dryer-activated fabric softener

a dryer sheet minus the sheet

the only thing worse than realizing you’ve had a rogue dryer sheet stuck to your bum all day is the knowledge that it will end up in a landfill. that’s what inspired us to create something better. our plant-based, dryer-activated fabric softener spray is like a fabric softener and dryer sheet in one. the ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic formula with smartsoft technology® softens fabric, reduces static + leaves clothes smelling fresh. all with no waste. how ‘bout that?

it’s a bummer when you want something, but can’t have it. like this product, which is no longer available. sorry.

lavender lilac

when we thought of things that could make our running barefoot through fields of lavender fantasy’ better, we kept mentally finding ourselves in nantucket. which led us to lilac. the effect was a floral summer dream—precisely what was intended for this fragrance.

ingredientwhat it doesenvironmental + health summarylearn more
water (aqua)diluent + solventdeionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
propanediolsolventbiodegrades readily; derived from plant sugars such as corn; low skin and eye irritation
glycerinsolventbiodegrades readily; derived from plant sources; not irritating to skin
zeolitewater softenersilicate derived from abundant mineral sources
phenoxyethanolantioxidantbiodegrades readily; made from synthetic materials
fragrance (parfum)fragranceblended composition is partly essential oils + partly synthetic ingredientsfree of phthalates, NPEs + other dirty ingredients; non-toxic in use, free of carcinogens + tested for skin irritation + allergies
calcium chloridestabilizerreadily disperses in environment; derived from abundant mineral sources
cocamidopropylamine oxidesurfactant (cleaning agent)biodegrades readily; derived from plant sources
glyceryl distearate, glyceryl oleate/stearatesoftening + anti-static agentbiodegrades readily + not accumulative in the environment; derived from plant sources
dicocoylethyl hydroxyethylmonium methosulfatesoftening + anti-static agentbiodegrades readily; derived from plant based + synthetic materials; not irritating to skin
methylisothiazolinonepreservative - prevents bacterial growthinherently biodegradable; made from synthetic materials; low skin + eye irritation
updated 09/20/14