habitat for humanity

we at method are (mostly) industrious types. we like to work with our hands, which is one of the many reasons why we like to volunteer. so far, this year we spent our first day teaching children at a local elementary school about business and our second day helping repair fences + remove invasive species at Fort Funston, a part of Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. for our final volunteer project of 2010 we sent method employees to Novato to help “rehab” a house.

where we went: novato, california with habitat for humaity

what they do: provide local families with an opportunity for a stable future through affordable home ownership, financial literacy + neighborhood revitalization. Habitat for Humanity buys up properties that are in disrepair and works with a team of volunteers and the awarded family to fix them up just like new.

what we did: rehabbing a house is as messy as it sounds. we helped to:

  • insulate under the house. (in a 1 ½ foot crawl space, we can now sympathize with the Chilean miners.)
  • “mud” the cracks in the walls.
  • dig a run-off ditch in the backyard.
  • clean and organize tools…ahem, Asa.
  • remove old floorboard + door jams.

all in all, it was a very successful, exhausting and dirty day (thank goodness we’re in the soap business). check out the builds that are currently happening in your area with Habitat for Humanity.

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