it’s a good month to be employee of the month

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brian is “the butcher, the baker, the soap bottle maker” (a.k.a. our director of supply chain). in laymen’s terms, that means he manages the process by which we decide how and where we make all of our products. needless to say, it’s pretty complicated. brian, of course, makes it look easy. that’s probably why he’s our new employee of the month. that, and also because he’s a really good sport about everyone calling him “the boat.”

after the clever ruse your coworkers pulled trying to make you think you’d won the honor in september, how did it feel to win for real?
it felt really good to win for “real”. I think that we’ve amassed a great talent pool here. everyone works exceptionally hard and puts out great work. with that in mind, it’s good to be recognized for performance against such a high bar.

when asked if you would be a feared or adored royal, you responded with “I think it will scare people how much they love me.” bold statement. how might one incite such emotions?
the answer is quite simple: lots and lots of sharing from the Vault of Edible Riches. give the people free candy and they will love you forever. eliciting that level of emotion for too long can be quite frightening.

is there mcdonald’s in your Vault of Edible Riches? (if so, I’m going to break into it.)
don’t I wish?! I’ve seen time-lapsed photos of mcdonalds food over the course of a year and it pretty much looks the same on day 365 as on day one. so, I’m sure a few big macs or mc ribs kept at room temperature in the drawer over the month would still be good, right?

“good” is probably open to interpretation. so, your Perk of Significance was a trip to monterey. what’s on the agenda?
my hope is that we can bribe someone to take our kids for a weekend (with free candy perhaps???) and make this a much needed getaway for the wife and I. the gift certificate is for casa munras in monterey, which looks pretty amazing. I anticipate lots of wine and good food, with maybe a message or two thrown in. mostly, it will be a rare chance to relax.

that sounds excellent. switching gears for a moment, you’re one of the few method employees who’s worked in both our chicago and sf offices. what’s your favorite thing about each location?
my favorite thing is the same for both locations. the people. when I was in chicago, there was only a few of us and we became a very tight knit group of people. we ate lunch together every day and shared a lot of personal triumphs and tribulations. when I left, I missed that type of interaction. but the folks here quickly made me feel just as welcome.

that’s because we like you so much. congrats brian!

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