south side soapbox in print

nature, and man’s role in it, has always been a hot topic for Chicago-based artist Lora Fosberg. so when we needed to find someone to collaborate with on original artwork to commemorate the opening of the South Side Soapbox, we knew she’d be the perfect partner. “it’s not often that an artist gets a chance to work for a corporation that doesn’t make them feel like complete sellout,” Lora says. “my morals and values line up with method’s, and their approach to society and the environment are similar to mine.”

using our soap factory as inspiration, she created limited edition woodblock prints, then hand painted a rainbow sky. “with its contemporary modern design, giant wind turbine and greenhouses on the roof, it was pretty easy to figure out how to celebrate this amazing addition to the manufacturing landscape of Chicago,” she explains.

of course, the printmaking process was not without its hiccups. “while printing, I spilled an entire cup of coffee when I tripped over my little pug and had to print ten more,” she laughs. we’re just glad the little guy didn’t get hurt.

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