marbled method bud vases


april showers bring may flowers. yes, we are aware of the fact that it’s still march, but we like to plan ahead. so we took a stab at marbling some empty method soap bottles to reuse as spring bud vases. and if you like what you see, this simple how-to will really come in handy. tip: this project can get a little messy, so use tarp or find a workspace you don’t mind getting splatters on.


what you’ll need:

  • nail polish in assorted colors (any old nail polish should do the trick, just not the quick-dry kind.)
  • toothpicks
  • disposable container
  • tarp (optional)

what to do:


1. fill your disposable container halfway with hot water.


2. pour a couple drops of nail polish into the hot water. be sure to hold the nail polish bottle close to the surface of the water before pouring so that the color stays afloat. it will sink if you hold it too high. (we’re not quite sure why.)


3. immediately use the toothpick to swirl the nail polish around in the water.


4. quickly dip the bottom half of the method soap bottles into the water.


5. let the bottles dry, fill with some colorful blooms + admire your creations.

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