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powerful cleaning punch, earth-friendly pouch

just when you thought smarty dish® couldn’t get any smarter, it does. still a super powerful detergent that cleans dirty dishes without resorting to dirty chemicals like phosphates and bleach, but now in a lightweight pouch that uses 87% less plastic than the original. same clean, smaller footprint.

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fragrance free

shamelessly clean. no dyes. no perfumes.

pink grapefruit

there are certain scents that seem to put an extra spring in your step. like this refreshing fusion of pink grapefruit, blood orange + cassis. in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this vibrant medley induces spontaneous skipping. it’s been known to happen.

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sodium disilicateoptimizes pH levelsdisperses safely in the environment; derived from abundant mineral sources
sodium carbonateoptimizes pH levels, dissolves stains disperses safely in the environment; derived from abundant mineral sources
sodium metasilicateoptimizes pH levelsdisperses safely in the environment; derived from abundant mineral sources
sodium citrateoptimizes pH levelsbiodegrades readily; derived from plant sugars such as corn; not irritating to skin
sodium gluconateoptimizes pH (apc) and anti-spotting/anti-rusting agent (autodish)biodegrades readily; derived from plant sugars such as corn; not irritating to skin
tetrasodium iminodisuccinatewater softenerbiodegrades readily; derived from minerals and plant sources
sodium polyaspartateprevents dirt and oils from redepositing in the washbiodegrades readily; naturally derived
poloxamer 181surfactant (cleaning agent)not persistent in the environment; made from synthetic materials
organic acid or organic acid saltanti-spotting agentbiodegrades readily; naturally derived
alginic acidholds tablet togetherbiodegrades readily; naturally derived
fragrance (parfum)fragranceblended composition is partly essential oils + partly synthetic ingredientsfree of phthalates, NPEs + other dirty ingredients; non-toxic in use, free of carcinogens + tested for skin irritation + allergies
sodium metasilicateoptimizes pH levelsreadily disperses in environment; derived from abundant mineral sources
proteasecleaning enzymebiodegrades readily; naturally derived
amylasecleaning enzymebiodegrades readily; naturally derived
TAED (tetra-acetyl ethylene diamine)oxidizing cleanerbiodegradable; made from synthetic materials; not irritating to skin
hydroxypropylmethylcelluloseprotective coating for tabletbiodegradable; derived from plant fiber; not irritating to skin
updated on 09/20/14

all of method’s ingredients are comprehensively assessed by a leading research firm to ensure their safety for people and the environment. you can find a list of all our ingredients here. please contact us if you’d like more details on an ingredient, or visit MBDC to read more about the assessment process.

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Soapy Residue

These things are terrible. First time I ran a cycle using these dishwasher tabs it left a white residue on just about everything that was in the dishwasher. The residue was so hard to get off I had to toss a few things because I couldn’t get them clean. I do not have this problem with any other brands.

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Krystal Growe (Mar. 24, 2013)

Solve white film problem

For those with white film problems – vinegar is cheap and solves the problem, put a small bowl right side up on your top rack, add vinegar (1/4 – 1/2 cup depends on you water). {Remember this will be filled with water when the cycle is over, so don’t jerk out the top rack and get water over all your dishes}. Yes, citric acid is wonderful, but often hard to come by which means an investment.

I’ve used vinegar since the 70’s for this, long before I ever heard of Method. Rinse agents like Jet Dry were invented for this problem, it’s not a new problem that only happens with Method. If white film will send you back to Cascade or other hazardous brands of chemicals, you’ve consumed too many chemicals already, your brain isn’t working properly.

Why doesn’t Method add citric acid or something to keep this from happening? You’d have to check with them to be sure, but my first thought is why add something to the product that will increase the price that apparently not everyone needs. But, then my other thinking is perhaps it doesn’t work if it’s mixed in with the dish soap, just because some chemical products have a chemical that works when mixed in, doesn’t mean a natural product will.

If you have a problem with a product, contact the company. Any reputable company, like Method, would be happy to hear of any problems you are having so they can assist you and/or improve their product.

Finally, this is a great product, works well.

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Susan Igo (Dec. 21, 2012)

Excellent (& use HOT cycle)

Cleans really, really well, and the scent is great.

For those getting a white, chalky residue, try using a hotter cycle. When we wash on hot, our dishes come out sparkling.

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Michelle Boswell (Dec. 8, 2012)

Inconsistent results

I love that it’s unscented, and that’s why I use it. But I find that sometimes I have to rinse my pots and pans afterwards, and sometimes there is a white residue on my silverware after some washes, but not most of the time. It’s strangely inconsistent. Also the tablet is a bit big. A liquid version might be nice.

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Katya Kean (Jul. 30, 2012)

Update on the review below

Having read about adding citric acid to the wash I decided to try it. Finding it turned out to be a problem, nothing at any of the stores, so I ended up buying it on-line.

OK, WITH citric acid my dishes are once again sparkling clean. But my question, to other buyers and the METHOD people, WHY should i have to buy a 2nd product to make the Method Smartys work? WHY couldn’t Method realize that there would be hard water homes and have added the two spoonfuls of citric acid to the Smarty tablet themselves?

I don’t consider this a solution to the problem. I bought the citric acid because I didn’t want to be stuck with a bag-full of Smartys that were useless. So this will let me use them up without having gross dishes. But I won’t be buying more, unless they greatly improve the formula.

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Sarah Rachel (Jul. 24, 2012)

Not bad, if you don't mind washing everything twice

I love the method hand soaps, but maybe they should stick to liquid soaps. I’ve tried this 3 times now, and every time I’ve ended up with a load of dishes I had to wash by hand. It’s really bad. of couse you can only see it on clear, and colored items, like plastics, but if you rub what looks like a very clean piece of dishware with a dark dishcloth, sadly enough, the cloth gets a white film on it too. And I swear, I’m nothing near obsessive. I’ve got photos I’d show you but that’s not an option here. As to the people who are singing it’s praises here, I’m stumped. Maybe it’s got to do with WHERE we live and the type of water, (hard/soft), as to what kind of results you get. I do have hard water, no doubt about that. But I can use something like Cascade tablets and get excellent results. So I don’t know… I’m stuck with a bag of these tablets (minus 3) that I’ll never use again. Anybody want to buy it?

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Sarah Rachel (Jul. 14, 2012)

Cleans great with a little boost

Since we’re trying to move towards less chemical and more natural cleaning in our house, we decided to give these a go (especially since the homemade dishwasher soap didn’t do so well). Well, I can’t say we were initially thrilled, because we saw the same white residue on our dishes that others are reporting. I wasn’t going to let that defeat me. I took what I learned from making my own dishwasher soap, and I threw a spoonful of citric acid in with the tablet when we did our next load. It was probably somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 of a tablespoon (I just grabbed a dirty spoon out of the dishwasher to scoop it). Anyway, that load of dishes came out spotless. So, from now on, whenever we do dishes, we throw an extra spoonful of citric acid into the little soap door dealie and everything comes out clean – it even takes off the residue that the method tabs left the first time. We’re definitely happy (and our kitchen doesn’t stink like chemical perfumes when the dishes are done)!

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Claire Stratford (Jun. 2, 2012)

In Love

I have had my dishwasher for three years. I’ve used a dozen different dishwasher detergents/packs/tabs. While some cleaned my dishes great, I’ve had a nasty build-up on the bottom of my dishwasher for a while. Nothing touched it, dishwasher cleaner/baking soda/vinegar…nothing. I started using method smarty dish tabs for their all natural cleaning. I loved how clean my dishes came out, but a bonus came a few weeks later! By the end of the first pack, my residue was cut in half, by the end of the second pack, the residue in my dishwasher was completely GONE!!!! In LOVE! :) :) :)

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Katrina Leistico (May. 8, 2012)

Amazing product usurped...

The Smarty Dish tabs are an awesome product! Smarty Dish worked amazingly well in my old apartment with the old dishwasher there and WITHOUT Jet-Dry! Unfortunately, the manufacturers of newer dishwashers build them to optimally perform only with a specific brand of dish washing & drying agents. I purchased a home over the last year and have a new Whirlpool dishwasher and it’s Residue City all the way… I’ve been FORCED to used the manufacturers recommended products, otherwise i get horrific amounts of residue which has ruined my silverware and plastics while using ANYTHING other than their recommended products… Finish & Jet-Dry. Very disappointed that I can’t use my all-time fav METHOD SMARTY DISH anymore. :-(

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thomas a. (Feb. 9, 2012)

At least two-times too big for new Whirlpool dishwashers

We just bought a brand new Whirlpool dishwasher and had our new bag of Smarty Dish dishwasher tabs ready to use. Much to our chagrin, the tabs are way too big! We are utterly shocked that the tabs do not fit! Whirlpool is one of the most popular, recommended, reliable and time-tested dishwasher brands and since the tabs only come in one size, we assumed the tabs would fit the smallest of the main dishwasher brands’ detergent trays. How did Method allow this design flaw? :'(

To add another kink, we cannot use powder as we have a septic, so now we’re stumped looking for a green, non-toxic liquid or tab alternative since Method was the only non-toxic Method doesn’t offer a liquid or smaller size tab. Does anyone have any recommendations to share?

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MethodReviews (Feb. 1, 2012)


New, energy efficient, dishwashers and many dishwashing tablets leave a nasty white film on glasses. Sometimes the glasses are permanently ruined this way. I had this problem. I got a lemon based cleaner for my dishwasher and glasses to remove most of this film and regularly use Smarty Dish tablets (placed inside my machine but not in the soap basket). I’ve tried a lot of different tablets and these are the only cleaners that really remove the white film and keep it off. I call that fantastic.

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s g. (Feb. 1, 2012)

The Tabs Won't Fit

The tabs won’t fit in my soap dispenser so I don’t think they are living up to their potential in the dishwasher. Might want to reconsider this one, or offer a powder. Too bad, I was so excited to finally find these in my local store.

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becca w. (Jan. 23, 2012)

Needs Improvement

These tabs have not performed well for me in terms of getting dishes clean. Would like to see you go back to the drawing boards on these.

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robert h. (Jan. 15, 2012)


I loved this product, great clean finish

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joseph f. (Oct. 7, 2011)

works great

I’m new to Method and just used the dishwasher tabs for the first time. I was skeptical b/c I’ve used liquid dishwasher detergent for years and have been happy with the results, though concerned about any chemicals left on every dish, glass, and piece of flatware that could be a health concern. So, I tried the Method tabs and everything came out of the dishwasher sparkling – really, actually sparkling. And, I don’t feel any rinse-agent-film. So glad I don’t have to worry about left-over chemicals to ingest. Thank you, Method!

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debbie g. (Oct. 4, 2011)

I'm a Believer

After they removed phosphates from dishwasher detergent, we tried everything to get the dishes clean with no luck. I figured I was wasting my time and my money when I saw Smarty Dish in the store and decided to purchase it. It worked great. No more cloudy glasses and I feel good that I am not doing further damage to the environment.

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pam b. (Jul. 31, 2011)

SoOoOo Good!

I love these dish tabs! I first got the scented ones but found there was no scent to be had, so I switched to unscented.
Where alot of “natural” dish washer detergents don’t get the tea stains out Method does!

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allison j. (Jul. 22, 2011)

The BEST Green Dishwasher Detergent I've EVER Used!

I have spent about a year trying lots of different “green” dishwasher detergents, and I’ve always ended up with the same results – dingy, white, dusty buildup that requires a vinegar load and some elbow grease to remove it. I figured I’d try the Method brand, and my expectations were low considering all the others I had tried. After ONE load, not only were my dishes clean, but all that white buildup was cleaned off! It was amazing! I find that it doesn’t etch my glass like other natural cleaners, and it even removes eggs that have been stuck on my pans from Saturday morning breakfast. Additionally, we’re a family of five, and we don’t have time for cleaning messes. I can just chuck one of the tablets in the dishwasher, jam it shut, and I know everything will come out clean.

I’m SOOOO happy to have found Smarty Dish. This is my product soulmate.

Thanks Method. I’m forever grateful!

Jessica H.

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jessica h. (Jun. 8, 2011)

works on stoneware

i love the unsented smarty dish tabs becuse i am a lazy dish washer. i even put my stone ware in the dish washer and you don’t want any sents used on stoneware becuse it will soak up the “purfume” and then leach it into your food. with the unsented tabs that is not a problem :D

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sharron w. (May. 2, 2011)

Why, please???

For several years I used the Pink Grapefruit scented dishwasher tablets. They worked great. Unable to find these when I had run out I purchased the Unscented variety.
The first bag was fine but in using the second bag I started noticeing a waxy deposit on my stainless steel flat ware and my plastic storage items. Running them in the dishwasher a second time does not take it off. It takes cleansing powder and scrubbing to get this nasty stuff off. Is there a difference in the formula that is doing this or what? I really don’t want to go back to the awful product that is full of harmful chemicals that smell so bad.

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barbara k. (Apr. 23, 2011)

Perfect for Bosch stainless steel dishwashers

We recently bought a house with a Bosch dishwasher that has a stainless steel interior. This was a first for us and the first time we ran it, we used regular, old run of the mill citrus scented automatic dishwasher gel. Yuckity, yuck, yuck! The rotting material, disgusting chemical, something-has-gone-horribly-awry smell that emanated from the dishwasher during and after the cycle completed was horrific. Not only did out kitchen reek when we opened the door, but all of our dishes carried the smell as well. I usually use all natural, non-scented, non-phosphorus continuing products except for the dishwasher, where I want a really good, sanitary clean (sorry 7th generation, but your automatic dishwasher gel blows). No matter what we tried, however, this dishwasher would emit a terrible odor and I thought we were going to have to replace it. Then, on a last ditch whim, I bought the scent free, method smarty tabs. WOW! No more disgusting smell AND my dishes and glasses are clean as can be!!! I don’t know why this is the only dishwashing detergent that our dishwasher can use, but I am so, so happy we found it!!! If you have a dishwasher with a stainless steel interior tub or you’re getting a weird odor using a phosphorus dishwashing detergent, I highly recommend the smaarty dish tabs!!! Saved our expensive dishwasher!

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happy b. (Apr. 21, 2011)

Not really non-toxic!!

I was anxious to try this product since I was told that it works well, and Method says that it’s non-toxic. Unfortunately, that representation appears false–according to the MSDS sheet for 2-methyloxirane; oxirane, an ingredient in the detergent:

“Probable human carcinogen. May alter genetic material. May cause impaired fertility. Human mutagenic data. Harmful by ingestion, inhalation and through skin contact. Serious irritant. Very destructive of mucous membranes”

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oxford c. (Apr. 5, 2011)

what do you think about smarty dish dishwasher tabs?

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