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the lovely smell that wafts in the air after you spray our all-purpose cleaner? you can thank suzanne for that. the fresh scent that comes out of the dryer after you’ve finished a load of laundry? you can thank suzanne for that, too.

as our senior director of fragrance, suzanne has a nose in every product we create. and with more than 50 method scents currently on the market, we wondered how she keeps coming up with something new. “i look everywhere for inspiration,” says Suzanne, “fashion trends, food trends…even the things around me every day can inspire a scent.”


take method’s beach sage fragrance, for example. when we say that it’s like a stroll on the beach on a misty morning, suzanne did have a specific place close to home in mind. “there’s a place i run in the morning in Crissy Field [in San Francisco] where the trail hugs the bay and you often get the mist from the fog rolling in. the sea air mixes with the scent from the eucalyptus trees and sage that surround the area…it’s just so crisp and refreshing,” she explains.


a self-confessed scent geek, suzanne spends a lot of time reading about the science of smell. “i just find it so fascinating,” she says. “it is a science, but there is also a huge emotional component. people store scents in their olfactory memory, and what i love most about my job is the thought that i can help someone recall a happy thought or bring them to a peaceful place—all with one fragrance.”


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Jul. 11, 2014

Thanks Debra & Kathy! We are so happy that you love beach sage as much as we do. And we’re even happier that it makes you smile. :-)

Debra Roberts
Jul. 4, 2014

I love this scent. Just wonderful – and like Kathy I hope it stays in the line too. I like it so much I’ve been trying to duplicate it for my room fragrance oil heater. I haven’t mastered it but the sage really has inspired me. I really like this scent.

Kathy Friston Collier
Jul. 2, 2014

I absolutely adore the Beach Sage Scent Line! I hope that it remains an permanent item for me to purchase. It’s crisp, clean and refreshing. It also makes me smile! :-D

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