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inspired by: modern naturals

posted October 9, 2013 by meagan |




our modern naturals collection for Target was inspired by the organic patterns and textures found in nature: wood grains, natural stone, fall and winter foliage, and ancient textiles. just in time for fall, we found these simple ideas for incorporating the warm, rustic modern naturals sensibility into your home decor. our silver birch, plumeria, or dulce de leche hand wash would look perfect next to that marble sink, don’t you think?

clockwise from the top: 1 | | 3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |  7

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introducing the amazing power foam dish soap

posted September 5, 2013 by meagan |



introducing the amazing + astonishing power foam dish soap. clean dirty dishes on the spot with our instantly foaming, easy-to-spray formula. it makes cleaning, dare we say, fun?

to celebrate our newest addition, we’re giving away 100 power foam kits on our Facebook page. enter now for a chance to win yours.

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a public service announcement

posted July 25, 2013 by meagan |

things that do not belong  in toilets


what do robots, toothbrushes, toxic chemicals, frogs, and germs have in common? they don’t belong in your toilet. method antibac cleaner, with a non-toxic citric acid formula that kills germs naturally, can help you with the germs and toxic chemicals. as for the rest? you’re on your own.

find our antibac toilet cleaner at your local method retailer or online here.

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win our loo crew

posted July 15, 2013 by meagan |

loo crew

the loo, can, privy, water closet, toilet, john. whatever you call your bathroom, there’s one thing they all have in common: germs. but you shouldn’t have to break out the rubber gloves to clean the tub. right now, we’re giving away ten “loo crew” kits – all the products you need to make your bathroom sparkle without the nasty chemicals. enter now on our facebook page for a chance to win.

or, if you prefer a sure thing, you can buy our loo crew kit online for 20% off the regular price now through the end of july. find it right here.

warning: after using our non-toxic, yummy-smelling cleaners, you may mistake your bathroom for a spa.

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how to keep your home human

posted June 24, 2013 by meagan |


the road to our heart might be paved with paw prints, but that doesn’t mean we want our house to look the same. to help keep your home human we’ve gathered the essentials for ick-free floors, windows and surfaces. plus, our latest DESIGNED FOR GOOD hand wash helps raise awareness for the fair treatment of animals. buy the bundle for a 10% savings off regular price.

in june, method and are teaming up to donate 15% of method product sales (up to $40K, only on and to the ASPCA®, whose mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. donation offer void in AL, HI, MS, ME, MA and SC.

you can buy the bundle online right here.

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