the smartest smarty dish yet

smarty dish plus

getting your dishes sparkling clean is no small feat. just ask anyone who has encountered that pesky, chalky film that happens in hard water areas. here’s the good news: we’ve recently developed some new, natural technologies that actually work.  take that, hard water.

for years, we’ve been making smarty dish®, a little tablet that packs a big punch against stuck-on food. but in areas with excessively-mineralized water, we needed something stronger. we needed to call in the big guns, so to speak.

smarty dish plus

we’re exceedingly proud of what we created in our lab. smarty dish® plus puts the smack down on hard water and tough stains. even better? it’s plant-based, which means it won’t hurt the environment.

“in developing smarty dish® plus, we used a new hard water control agent derived from yeast that isn’t widespread in the industry. it’s one of the most sustainable ingredients we’ve ever used,” explains fred, our green chef who developed the technology. after smarty dish® plus does its job cleaning dishes, it’s readily degradable. EDTA (an ingredient found in many traditional dishwasher detergents) carries metals into the environment in a cumulative fashion, making them available to the food chain – think mercury in fish.

so what’s in this remarkable little guy? we call it “triple action power”. allow me to explain:


detergent: it dissolves sticky food like a dream. plus, it’s naturally-derived and EDTA-free, so it won’t harm the fishes.

rinse aid: smarty dish® plus has a rinse-aid built in. genius, right?

hard water resistance: polymers made from chicory starch disperse hard water deposits so they don’t end up on your dishes.  in fact, we’ve found the formula to be effective in resisting over 95% of hard water in the US.

you can find smarty dish® plus right here or at most Target stores.

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  • May 20, 2013

    Caroline Pierce Lerro

    Not sure if you are aware or if this is a “happy surprise” but this dish product is the only one that doesn’t tarnish my silver wear super fast. I had coveted a particular set of flatware from Pottery Barn for years, however, I was nervous about having to hand wash it since it is silver-plated. After many lectures form my mother about “not putting it in the dishwasher” but realizing that hand washing these and my baby’s bottles wasn’t going to happen, I threw them in with my previously used citrus dish tabs. Instant tarnish. Ugh. I was super disappointed. However, a month later my husband was in the States (we are living in Italy at the moment) and I already had a long list of METHOD products for him to buy and I added these to the list on a whim. Sure enough when I polished the silver wear and then put in the dishwasher with these Smarty Dish tabs, no tarnish! YAY! Just wanted to let you know that these are super great. Along with all your stuff. I mean it must be if I devote limited suitcase space to bring it home! Keep up the great work!