un-food fight

just like teenagers can have crushes on their teachers, adults can have crushes on companies. it’s what is known as a “brand crush.” it happens when you adore everything about a company from their product, to their newsletter, to their facebook posts.

i officially have a brand crush on a local San Francisco company called Betabrand. ever since they hand delivered a pair of their USA pants straight to our office just in time for my boyfriend and me to crash the winter Olympics in Vancouver they have secured me as a fan.

last year betabrand (previously named cordarounds) had a food fight. random, right? i heard they were doing a sequel and knew this was the perfect opportunity to help them clean up a bit. check out our un-food fight.

for extra credit, can you guess all the foods used in the un-food-fight? we’ll randomly choose one correct respondent to receive a method laundry detergent 50 load bottle. but hurry you only have until August 27th by midnight PST! hint there are 17!

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