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method cares: muttville senior dog rescue

posted September 15, 2014 by Maria |


we’ve said it before, we love our furry friends. that’s why some people against dirty recently spent an afternoon with a special group of four-legged creatures who need a little extra love.

photo 5

where we went: muttville senior dog rescue, san francisco, ca

lindsay and justin

what they do: muttville’s mission is to change the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs and to create better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption and hospice. they work to find suitable homes for those dogs that are adoptable and offer end of life care for those that are not. because everyone deserves to grow old gracefully.


what we did: team method helped clean + organize around the shelter; prepped food for the resident dogs; played with them + took them out for walks. it was a fun-filled afternoon for all.

photo 1

find out more about how you can help muttville by visiting

Otis Rolling

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apples for your teacher

posted August 29, 2014 by Maria |

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.39.40 PM

labor day weekend is upon us, so the last thing you’re probably thinking about is school. but we like to plan ahead. so to celebrate our new limited edition honeycrisp apple collection and the back-to-school season, we made some apple treats that we know any teacher will appreciate. all you have to do is download, print, cut and send. you can thank us later.

download here: method_apple_card

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making scents: meet suzanne

posted July 1, 2014 by Maria |


the lovely smell that wafts in the air after you spray our all-purpose cleaner? you can thank suzanne for that. the fresh scent that comes out of the dryer after you’ve finished a load of laundry? you can thank suzanne for that, too.

as our senior director of fragrance, suzanne has a nose in every product we create. and with more than 50 method scents currently on the market, we wondered how she keeps coming up with something new. “i look everywhere for inspiration,” says Suzanne, “fashion trends, food trends…even the things around me every day can inspire a scent.”


take method’s beach sage fragrance, for example. when we say that it’s like a stroll on the beach on a misty morning, suzanne did have a specific place close to home in mind. “there’s a place i run in the morning in Crissy Field [in San Francisco] where the trail hugs the bay and you often get the mist from the fog rolling in. the sea air mixes with the scent from the eucalyptus trees and sage that surround the area…it’s just so crisp and refreshing,” she explains.


a self-confessed scent geek, suzanne spends a lot of time reading about the science of smell. “i just find it so fascinating,” she says. “it is a science, but there is also a huge emotional component. people store scents in their olfactory memory, and what i love most about my job is the thought that i can help someone recall a happy thought or bring them to a peaceful place—all with one fragrance.”


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method cares: raphael house

posted June 27, 2014 by Maria |

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 3.23.47 PM

a company that cares together, stays together. so on one sunny friday in june, a team of 45 method employees joined forces to help a local shelter better serve families in need.

where we went: raphael house, san francisco, california

photo 3

what they do: a privately funded organization, the raphael house is a safe haven for homeless and low-income families and helps them achieve stable housing and financial independence in a supportive, nurturing environment that feels a lot like home.

photo 4[1]

what we did: team method gave the hallways and communal areas a fresh coat of paint, cooked meals, cleaned and organized store rooms, built bicycles for young residents and helped the staff prep for the raphael house’s annual 4th of July bash.

photo 1

find out more about how you can help the raphael house by visiting

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when pictures say it all

posted May 30, 2014 by Maria |

what happens when you divide the method office into eight teams and give them some space to decorate?


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.34.36 PM

and this.


and this.


there were games (no frogs were harmed in this competition)…


…some (harmless) weapons…


…and even a silent disco.

dj panda in the house

but what happened in vegas? we’ll never tell.

vegas 3

happy friday everyone!

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