employee of the month: deena


our last employee-of-the-month unveiling was like a youth soccer league awards banquet (except we had to share the trophy). while much appreciated, this sort of unadulterated generosity couldn’t last. fortunately, october’s employee of the month is a lady who truly deserves the honor. when deena isn’t designing the heck out of some soap, she’s organizing care days, championing office wellness and being generally wonderful. she does it all.

congrats on being the first member of brand experience to be crowned employee of the month. represent! we could tell you were really touched (the crying sort of gave it away). what’s the best part of this honor? 
the robe. no, really, the best part is actually getting it. I was so surprised and thoroughly honored to receive it. it is an honor I did not think I would ever get. I mean, whoa, my picture is on the wall in the kitchen. that’s a whole new level of honor I never thought I would achieve.

your perk of significance was a gift card to giggle, perhaps the cutest baby store in sf. any thoughts on what you might purchase for this little person against dirty you’ve got cooking?
well, I’ve heard we need a place for the baby to sleep, so probably a crib or just some cute tiny clothes.

tell us about all the goodies in your vault of edible riches. (I ask this every month because I hope that someone will let me have some. so far, no luck)
well, first off, I was impressed by how well organized it was. i would say the best thing is a whole tub of gummy bears, like the nice, natural ones from whole foods. woo hoo!

being a designer, do you feel extra pressure to add something especially awesome to jazz up the trophy of greatness (which, for those who don’t know, gets better every month)?
no pressure, I just have too many ideas. I think the hardest part will be picking which one to do.

best method moment? other than winning employee of the month, of course.
this one is hard. there are so many good moments to choose from. maybe the one when I was treated to a farewell champagne huddle before I went on my way to get married. very sweet moment organized by my amazing team, all wearing teeny tiny top hats and bow ties.

favorite method product?
my favorite method product is our ocean plastic dish + hand soap. the story is just so amazing and I am so proud to work at a company that has such vision to do something SO revolutionary and bring awareness to such an issue.

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