making your own placemats is a fun + easy way to dress up your dinner table this thanksgiving. we partnered with one of our favorite bloggers Homey Oh My, to create these simple but stylish speckled placemats.



what you’ll need:

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • paint
  • paint brush (stiffer bristles work best)


what to do:

1. cut out pieces of off-white 100% cotton fabric, so that they are roughly 14”×19″ in size.



2. pull off a few rows of thread on each side to create fringed edges. TIP: things are about to get messy, so after this step, put down a drop cloth or similar protective surface. in fact, it’s a good idea to do the following steps outdoors if you can.



3. mix equal parts paint and water to create a thinner mixture, then dip the tip of your paint brush into the paint. there should be enough on there to coat the bristle tips, but try not to overload the brush.  holding the brush with one hand place the paint covered bristles on your other hand. then, with the brush directly over the fabric, quickly flick it downward. flicking from directly overhead instead of from an angle is important because it contains the splatters and maintains the round shape of your speckles, preventing them from turning out streaky or oblong.



4. repeat the process until you have a pattern you’re happy with. you can even use a small size paint brush to add speckles in specific areas if you want to.



5. let your mats dry, then place them on your table and admire them.



6. you can’t make splatters + speckles without making a mess. so use our gel hand wash to get those paint covered fingers spotless.



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