perfect package: meet stephanie

what good are dreams if you can’t make them come true? meet stephanie. as method’s resident packaging engineer (aka pack animal), it’s her job to take a wish list of packaging designs and make them a reality. she makes other things, too, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out more.

can you sum up what you do at method in 50 words?

I work very closely with industrial design and the green chefs (our chemists) to make packaging that not only looks great, but also functions properly when filled with our formulas.

that was 30 words. nicely done.


now, onto the important stuff. you also have a side gig making some beautiful designs of your own. can you tell us about your passion for pottery?

I actually went to art school, not packaging school. during my last semester of college, I took a slip casting class in the fine arts department and immediately fell in love with it. after graduation, I got really into figure drawing and pottery took a back seat for a while—New York City studio apartments aren’t great places for mixing and pouring plaster. I’ve tried. when I moved to the Bay Area I rented a loft space in downtown Oakland with unfinished concrete floors. it was perfect for making large messes. then, I snagged an internship with the mold-making teacher at The Crucible. and now, I rent a 10 x 10 space at a studio space in West Berkeley with 13 other artists. it’s kind of the best.

what was the first piece you ever created?

when I got back into mold-making, I made some canisters that I intended to use as salt and pepper shakers. but I never did.

how would you describe your signature style? 

I like to leave the porcelain raw on the outside of my bowls and go wild with pattern and decoration on the inside of the bowls. there’s something about raw, unglazed porcelain… I love the look and feel of it. but I also can’t help using bright, rich colors and glossy glaze.

how do you find inspo for your designs?

oh, I go on the internet extensively looking at different food and design blogs, stores, etc. I’ve read this blog 101 Cookbooks for years and i’m the biggest fan girl. beautiful pictures, great food… I also love Esqueleto in Oakland. just walking around that store makes me want to make things.

where can people buy your stuff?

you can buy my stuff online at my studio is also participating in Berkeley Artisans Open Studios coming up later this month. get more details at my studio located 707 Jones Street in Berkeley if you’re interested in visiting us.

happy shopping, people.

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