as our resident sleeve expert, it’s Jodi’s job to operate the sleeve/shrink tunnel at our Chicago-based soap factory. that means she’s responsible for all the lovely labels getting neatly shrink-wrapped onto our beautiful bottles. we wanted to know more, so we spent some time rapping about wrapping.

what does operating a sleeve tunnel at the South Side Soapbox (SSSB) actually involve?

i make sure the sleeving line is running as smoothly and accurately as possible. i also train others how to run the shrink/sleeve machine and trouble-shoot any problems that crop up with it.

what do you like about working at the SSSB?

i like how it feels like i’m working for a company that really cares about everyone who works at the factory. they give you responsibility, encouragement and the opportunity to do your best. i also like that my whole shift celebrated my birthday. that was awesome.

what aspect of your job are you proudest of?

probably my proudest moment was making my first sleeved bottle all by myself. i also love being able to teach others the things that i’ve learned, and to see them branch out on their own. of course, I was pretty proud to be the SSSB prom queen, too.

what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned on the job so far?

i’ve learned to respect all the people I work with. i can be a bit too honest at times, but i’ve learned to tame my tongue.

can you share a fun fact that most people might not know about the SSSB?

the fact that we recycle everything that we use in the factory. and the fact that method hired people with absolutely no factory experience and now they are operating machines. that’s pretty mind-blowing.

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