now open for business

we’ve got some big news. and by big, we mean 150,000 square feet worth of news. because that’s the size of our new soap factory, the South Side Soapbox, which is now officially open for business.

we’re not typically a boastful bunch, but the South Side Soapbox has been a labor of love for many people against dirty for quite some time now and we can’t help but be proud of all the amazing features that have made it the BEST. FACTORY. EVER.

but seriously, thanks to a host of green highlights, our South Side Soapbox has earned the privilege of being the industry’s very first LEED-platinum certified manufacturing facility. here are just a few of the things we did to make our plant so special:

to start, we chose the Pullman district in Chicago’s South Side as our location. it was the perfect place because it let us create jobs for local residents and have a positive impact on the economy and environment of a neighborhood that has struggled in recent years.

as far as construction goes, we used local + recycled materials whenever we could. our dedication to sustainability is also reflected in our goal to send zero material to landfill. we want everything that enters the Soapbox to either be used in products, recycled or composted.

the fact that we have a 230-foot wind turbine outside our plant makes our commitment to energy efficiency hard to miss. but our wonderful windmill is only the start. we also have solar tracking trees in our parking lot, a solar water heating system, natural + energy-efficient lighting, as well as heat-reflective concrete and low-flow water fixtures throughout the building. by using a combination of conservation and renewable energy we’re on track to reduce our energy consumption by more than 50%.

to top it all off (literally), we have a 75,000 square foot greenhouse roof operated by urban agriculture company, Gotham Greens. the rooftop greenhouse is gearing up to produce 500 tons of fresh, pesticide-free produce annually, which is good news for the local community and nearby retailers + restaurants.

we could go on. in fact we’d love to explain how we made space for manufacturing, bottling and distribution under one roof to further reduce our carbon footprint. or discuss our awesome fleet of biodiesel trucks. but let’s face it, we’ve probably done enough horn-tooting for one blog post.



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