all-purpose cleaner

with powergreen® technology

limited edition fragrance – get it while you can

we understand the appeal of biting into a sweet, explosively crisp apple. in fact, it’s the core inspiration for this limited edition gel hand wash, all-purpose cleaner with powergreen® technology, pump dish soap and 50 load laundry detergent. with a scent so fresh and fruity, you’d think these goodies just fell off the tree.

sorry, this product has been retired and is no longer available. thanks for your interest!

honeycrisp apple

like biting into a fresh honeycrisp apple. pretty much named itself.

ingredientwhat it doesenvironmental + health summary
water (aqua)diluent + solventdeionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
potassium citratewater softenerbiodegrades readily; derived from plant sugars such as corn
sodium carbonateoptimizes pH levelsdisperses safely in the environment; derived from an abundant mineral source
sodium gluconateoptimizes pH levelsbiodegrades readily; derived from plant sugars such as corn; not irritating to skin
laureth-7 (ethoxylated coconut oil)surfactant (cleaning agent)biodegrades readily; derived from plant sources
citric acidoptimizes pH levelsbiodegrades readily; derived from plant sugars such as corn
fragrance (parfum)fragranceblended composition is partly essential oils + partly synthetic ingredients
decyl glucoside, lauryl glucosidesurfactant (cleaning agent)biodegrades readily; derived from corn sugars, coconut or palm oil
updated on 09/20/14

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