all-purpose cleaner lime + sea salt – LIMITED EDITION


it’s hard to clean from a hammock, but not impossible

grease + grime don’t stand a chance. not with powergreen® technology in your grasp. each squirt, in all its lovely non-toxic glory, delivers a powerful cleaning punch with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients. cleaners derived from corn + coconut break down dirt, leaving nothing behind but the refreshing scent of sea salt and tart frozen lime.

all-purpose cleaner lime + sea salt – LIMITED EDITION, 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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water (aqua) diluent / solvent deionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
decyl glucoside surfactant (cleaning agent) very gentle on skin and non toxic to people; readily biodegradable; made from corn sugars and coconut oil
lauryl glucoside surfactant (cleaning agent) very gentle on skin and non toxic to people; readily biodegradable; made from corn sugars and coconut oil
sodium carbonate boost alkalinity, dissolve stains baking soda analog - non toxic if eaten or in skin contact; disperses safely in the environment; abundant mineral source
sodium gluconate buffer, anti-spotting agent non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; made from corn sugars
lauryl ethoxylate surfactant (cleaning agent) non toxic in use and not irritating to skin; readily biodegradable; derived from coconut + other plant oils. Aka lauryl ethoxylate
potassium citrate complexing agent non toxic in use if ingested or in skin contact; readily biodegradable; produced from corn sugars
fragrance(parfum) fragrance free of phthalates, NPEs and other dirty ingredients; non toxic in use, free of carcinogens and tested for skin irritation and allergies; blended composition is partly essential oils and partly synthetic ingredients
polymeric colorant color safe for people, free of heavy metals + allergens; effective at ultra-low levels; won't accumulate in environment; made from synthetic materials


    lime + sea salt

    the last time lime and sea salt got together, the margarita was born. so it's no surprise that when they paired up again it resulted in a refreshingly salty lime scent that conjures images of the perfect beach day. minus all the sand in your crevices.

all of method's ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us, if you would like more detail on an ingredient or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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15 reviews

overall rating

Love this!

I have been looking everywhere for this scent! couldn’t find it anywhere…now i am going to STOCK UP! :)

Theresa Sanchez
Dec. 12, 2012


This product smells and cleans great. I use it on everything. Please bring it back.

Michelle Rodriguez
Nov. 6, 2012

More please!

Please tell me you’ll be bringing this product back soon. Love it so much!

Tracy Malouin
Nov. 4, 2012

Lime and sea salt all purpose cleaner

I can’t find anywhere to buy this and my bottle is almost empty, yikes!!!! PLEASE MAKE THIS A PERMANENT SCENT!! I’m actually happy to clean with this product, and the other scents just don’t compare.

Monica Noordam Norton
Oct. 21, 2012

Please bring this scent back!

I love your products, and the lime + sea salt surface cleaner is my all-time favorite. Can’t find it anywhere now… PLEASE bring it back!

Julia Beth Bolick
Oct. 1, 2012

********** 10 Stars!!!

Back in July, 2012 ~ I expressed my adoration of this wonderful scent to you guys!!! PLEASE do NOT retire this scent!!!! It is so hard to find now and I love it …

DeAnna Julian Slevin
Sep. 14, 2012


Please make the lime and sea salt a permanent edition! It’s fabulous! Love-Love-Love the scent!

Rebecca O'Donnell
Aug. 15, 2012

One of your Best

I am desparately hoping you do NOT discontinue the lime and sea salt all-purpose cleaner! My husband and I run an animal shelter in our home and your product delivers! I love the way it smells and it cleans up everything! It is my favorite of all your products. And believe me that’s saying something. I use everyone of your products. I don’t have to worry about my animals getting sick from licking anything I just cleaned with your cleaners. So please take this review to heart and do NOT discontinue the Lime and Sea Salt Cleaner.

R. O’Donnell

Julia Beth Bolick
Jul. 18, 2012

PLEASE do NOT retire this scent!!!

7 stars … awesome. Whether I need it or not, everytime I’m in Target ~ I buy more; AND, I noticed yesterday that it is no longer offered … I guess I’ll have to start purchasing it here on your website.

Tammie Noegel-Ciciura
Jul. 12, 2012

YUMALICIOUS SCENT makes me want to wipe down counters all day long

this scent should be called “happy, happy, joy, joy”!!!!! LOVE IT! please extend it beyond limited edition.

Mindi Su
May. 11, 2012

Not the smell I was expecting. YUCK!

I’ve tried several of the home cleaners in different scents, so I knew how well they cleaned. I thought I’d give this “limited edition” version a whirl and…oh my goodness gross. The smell is like a not-so-sexy man doused in really over the top not-so-sexy cologne. My partner’s asthma even flared up from the stench! I’m going to see if I can give this away, because according to the other reviews there are folks out there who enjoy it. Back to the grapefruit for me!

Jessica Lamas-Hubert
Apr. 14, 2012

Love, Love Love!!!

I had yet to use any of the method cleaners, and I’m glad I tried this one first. Worked beautifully and best of all it smells so fresh in my bathroom! :)

Tony Ross
Apr. 9, 2012

limited edition

I like the look of the limited edition product. It brighten up my sink area

Nina Renee Hewitt
Mar. 14, 2012

Best scent!

This scent just barely beats out the eucalyptus scent of the bathroom collection. Cleans well, looks cute. Perfect.

Sabrina Fernandez
Mar. 10, 2012

Mad for Method

I’m completely in love with the all-purpose cleaner lime & sea salt. The scent is great for kitchen and bath, and cleans pristinely I hope that Method decides to keep it a part of the standard lime. If not may I please order a case? I am ‘mad for Method.’

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