it’s tea (towel) time


turn a plain tea towel into something bright and delightful with a hand-carved vegetable (or two).

1. Supplies

what you’ll need:

plain tea towel
acrylic paint in your favorite colors
potato, carrot or other produce of choice
paring knife
paint brush (optional)

what to do:

2. Carve Stamps
1. cut and carve your vegetable into a unique pattern to make a stamp.

3. Paint Stamp

2. smooth out your tea towel on a flat surface, then use the paintbrush to evenly coat your vegetable stamp with a color of your choice.

4. Stamp Towel alternate

3. get your stamp on and let dry.

5. Ann finished project

method’s craft pod meets each month to make a creative project. see what we made last month here. and if you followed the instructions above, we’d love to see what you made. post a pic to the comments section.

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