we love our furry friends…

posted July 21, 2014 by Maria |


…that’s why we never test any of our products or ingredients on animals. it’s also why we are donating 15% of method sales on from now through july 29 to Best Friends Animal Society®*, a national animal welfare organization focused on ending the killing of dogs and cats in america’s shelters.

so stock up on your fave method cleaning products and feel good about the fact you’re helping our furry friends while you shop.

*the fine print: we’ll donate up to a maximum of $10,000 from sales starting july 21 through july 29, 2014.

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color your world

posted July 11, 2014 by Maria |

2014-07-09 12.52.17

the vibrant colors + stylish patterns of our new limited edition collection prompted a few of us in the office to have a nail polish party. (like we needed an excuse.) the result? three easy to replicate designs shown with the bottles that inspired them.


kelly moss stripes

paint the dark blue base first. once the base is completely dry, paint the green and aquamarine stripes. to get precise lines, it’s really helpful to use a nail polish striper. let dry and you’re done.

2014-07-09 12.54.32

rice milk + mallow polka dots

paint the light green base first. once the base is completely dry, pour some navy blue nail polish onto foil. then, dip the flat end of a toothpick into the navy blue nail polish to make the polka dots. again, let dry and you’re done.


white cranberry tips

paint the red base first. once the base is completely dry, use the pink nail polish on the tips. if you don’t have a steady hand, you can use stationary tape for a more precise line. just leave the tip of the nail uncovered and try not to press the tape down too firmly so it doesn’t stick to your nail and ruin your base coat. let dry and you’re good to go.


** a tip from mia, our resident spa junkie: “before painting your nails, soak them in a mixture of warm water + the hand wash of your choice to help soften your cuticles.” **


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making scents: meet suzanne

posted July 1, 2014 by Maria |


the lovely smell that wafts in the air after you spray our all-purpose cleaner? you can thank suzanne for that. the fresh scent that comes out of the dryer after you’ve finished a load of laundry? you can thank suzanne for that, too.

as our senior director of fragrance, suzanne has a nose in every product we create. and with more than 50 method scents currently on the market, we wondered how she keeps coming up with something new. “i look everywhere for inspiration,” says Suzanne, “fashion trends, food trends…even the things around me every day can inspire a scent.”


take method’s beach sage fragrance, for example. when we say that it’s like a stroll on the beach on a misty morning, suzanne did have a specific place close to home in mind. “there’s a place i run in the morning in Crissy Field [in San Francisco] where the trail hugs the bay and you often get the mist from the fog rolling in. the sea air mixes with the scent from the eucalyptus trees and sage that surround the area…it’s just so crisp and refreshing,” she explains.


a self-confessed scent geek, suzanne spends a lot of time reading about the science of smell. “i just find it so fascinating,” she says. “it is a science, but there is also a huge emotional component. people store scents in their olfactory memory, and what i love most about my job is the thought that i can help someone recall a happy thought or bring them to a peaceful place—all with one fragrance.”


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method cares: raphael house

posted June 27, 2014 by Maria |

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 3.23.47 PM

a company that cares together, stays together. so on one sunny friday in june, a team of 45 method employees joined forces to help a local shelter better serve families in need.

where we went: raphael house, san francisco, california

photo 3

what they do: a privately funded organization, the raphael house is a safe haven for homeless and low-income families and helps them achieve stable housing and financial independence in a supportive, nurturing environment that feels a lot like home.

photo 4[1]

what we did: team method gave the hallways and communal areas a fresh coat of paint, cooked meals, cleaned and organized store rooms, built bicycles for young residents and helped the staff prep for the raphael house’s annual 4th of July bash.

photo 1

find out more about how you can help the raphael house by visiting

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hand stamp some tea towels

posted June 13, 2014 by Maria |


turn a plain tea towel into something bright and delightful with a hand-carved vegetable (or two).


what you’ll need:

1. Supplies

plain tea towel

acrylic or fabric paint in your favorite colors

potato, carrot or other produce of choice

paring knife

paint brush (optional)

what to do:

2. Carve Stamps

1. cut and carve your vegetable into a unique pattern to make a stamp.

3. Paint Stamp

2. smooth out your tea towel on a flat surface. (tip: you can lay paper towels or scrap paper underneath if you don’t want the paint to bleed through.) then use the paintbrush to evenly coat your vegetable stamp with a color of your choice.

4. Stamp Towel

3. get your stamp on and let dry. the end.

5. Ann finished project

method’s craft pod meets each month to make a creative project. see what we made last month here. and if you followed the instructions above, we’d love to see what you made. post a pic to the comments section.


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