)… Method, What happened?!?!

Heather Kenyon-Haff
Jun. 18, 2012


Hey, it cleans well. But it made my kitchen smell like a litter box! What I like about Method products is that they make me look forward to cleaning, but in this case it made it miserable. Clean, but miserable.

Jessica Larkin
Jun. 8, 2012

Lemon Verbena - Ack!

I bought the lemon Verbena scent, first Method product, and it was gag inducing. I never even tried cleaning with it, I didn’t dare leave my house smelling like it. Kind of like floral baby urine. Or maybe floral baby poo. I am returning it and hoping it was a limited scent disaster, not a trend, as I really want to like this.

Susan Laverty Moya
Jun. 8, 2012

Reminiscent of cat pee....

SOOOOO bad now! Was using the OLD lemon verbena, which, if you look at the bottle, had THYMOL as its active ingredient! THIS was a very pleasant, clean smell! On the NEW bottle, however, you’ll see CITRIC ACID as the active ingredient! Don’t know where they got THIS “citrus” scent from, but it smells like a cat peed on an old, moldy, nasty orange!

Kari Fugate
Jun. 7, 2012

horrible smell

I was super excited to start using Method products. The first time I used the kitchen cleaner, I could NOT believe how horrible it smelled. I tried out the bathroom spray, just to check and see if it was as bad. It wasn’t. Thank God. I will be returning this and looking for another product that is safe, and smells better!

Christie Thornton
May. 30, 2012

What happened?

I loved the Lemon Verbena-yes it had a strong smell but it KILLED and repelled ants! And where we live that is essential. So my kitchen was always in great shape and I had no fear of finding ants around my counters..I ran low, so I purchased another bottle-and they have CHANGED the formula-and it smells positively horrendous! WHO thought this was a good idea? Moving to citric acid and away from Thymol? I will be returning the bottle I just purchased and will hope that method goes back to the old formula..why fix what ain’t broke?

Jennifer Tanner
May. 24, 2012

Horrifically "zesty" orange...

Just ran out of Lemon Verbena, which was a scent that I was not in love with but could tolerate. I really like the smell of orange-based cleaners so I thought the Orange Zest Antibac would definitely be the way to go.

From the very first spray, however, I was… well, disgusted is the only word for it. It smells like week-old baby poo, with just a hint of citrus if you can stand to sniff hard enough to find it.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that particular odor to come out of a bottle of cleaning fluid. I’m very sad, but quite puzzled how Method went so wrong with this one.

Lisa Oswald
May. 13, 2012

Mom, did the dog poop in here?

Yes, that’s what he said. Sorry, the new formula really killed my Saturday clean routine. I tried shaking that pretty, bright, orange, neatly designed bottle and re-spraying, thinking something settled in and didn’t mix right and still a stink bomb. Orange / Clementine fail. I will drag myself back for my usual grapefruit or lavender. And I’m boiling the sponge I used with it to get that stink out. Don’t want my sweet dog to take the blame…

Liv Kwan
Apr. 18, 2012

Hate the scent of the new formula

Loved the thyme scented products, hate the new ones powered by citric acid. It doesn’t smell citrusy, even though the labels say Orange Zest and Lemon Verbena. Where do you sell the old formula with Thyme? Let me know so I can stock up before they are gone forever!

Megan Hoose
Apr. 5, 2012

Not so orange zesty

Dear Method folks,
Hmm I’m seeing a pattern. I LOVE method products and was excited to try new anti-bac kitchen cleaner with orange zest but it neither smelled like orange zest nor like anything pleasant. I can’t get rid of the lingering smell and it makes my head ache. I wonder if something in the cleaner affects the scents (lemon verbena and orange) and corrupts them? perhaps one could try other scents that don’t react to and get corrupted by the ingredients in the cleaner. Seems like the bugs just need to be worked out and we’ll all be cleaning once again with method anti-bac glee! (but not with (orange) zest).

Tina Brandli
Mar. 16, 2012

Manure scented lemon verbena?

Method are my absolute favorite cleaning products. They make cleaning almost enjoyable. I like to rotate through the different scents of the spray cleaners available at my local Target. Sea Minerals was my favorite (not available any more… boo) I saw this appear and once in a while, you just need anti-bacterial power. I picked it up in Lemon Verbena. It is a positively gag-inducing scent. My husband thinks it smells like horse poo. I’ll stick with the regular cleaners.

michelle c.
Feb. 9, 2012


I didn’t like the smell at first but now I in love with it!!!

denise m.
Jan. 22, 2012

Lemon Verbena

Okay, apparently I’m in the minority.. but I love this product and the smell. I think a lot of us have been programed to think certian smells indicate clean (ie: bleach = a swimming pool to some or a clean house to others). I was pleasently surprised to buy have a cleaner smell light, not over powering and is good to use. Thank you.

stephanie f.
Dec. 19, 2011

lemon verbena - NOT

The cleaner itself is ok, but the Lemon Verbena scent is not. I have to say, Method, my household is quite disappointed with this smell and hopes your R&D department comes up with something better soon.

In the meantime, I think we’re going to stick with Lavender and Pink Grapefruit

colin m.
Nov. 18, 2011

Scents? Yeah, not so much.

Occasionally I have a disgusting kitchen mess full of bacteria. Occasionally I’d like to throw an antibacterial product at it, taking the nuke-and-pave approach as opposed to the “mop up most of it” level of normal cleaners.

Being wise to the ways of Method, I cheerfully walked out the door of my local Target with a bottle of thyme-powered Antibac. Hooray! A naturally-derived antibacterial cleaner that shouldn’t contribute to resistant strains!

And then I used it. Sadly, “Lemon Verbena” and “Orange Zest” are both fever dreams of the marketing department. In reality, Antibac comes in Thyme, Thyme, and Bathroom Thyme. It’s not the worst smell in the world, but it’s a far and distant cry from any of the scents listed on Antibac labels. It’s also really overpowering in the amounts you’d use to clean, say, an entire kitchen countertop.

Antibac does clean impressively well. I’ll give it credit for that.

savannah f.
Nov. 13, 2011

Orange Zest = Best

Every Sunday morning, I do a pretty intensive clean of my kitchen (which is just a carved out corner of my living room – ugh, first apartment woes) and the orange zest kitchen cleaner comes out. I don’t understand why people associate lemon verbena with kitchen cleaning, especially since it smells so strong, but I was really amped to find that Method also makes a nice orange citrus cleaner. I feel like it brightens my mood and I really enjoy the cleaning process with the awesome smell hovering around the kitchen and living room.

Please don’t ever discontinue the orange zest scent! If anything, axe the lemon verbena and add some of the other scents. I’d love to be able to pair my pink grapefruit surface cleaner with pink grapefruit antibacterial, or go back to my true loves lavender and sea minerals. I don’t know if it’s a component issue (I know the antibacterial properties come from the thymol) that makes it hard to pair with added scents, but it would still be really nice to have the antibacterial line expanded.

barbara r.
Sep. 18, 2011

Herby Powerhouse

I used it to clean my mom’s jewelry and gift shop, and it really attacked the scuff marks on the floor, the dusty corners, and even the mirrors. Of course it doesn’t have the pleasant smell of Best in Glass (my favorite for mirrors, windows, and showcases,) but it does a fabulous job quickly and thoroughly. I hope to try the orange antibacterial scent, to see if the ambience becomes more retail and less Italian kitchen. I’d give it 5 stars if the aroma was a bit better for using all around the house and town.

chantel n.
Aug. 23, 2011

Do a

First, let me say that the cleaning power of this product outweighs the smell. Also, unless your order by mail, you can smell the product before you buy it so there’s no reason for anyone to complain that they got home and couldn’t stand the smell. That being said, the advertised Lemon Verbena scent is misleading since it smells nothing like any Lemon Verbena product I’ve used in the past. However, my store was out of the Orange Zest scent and I decided that I could live with the Absorbine Jr-esque smell of the Lemon Verbena. It’s a bit overpowering at first, but it fades enough that it’s not offensive if an unexpected guest stops by. Considering I’m cleaning up after two kids, two adults, two dogs, four cats, one bird and one gecko, this stuff is a miracle in a bottle! My daily go-to cleaner is the Multi-Surface spray in the Go Naked scent, but twice per week I haul out the big guns and the Antibacterial spray is the star of the show. I’ll definitely go back to the Orange Zest scent, but if you’re in a pinch and can handle the scent, don’t shy away from the medicinal smell of the Lemon Verbena. (On a side note, I wish they could come out with an unscented version.

diane m.
Aug. 19, 2011

Love this Product

I just started using Method products. I had my housecleaner come on Tuesday and today I took my new Method antibacterial kitchen cleaner and found many areas that she left uncleaned or could not get clean with her products and my kitchen stove now is spotless. The Method cleaner got up some gunk and grime in the area between the stove and the countertop. I was shocked at how dirty her products left the stove. I may have to recommend these products to her. I know she uses L*gacy of Clean from another manufacturer.
Very happy with the Method antibacterial kitchen cleaner.

christina r.
Aug. 17, 2011

oye, can't get past the smell :(

i really want to like this but the smell nauseates me. i have this (lemon verbena) and the spearmint antibacterial cleaner and i get the same reaction. neither smells like you would think. i love both spearmint and lemon verbena and these aren’t even close. it smells cheap and artificial. i’m going to try the citrus antibacterial and pray it smells good but the outlook isn’t looking good

sam k.
Jul. 10, 2011

Guil free disinfecting!

I loved the idea of disinfecting everything and killing 99.9% of germs. Until I took a moment to actually think about the harmful toxins I was spraying around. Method allows me to be germ and chemical free! Also this sent catches you off guard but you do like it after awhile!

jessica g.
Jun. 23, 2011

I agree, the

I agree, the “Lemon Verbena” doesn’t smell like Lemon Verbena. Kind of smells like a hospital. But I will continue using it because I bought it and it would be wasteful to through it away.

kate s.
Jun. 11, 2011

icky smell for some people but great product

i personally dont like the two smells given but thats me. i suggest method comes out with a free+clear versions as well.

gracie d.
Jun. 10, 2011


Sure it doesn’t really smell like Lemon Verbena, but it’s safe. I feel better using this to clean up any spills left by raw meat instead of bleach. Plus it helps remove some cooking smells left behind.

campbell m.
May. 25, 2011

love the clean, hate the smell

Long-time method user. I hate the smell of this cleaner. Where’s the lemon? Where’s the verbena. My two favorite scents over powered by something else.

melissa b.
May. 19, 2011

Lemon verbena ... :(

I’m happy that a line of anti-bacterial products is available, however, I’m very unhappy with the Lemon Verbena scent. I LOVE all the scents of my other Method products, but now I dread using my kitchen cleaner because of the herb aroma it gives off. I’m looking forward to trying the new orange zest scent but I can’t just throw away my Lemon Verbena. Hopefully some new coupons will be sent out to loyal customers soon ( hint hint ) ; ). Thank you for allowing me to vent.

lindsay a.
Apr. 26, 2011

The smell grows on you

I have the lemon verbena and the first time I used it I didn’t really care for the smell, it certainly wasn’t what I expected (I usually give it a sniff in the store, not sure why I didn’t on this one). By that point I had already purchased it so I continued to use it and the smell definitely grew on me after a few uses. I really like it now! Just like the regular all-purpose spray, it cleans wonderfully and always gets through my kitchen messes.

Give it a few tries before you decide you don’t like the smell!

sue m.
Apr. 25, 2011

Orange Zest is great

I’ve used the other two scents and they grew on me, but the new orange zest scent is great from the get-go. The thyme fragrance isn’t as prominent in this spray, so for those who like the performance but not the smell of the other two options, give this a try.

jim s.
Apr. 21, 2011

Disgusting smell

I purchased this product for use in my kitchen and the smell was sooooo bad I now dread using it

elizabeth t.
Apr. 13, 2011

Loving Orange Zest

I just bought the Orange Zest Antibac and multi purpose sprays and love them. The smell is light and fresh and doesn’t make me gag or cough like so many other household cleaners available. They work very well and I am so happy knowing that I am using a product that is safe for me, my pets, and the environment. Thank you Method!

kathryn j.
Apr. 3, 2011


I bought this today, I got the Lime Verbena. It smells like Italian Seasonings and pesticides!!! It is disgusting, it cleaned well but the smell is so strong!!! I will be taking it back tomorrow!!! Please come up with a better smelling product.

amanda b.
Mar. 24, 2011

Hate the smell

I tried to get used to the smell but it still reminds me of my grandmother’s closet. I think it cleans well and I love method products, but I just can’t get over how bad this one smells..

christina p.
Mar. 15, 2011

Great Idea!

Cleans great! Love the woodsy, cedar like undertones of lemon verbena. Open your olfactory minds! If you are expecting Lemon – “dont’”

I did smell the spearmint of this type and preferred the lemon verbana over it hands down.

Hoping Method will play with scents like Cardamom, Coriander Seed and Fig to name a few ;)

I am new to Method and am now hooked.

eskaay k.
Mar. 11, 2011

Doesn;t come close to Benefect

These products doesnt even come closer to Benefect products that I purchased online from simplynontoxic website. Read the ingredients and found that Benefect only has thyme oil and Method has tons of more which is not required. Benefect rocks

shannon g.
Feb. 11, 2011

Cleans great, and it smells like THYME!

I read the other reviews and was really nervous about the smell. I bought it and I LOVE the smell. Do yourself a favor if you’re thinking about buying this, open up a bottle of thyme in your kitchen, sniff it, and if you like it, then you’ll love this spray. If you hate the smell of thyme, then you obviously won’t like it. But it kills germs, and doesn’t leave streaks on my granite like clorox wipes did, and it’s healthy and safe. I love it.

sue m.
Feb. 4, 2011

It's grown on me

I bought both the spearmint and the lemon verbena antibacterial sprays a couple of weeks ago. At first I did not care much for the smell because like many others, I expected them to smell exactly like spearmint and lemon verbena. They did not.

So I did a little research and Googled CleanWell, which these are “powered by” to find out more. Of course, Thyme is a key part of the recipe, which explains the strong herbal smell of these products (it is also used in other brands of natural cleaners some mention on this site in their reviews).

The fragrances have grown on me. While they can be a little strong at first, they leave a nice lingering scent. They do a very good job of cleaning places where bacteria is a concern (kitchen counters, toilets, etc). Prior to buying these, I bought a Febreze infused Mr. Clean spray to get me by until my next trip to Target or the natural foods store. That left a sticky, smelly orange coating on my countertops that the Method products helped remove days later. After that experience, I’d much rather use these products. They are better and healthier than most of what is on the market

mary rose b.
Jan. 23, 2011

I love the smell!

I do not know what you guys are talking about, but I think this stuff smells great! It has a really clean scent and I love using it for everything in my kitchen!!!

rebecca p.
Jan. 19, 2011

Love it!

I love this product yes the smell takes some getting use to but what do people expect when it has a thyme smell to it but I grew up in an Italian household. Just change the name of the smell to thyme.

shannon b.
Jan. 19, 2011

Unpleasant scent

I absolutely LOVE Method products and was so happy to see that they were releasing an anti-bac line, but this particular product doesn’t smell good at all. Is there any way to come up with a more pleasant scent??? Otherwise, I’ll probably just go back to using the multi-purpose spray (which has great scents, by the way) for kitchen cleaning

gale j.
Jan. 16, 2011


I bought this by accident. I thought I was buying my favorite cucumber. What a terrible shock. It smells like oregano. Does not clean well, Major disappointment. Trying to figure out how to get my money back. YUCK!

kelly w.
Jan. 11, 2011

Smells bad

I like the concept, and I love all the other Method products that I have used, but this one smells horrible. Everytime I use it in the kitchen, my son asked me what smells so bad. I think it smells like bug spray.

shannon m.
Jan. 3, 2011

A safe clean with no chemicals!

I used to buy very expensive Melaleuca cleaning products because I loved that they were safe for my family and for our planet but the cost always caused stress with my better 1/2. Then came along Method & I’ve not looked back! Melaleuca had a thyme cleaner that was horrid smelling but Method’s is much better. I use this all the time and always do a quick spray and wipe in all of our sinks and faucet knobs at the end of the day. I’d take a product that doesn’t have my very favorite smell over Comet or Lysol any day. If you took some time to do the reasearch on what’s in Lysol you’d definitely not complain about this cleaners not so perfect smell.

nat n.
Dec. 30, 2010

Smells Great, Cleans Well

I didn’t like the smell in the beginning, but got used to it and acctually liked it after the 1st use.

The smell is much better than Lysol Disinfectant Spray, and much much less toxic.

The smell is a mix of citrus and thyme – with herby thyme being the more powerful of the smells, but it is not heavy and not heavily perfumatic.

I use this @ work and coworkers love the scent.

I think there is 2 things here:

1.) Method should name the scent Lymone since it is a mix of Lemon and Thyme.
2.) I think Method could make more fruity scents that is what I think people were expecting; however, the smell of this stuff is herby. It is NOT a bad smell.

People who complain about the smell being anywhere near “stinky” or “nauseating” should be wearing tiaras, because they’re princesses and we should feel graced by their presence lol. No really, the smell is good – if you like the smell of citrus and thyme/oregano herbs. I do. Others might not if they’ve never had to deal with herbs or gone hiking.

jessica e.
Dec. 7, 2010

Love this!

I love love love this! I think Method did a great job. Yes, the smell is a little weird, but nothing really horrible that you can’t stand it. I’ve tried the Seventh Generation version, the wipes, and that smell is so strong. Method’s is a lighter scent to me, so that’s a plus. The most important thing about this product though, and why I really don’t care about the scent at all is the disinfecting it does with natural ingredients. I choose to go the natural route anytime possible because I have a one year old girl. I hate using so many chemicals around her. I’ve been using Method for a while, but since I’m a clean freak I’d always use bleach to make sure everything was really disinfected. Now I can use something natural to kill all the germs in my house. That is a big win-win in my book. I’m just so happy she’s safer now.

christina m.
Nov. 30, 2010

Tough Smell but even tougher on grease and germs

The thyme is a little overpowering, especially when it combines with the lemon verbena. That aside, this is a great cleaner. I don’t use it every day because of the smell (i’m a pink grapefruit fan), but when I do my deep cleaning it really does a great job. And I can give it to my kids to help me out and not have to worry about them getting high off the fumes and toxins. A much better alternative to bleach and vinegar, which smell horrible and can’t always get the job done the first time.

michelle h.
Nov. 4, 2010

Very medicinal smelling! Stinky!

I love lemon verbena and was so excited to see this product. But the second I smelled it, the smell was absolutely horrible! Very disappointing. Even my kids made a comment of “what’s that smell?” I’ll go back to the lavender and cucumber sprays.

nicole c.
Nov. 3, 2010

Love it!

Another great product, love the smell, so fresh, no heavy chemical smells left behind. Works wonderfully, wouldn’t use clorox again.

melissa c.
Oct. 23, 2010

It's called Thyme

I’m a little surprised at how many people don’t like the scent. It smells like Thyme (I think that’s what kills the bacteria…if you look at the label – so I think it actually might be hard to make an unscented version). I like it because it smells like I’ve been cutting fresh herbs or actually cooking (I clean more than I cook unfortunately so this is a nice benefit). Maybe people are put off because the name Lemon Verbena is misleading – but it’s not that bad. It just smells like Thyme and it doesn’t linger for too long – but it is strong. I generally choose unscented products when i can…but this works too. I’m happy that i don’t have to use vinegar to kill germs anymore – my husband was starting to really hate that!

brigid o.
Oct. 21, 2010

Where are the air fresheners when you need them?

I wish I could set out a fabulous smelling Method aroma disc in a cool round holder to cover up the smell of this verbena stuff, but alas…

robert g.
Oct. 19, 2010

This stuff stinks....Literally!

I agree with everyone else….smells really bad.

angela w.
Oct. 15, 2010

I love the Antibac!!

I think the antibacterial cleaners clean well and leave a good fresh scent behind.

b g.
Oct. 14, 2010

what stinks?

Agreed with other comments about the smell. I’m such a fan of almost everything else MethodHome has ever made, so this scent literally shocked me in the store. I had to double-check that I was sniffing a Method product! I think I’ll stick with my non-Antibac Method products. (which for the record, is just fine with me)

angela f.
Oct. 13, 2010

Not too Lemony

I love the fact it kills 99.9% of household germs, but don’t let the “Lemon Verbena” fool you. This smells nothing like lemon and probable more like verbena, what ever that is…. It has a very weird smell.

c s.
Oct. 12, 2010

antibacterial kitchen cleaner

I bought a bottle of the antibacterial kitchen cleaner yesterday and it got rid of a lingering fish-cooking smell in my kitchen. It doesn’t smell like lemon verbena, but it did a great job, and after I was done, the kitchen smelled clean, not like an artificial air freshener. I will buy it again, and would love a dilutable antibacterial cleaner in this scent. Good job, Method!

antwanika s.
Oct. 3, 2010

Lemon Verbana...huh?

There isn’t a hint of lemon or verbana. I’m confused at why it is labeled as such. All I smell is bug spray and it burns my throat. I also got the spearmint scent for the bathroom and smells exactly the same. Going back to target. I prefer the scent of clorox to this!

jennifer p.
Sep. 25, 2010

Great Cleanser!

I actually love this product!! At first the smell is a little unpleasant but the smell seems to change while cleaning surfaces. Within minutes the smell is completey different and actually pleasant and refreshing and lasts a long time. I also have a glass top stove and this product cleans wonderfully. Cuts right through the grease and dries up streak free!

kendra s.
Sep. 25, 2010

Seriously...there is nothing Lemon Verbena about it

Smells like old tires to me. Very nauseating. This is going back to Target ASAP.

stephanie j.
Sep. 24, 2010

Good idea, bad smell

I’m a long-time Method user. While I don’t normally reach for anti-bac cleaners, there are just times when they are necessary (such as last weekend when my hubby caught an intestinal virus – yerghhhhh….).

Given this is a Method product, I am confident that it works. However, it is very difficult to get past the smell. There is not a hint of lemon-verbena in that bottle. I have the bathroom anti-bac as well, and both smell identical.

Please fix this smell thing guys…

valerie f.
Sep. 22, 2010

Cleans ok, smells bad

I’ve used other Method cleaning products for some time now, so I was glad to see their new antibacterial products. Lemon verbena sounded like a decent smell, so I bought this one locally. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

The product cleans ok, though maybe not as well as the other Method products I’ve used. It seemed like I had to wipe the surfaces a bit more than usual.

Worst of all though was the smell! This was labeled as lemon verbena, but I didn’t smell a bit of any kind of mint. Instead, I smelled the overwhelming scent of thyme, which is used as the main antibacterial agent. I wish I’d checked the label to see this, because I don’t like the smell of thyme, and it’s pretty overpowering.

So, if you like the smell of thyme — not lemon verbena — and don’t mind scrubbing a little bit more, then this product is for you.

carrie w.
Sep. 16, 2010

A better smell?

I absolutely LOVE the method line of cleaning products and was thrilled with the release of an antibacterial kitchen cleaner! This product cleans well, however, the smell is TERRIBLE, not at all like the “heaven” described in the write up! Method, please come up with a new scent

what do you think about antibacterial kitchen cleaner?

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