SF Marin food bank

when many of us think about where are next meal is going to come from, we’re usually thinking about which restaurant we want to go to. it’s such a normal part of the workday, we probably don’t often stop to think about just how lucky we are. but recently, a group of us did take some time to think about it. and we decided to do something to help those who aren’t so lucky.

where we went: SF-Marin Food Bank, san francisco, ca

what they do: SF-Marin Food Bank’s goal is to end hunger in the surrounding areas. thanks to numerous donors and volunteers, the food bank has been able to bring wholesome, nutritious food to people in need through a variety of programs, including weekly farmers’ market-style pantries, home-delivered groceries and food stamp outreach. it distributes 107,000 meals worth of food every day.

what we did: we spent an afternoon filling 1lb bags of rice to be distributed throughout the bay area food pantries.

find out more about how you can help fight hunger in the bay area by visiting sfmfoodbank.org.

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