the great britain ping-pong final


around these parts, ping-pong is more than just a fun word to say. in fact, it’s practically a religion (in the secular sense). which made last thursday something of a holiday. it was the 6th annual march madness doubles ping-pong tournament (6AMMDPPT). this year’s theme was Great Britain (for the uninitiated, the theme is always a different country). we decorated in typical anglophile fashion with a red phone booth, Big Ben and London Bridge cutouts, beefeaters and a large British flag hung from the ceiling. with a spot of tea, a bevy of Boddingtons, fish + chips and music from The Sex Pistols, The Beatles and Queen, we were ready to go.

our final four contenders were henry + edelyn as team Asian invasion, dressed in their finest ninja attire.

michelle and josh were team pingpocalypse, dressed as quite scary looking zombies.

ben and hazel were team crazy bananas.

and jessica and josh were team USOTTT (US Olympic Table Tennis Team), decked out in red, white and blue.

the coin toss determined the first contestants, pingpocalypse vs. Asian invasion. the team that takes the best of five games wins the match, and although it was much closer than the outcome appears, Asian invasion took all three games to win the match. next up were the crazy bananas vs. USOTTT.  again, it was a close match but the crazy bananas swept all three games.

so it was Asian invastion (henry + edelyn) vs. crazy bananas (ben + hazel) in the final. ironically, it was an all-finance match and for the first time in MMDPPT history, our pair of sisters were facing each other in competition for the most honored prize at method. the rallies were intense and inspired the crowd to clap loudly at excellent displays of athleticism. the crazy bananas took the first two games but asian invasion came back at them to win the third.

ultimately, ben and hazel wanted it more (you could tell by ben’s facial expressions and his nearly decapitating a spectator with his killer serve) and they won the fourth game and the championship. they made their victory lap with the trophy held high above their heads and earned bragging rights for the year. the trophy currently resides at ben’s desk and will switch to hazel’s desk in six months. so that’s that, folks. until next year. cheerio.

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