fear no mess with method® daily shower cleaner.

you shower every day, and by the time the weekend rolls around, your shower is badly in need of a scrub-down. you have two choices: ignore the soap scum piling up on tiles or spend a Saturday scrubbing. with our daily shower cleaner, you actually have one more option: prevent the pile-up in the first place. simply spray a fine mist on the walls, glass and fixtures while your shower’s still wet. there’s no rinsing or wiping. here’s how it works:

the soap scum that sticks to the surface of a shower is typically a combination of hard water mineral deposits (like calcium), soap and oil residue that rinses off your body and onto your shower. this “gook,” as we like to call it, builds up over time.

daily shower cleaner was formulated to prevent that build-up. there are two active cleaners in the formula that do the dirty work: lactic acid and surfactants. the lactic acid helps break up the soap scum while the surfactants make them soluble, lifting them away from the surface so they can make their way down the drain.

spray every day to keep the scrubbing at bay. then you can spend the weekend doing what you really want, which we’re guessing does not involve cleaning the bathroom.


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