people against dirty at SXSW

posted March 27, 2012 by alexis |

a few weeks ago, method went to SXSW interactive. well, no, not all of us. that would be crazy. steph (our interactive designer) and I (the copywriter) went to find out what’s new in the digital world. in a nutshell: we live in the future.

over four days, we attended keynotes, panels and book readings on everything from cyborg anthropology and using your digital lifestream for good, to the psychology of online behavior and storytelling. it was pretty awesome. so awesome that when we came back, we shared everything we learned in a lunchtime presentation to the rest of the company, better known around these parts as a “brownbag” (I think it’s because you have to bring your own lunch).

I could describe it in excruciating detail OR you could just see it for yourself. and wouldn’t you prefer the latter? I thought so. so, check it out. and let us know if you’re going next year. we met this person against dirty there and it made our trip. PAD represent!


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