new year, new you


looking to start the year fresh? we partnered with Le Tote and OLLY to give you nine tips that will help you feel new again.


give your home a fresh start…

1. disinfect. you’ve survived flu season + a parade of holiday guests, but your home can probably use a germ-busting boost. grab a surface disinfecting spray (like method antibac all-purpose cleaner) to kill bacteria + viruses on hotspots that everyone touches such as doorknobs, appliance handles and light switches. 

2. declutter. ask yourself this: do you really need it? if the answer is no, then throw it away. there’s nothing more uplifting than ridding a space of excess junk. go through closets, drawers and even the garage with this question in mind. you might want to bring a trash bag or three, too. 

3. detox. it’s always good to clear the air. according to the EPA, indoor air quality is one of the top five risks to public health. sprucing up your space with air purifying plants like aloe vera, areca palm or golden pothos can be good for your lungs and your décor.


give your wardrobe a fresh start…

4. don’t love it? lose it. go through your closet and take out clothes you haven’t worn in a few months. then, donate them or host a garage sale with friends. you’ll feel so much better when you’re left with pieces that you actually wear and truly love.

5. get out of your comfort zone. if you’ve ever wanted to try a pair of culottes or wondered how flared jeans look on you, just do it. fashion is all about experimenting so what are you waiting for? try something new, now.

6. make an investment. instead of spending money on “fast-fashion,” think quality over quantity and purchase that one piece of clothing you’ve been eyeing for awhile.


give your body a fresh start…

7. stretch it out. stretch for one minute when you get out of bed to get your blood flowing and muscles activated.

8. breathe it in. inhale or diffuse an invigorating essential oil like grapefruit or rosemary to boost mood and focus.

9. eat a rainbow. the vibrant colors in fruits and veggies come from the phytonutrients they produce. there are tens of thousands of phytonutrients in nature, and each one provides unique health benefits. (tip: prep a fresh fruit smoothie with a handful of spinach or kale the night before, stash in the fridge, and enjoy in the morning.)


we’re not done yet…

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