divers against ocean plastic

the ocean plastic problem is one that is very close to our hearts. the desire to shed light on this problem was the driving force behind method’s ocean plastic bottles, the world’s first bottles made with a blend of recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic. so when California-based Project AWARE approached us to help spread the word on their new Dive Against Debris map, we were happy to comply.

Project AWARE was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of professional divers concerned about the declining state of the underwater world. today, the organization supports a global movement of more than 20,000 scuba diving volunteers who are working to clean up oceans in their own local communities. the Dive Against Debris map offers a view of their findings from more than 1,000 underwater surveys in 60 countries. some sad takeaways:

  • plastics are the #1 type of ocean trash found by Project AWARE divers, making up 66% of the total amount of debris reported to date, nearly 400,000 pieces in the past three years
  • more than 700 entangled or dead marine animals reported since 2011, including marine mammals, birds, fish and crustaceans

to donate to or learn more about Project AWARE, visit projectaware.org. to learn more about method’s ocean plastic efforts, click here.

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