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method cares: forget me not farm

posted April 14, 2014 by Maria |


when you work at method you get three “care days” that you can use to volunteer as you wish. it’s like a gift that lets you give back. because aren’t those the best kind?

where we went: forget me not farm, santa rosa, california

our feathered friend at forget me not farm

what they do: located on the grounds of the sonoma humane society, forget me not farm uses rescued animals and organic farming as healing therapy for children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

photo 5

what we did: team method—susan, anne, merany, lindsay, fred, chrissy, henry + jennifer k.spent the day painting bird houses and building chicken coops. the farm was scheduled to receive 100 chickens the next day. the chickens had been rescued from factory farms where their beaks were lasered off and they needed to be rehabilitated. team method built the coops so the chickens would have a comfortable place to stay until they could find their happy forever homes.

merany flies the coop

find out more about how you can help forget me not farm by visiting  

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spring cleaning (but not the kind you’d expect)

posted April 9, 2014 by Maria |


Project Juice's colorful concoctions remind us of our own

Project Juice’s colorful concoctions remind us of our own

it’s that time of year: the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, the grass is greener and people have spring cleaning on the brain. naturally, this is something we at method can all get excited about. so to celebrate the season of de-cluttering and re-organization, we decided to do some spring cleaning of our own. but not the kind you might expect.

last week, 11 PAD (that’s people against dirty® for those new to this blog) signed up for 1-day and 3-day Project Juice cleanses. we admit it wasn’t all sunshine and lemonade. and we have learned a few important lessons in the process, like how enough green juice without your daily coffee intake can make you feel high—or at least really lightheaded. but in the end we all survived. and some of us are even talking about another round. after all, don’t your insides need a little scrubbing, too?

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paying it forward

posted November 5, 2013 by meagan |

random acts of kindness


research shows that doing something nice for someone else increases personal happiness. at method, we care a lot – about the environment, about our co-workers, about being a company we can all be proud of. that’s why through the end of the year, we’re paying it forward. our ‘random acts of kindness’ jar gives us the chance to do something small for someone else. simply draw a random act of kindness out of the jar – whether it’s taking a friend out for coffee or buying someone in need groceries – and boom, you feel better. some of us like the happiness boost so much, we’re coming back day after day to draw another one.

try it at home or at work and let us know what you think.

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happy friday

posted August 2, 2013 by meagan |

happy friday

happy friday and bon weekend.

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employee of the month: jill peterson

posted July 30, 2013 by meagan |


meet jill, our july employee of the month. although jill has been with method for a short period of time (she started at method in December), she has made big waves in the world of operations. obviously. little known fact: she’s also an avid runner. read on to hear from the honoree herself.

what ran through your head when you realized the employee of the month was, in fact, you? 

very surprised!

run us through a typical day as method’s supply planning manager. 

as a planning manager I (naturally) plan out my work, and then I spend the rest of the day making left turns trying to keep up with all the moving parts necessary to keep a manufacturing plant and supply chain humming along.  I plan out our manufacturing production schedules to best support our demand forecast anywhere from 2-6 months in advance.  I also work with a variety of vendors – from empty bottles to labels to fragrances to ensure raw material components show up when and where they’re needed.

what do you love the most about working here?

the people!

now on to the good stuff. how will you spend your ‘perk of significance’?   I’ve already ordered and put about 75+ miles on a new shiny pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 15’s!  I love new running shoes – my feet are so happy!   my next treat is a facial and body scrub at a lovely spa.  ah….

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