the creepiest time of the year

(mo’s from left to right) doug, joe, ryan

does it seem like some of the men in your life have recently sprouted mustaches out of the blue? it’s happening here, too. turns out, it’s not a coincidence. it’s movember.

while you may be tempted to avert your eyes, it’s actually for a good cause. these fine lads are sacrificing their upper lips to raise awareness for important men’s health issues. in fact, what began as a dare between friends in 2003 has become a worldwide movement, raising over $127 million for prostate cancer research last year alone.

I sat down with method’s mustachioed gentlemen to find out more about the mo.

what kind of man would you say typically has a mustache?
doug: probably the kind who makes “videos”
joe: relics from the 70s
doug: I take that back. refined gentlemen and scholars sport mustaches.

if you say so. how are the ladies responding?
ryan: my mom said “the more of your face you cover, the better.”
joe: I think women like a man who can grow a mustache, but they don’t really like the execution. my girlfriend hates it.

is it growing on you, beyond the literal sense? do you feel like it gives you any special powers?
doug: I feel more manly. also, kind of invincible.
joe: mine actually retains water. it’s weird. I feel like I need to wring it out after showering or taking a big drink.
ryan: when I go for a run, I can taste the wind in it.

that sounds special. what would you and your mustache like to say to your supporters this month?

ryan: thank you for donating.
joe: I’d like to apologize in advance for any offense my mustache brings.
doug: my mustache makes no apologies.

and there you have it. to donate to or join method’s movember team, visit their page.

learn more about movember from one of its founders, adam garone, in his excellent TED talk.

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