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tough on bacteria. easy on you.

if you’re not used to sweet-smelling essential oils + tough cleaning power in one, you’re in for a serious surprise. this patented disinfectant formula may smell like heaven, but it cleans like heck, and kills 99.9% of household germs (specifically: salmonella enterica, influenza A, and pseudomonas aeruginosa). yet, despite the tough guy routine, it’s gentle on hard non-porous surfaces. surprises are nice. unless you’re a germ.

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    lemon verbena

    lemon scents tend to err on the side of sickly sweet. bringing to mind memories of our summer running a wildly unsuccessful lemonade stand. which we never really got over. on the plus side, it inspired us to seek a better lemony experience. and now we have it. a clean and fresh, refined and herby, green lemon verbena. ahh, finally.


    orange zest

    remember running down the street as a kid to catch the ice cream truck? and the joy you felt when you finally had that frosty, orange dreamsicle in your grasp? this is that feeling captured in a fragrance. orange zest is cleaning’s answer to happy childhood memories of sticky popsicle face. just try to keep in mind it’s for cleaning, not licking.

all of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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17 reviews

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Rachel Rosenblum
Feb. 22, 2012

wipes are da bomb

i am super lazy, so i really love these wipes!

amanda b.
Jan. 16, 2012

Love it

I love this stuff, it’s great for cleaning up after kid “messes” and kills the smell.

annie s.
Oct. 4, 2011

Love it!!

I love this product, I keep one in my car in case I need to clean up spills and messes. And since cold and flu season is knocking on the door, I like to keep my car as germ free as possible. I also use them in the house, some in the kitchen and some in the bathroom. I love the scent, and the fact that it’s an easy product to use. Thanks Method for not only providing an anti-bacterial product, but for powering it with CleanWell…

julie w.
Jun. 14, 2011

My Go TO Product

The way the wipes take care of not only the Dirty, but leave everything fresh and clean feeling to the touch is why I am a loyal user!! Great product, they all are!!

christina p.
Mar. 15, 2011


Smells just like Lemon Verbena. period – woodsy, cedar tones – not lemony. If a person is expecting lemon – I could see how they might have trouble opening their olfactory minds :)

I enjoy the unique scent, nice to have something different for a change.
Infact – it blends well in a home that tends towards herbal scents (not the typical flowery, perfumy or citrusy scents these days.)

Cleans great and love the container. Please keep up with the uniqueness of scents!

michelle o.
Feb. 6, 2011

Oh the smell of it

The wipes get the job done but like others have mentioned, I cannot for the life of me get passed the smell. It reminds me of bad breath. The smell lingers on my hands too. Ugh. I’m going to suck it up and use these till their gone but I will not purchase these again. Maybe if it were just them lemon scent it would be okay.

jenn b.
Feb. 4, 2011

clean refreshing scent

we love these wipes. we are avid users of Method products, a earth conscience company. This new scent is wonderful, it smells clean and disinfects! Thanks Method!

christine b.
Feb. 2, 2011

i was really happy with

i was really happy with these. i especially like the canister, because my luck with the pouches was 50/50, half the time they would dry out. one poster mentioned the wipes being hard to get out of the canister, but as an avid fan of cleaning wipes, this is a better design then most. i like the smell, its a yummy smell and it makes the kitchen smell wonderful, and not artificial.

c s.
Nov. 9, 2010

Smell litterally makes me nauseous

First let me say I love method. This product cleans and the packaging is ideal. However, I cannot use it. The smell actually makes me sick to my stomach!! Will not purchase again.

erin l.
Oct. 17, 2010

One complaint

I think that these wipes work great and smell fantastic (no complaints here about the scent!), but I do have a difficult time getting them out of the canister. They don’t want to separate from one another and I have a hard time getting the wipes to stay in the little feeder.

c s.
Oct. 11, 2010


I just purchased a bottle of the antibacterial kitchen cleaner and although it doesn’t smell like lemon verbena, it took care of the fish-cooking smell in my kitchen like nobody’s business. Now my kitchen smells clean (no longer fishy, thank you!) and not like an artificial room deodorizer. I will definitely buy this again.

angela l.
Oct. 7, 2010

love this stuff

I wish the smell wasn’t such an issue for some of you; it smells minty because the active ingredient is a mouthwash active ingredient – how brilliant and safe is that?! Sooo much better than the alternative antibacterial ingredients that make me gag and my nose burn. I don’t want it to smell like flowers, I want it to work! Thank you Method!!

angela c.
Sep. 26, 2010


I was so excited to see an anitbacterial spray by method sitting on the shelf at Target. I snatched it right up and could not wait to go home and clean :-) When I sprayed it for the first time it was like I was spraying listerine all over my kitchen, the scent is exactly and I mean EXACTLY like listerine. I have loved all the method scents over the years and I still can not beleive they put this out on the market, it completely blows my mind. So unless you want your kitchen smelling like the worst mouthwash every made I would pass…complete waste of my money I poured it down the sink.

angela l.
Sep. 15, 2010

Not so great...

They clean GREAT…just as I would expect from a method product. I was BEYOND excited to see antibac products introduced, BUT…this product smells BAD. I am a very loyal Method user, and have NEVER been disappointed by the fragrances of Method products. However, I have to say that, while the products clean just as well as any other Method product, I am VERY UNHAPPY with the smell of the new lemon verbena anti bac products (both wipes and spray cleaner).

Much improvement is needed in the fragrance before I will buy this again.

steph s.
Sep. 9, 2010

Smell is awful

I was excited to see wipes in the canister return to my local Target. I, as well as two friends, had stopped purchasing Method wipes in the “envelope” packaging because they always dried out and it was difficult to pull them out singly. Unfortunately, the smell of these wipes is really unpleasant. Please bring them out in another scent in canister packaging, whether antibac or not.

lisa b.
Sep. 9, 2010

why not all natural?

I can’t buy your scented products until you change the ingredients to all natural scents/fragrances. Also, why put colored dye in the products? We absorb that through our skin also.

rachel h.
Sep. 8, 2010

I am glad that there is

I am glad that there is finally an antibac wipe but I don’t care for the scent.

what do you think about all-purpose cleaning + disinfecting wipes?

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