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apples for your teacher

posted August 29, 2014 by Maria |

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.39.40 PM

labor day weekend is upon us, so the last thing you’re probably thinking about is school. but we like to plan ahead. so to celebrate our new limited edition honeycrisp apple collection and the back-to-school season, we made some apple treats that we know any teacher will appreciate. all you have to do is download, print, cut and send. you can thank us later.

download here: method_apple_card

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introducing method air refreshers

posted August 25, 2014 by Maria |

Air Care Family Hero

once upon a time we had candles, reed diffusers, aroma sprays and aroma pill plug-ins. and the air smelled a little bit sweeter, if we do say so ourselves. but we made an executive decision to focus on our core business—hand wash + cleaning products—and took our air care products off the market. we knew some people would be disappointed, but we didn’t expect all the letters that came pouring in:

“A few years back you had a lovely array of home scents like candles and those little ‘scent pills’ that you plug into the wall. (I still have the beautiful white ceramic containers from the candles and have used them for everything from planting cactus to tea lights to serving chocolate mousse—for real!) Is there any chance at all you are bringing some of those products back? Please… begging you :-(”  —Connie

“I really miss your air pills, especially the cut grass scent. With a 90 lb. yellow lab and a 2-year-old, air fresheners are a must… This is my plea as a mom, please please please bring back your air freshener line of products.” —Alicia

“A while back your company made vanilla apple aroma spray. I’m assuming it has been discontinued because it’s been a while since I’ve been able to find it in any stores that carry method products. I really loved this stuff! It smelled amazing and its scent lasted a long time, on top of it being environmentally friendly. If there is any chance you would be willing to bring this back some time in the future, I and I’m sure many other people would be very happy!” —Joe

well, we heard you. and we’re proud to introduce our new line of planet-friendly air refreshers. these innovative, air-powered sprays will fill your room with one of five fresh, nature-inspired scents—french lavender, wild poppy, beach sage, sweet tangerine and fresh clover. try them all and let us know what you think.

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our partner against dirty

posted August 13, 2014 by Maria |

Ecover group_Flower

yes, this is still the method website. but we wanted you to meet our partner against dirty, ecover. we tied the knot in 2012 to create the world’s largest green cleaning company. so why bring up ecover now? well, it had a little makeover. and we think it’s looking mighty fine, don’t you?

find ecover at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage and other planet-loving retailers.

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we love our furry friends…

posted July 21, 2014 by Maria |


…that’s why we never test any of our products or ingredients on animals. it’s also why we are donating 15% of method sales on from now through july 29 to Best Friends Animal Society®*, a national animal welfare organization focused on ending the killing of dogs and cats in america’s shelters.

so stock up on your fave method cleaning products and feel good about the fact you’re helping our furry friends while you shop.

*the fine print: we’ll donate up to a maximum of $10,000 from sales starting july 21 through july 29, 2014.

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it’s not a treat if it isn’t sweet

posted June 6, 2014 by Maria |



many people know that the first Friday in June, which happens to be today, is National Doughnut Day. but did you know that tomorrow is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day? oh, yeah. it’s a sweet treat sandwich… and the perfect segue to remind you about our limited edition summer collection inspired by frozen summer treats. these sweet delicacies are available at Target and—one whiff and you’ll be hungry for more.

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