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hard water is a common conundrum, but how do you know if you have it? and what are you supposed to do about it? as usual, science has the answer.

what is hard water?
hard water has had contact with the earth for enough time to absorb and dissolve some minerals. in short, it’s mineral laden, or “hard.”

is that bad?
hard water leaves deposits when it gets warmed. it also interferes with some styles of soaps and detergents. have you ever stayed at a hotel where suddenly your shampoo won’t lather up like usual or rinse out as well? that would be hard water. so, no, it’s not great.

how did hard water get that way?
the earth does a great job of cleaning and filtering water for us. somewhere along its path, it flows over or through some rock, dissolving a little bit as it goes.

how do I know if I have hard water?
your home will tell you. do you have white deposits in your coffee maker? crusty stalactites on the showerhead? rings around your faucets? discoloration in the dishwasher? you can think of these chalky deposits as little presents from the earth or you can admit you have hard water.

I admit it. I have hard water. how should I deal with it?

remove hard water deposits
the gentle and most natural way to get rid of these marks is an old standby, white vinegar. just a few minutes of soaking and a little elbow grease with a scrubby pad should do it. white vinegar also removes stubborn water spots from your car windshield.

prevent it
our daily shower spray is a gentle daily treatment that slows the buildup of hard water deposit and soap scum.

to prevent pesky deposits on your dishes, we now offer smarty dish® plus dishwasher tabs. it’s specially formulated to leave your dishes sparkling clean even where the water’s hard. you can also use smarty dish® plus to bolster your laundry. hard water can wreak havoc in there, too, but it’s just a little tougher to see.

and now you know.

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