holiday gift guide 2

got friends with unusual interests or peculiar personalities? our home + garden holiday gift guide has something for the most individual of individuals.


the artisanal axe
the only real use an urban farmer has for an axe is as a lifestyle prop. and what could look better casually propped against the chicken coop than this iconic American felling axe? luckily it comes with a stylish leather blade cover to prevent axe-novice accidents. best made axe

fancy farming footwear
muddy boots are a badge of honor for any serious city sharecropper. but you can’t just go tromping around your organic kale patch in any old footwear. these bad boys are lined with neoprene and have multi-directional tread for good traction and mud release. hunter boots

a gift for your honey
you can’t be a true urban farmer unless you keep bees. and urban bees need to kick back in a cool crib. with bee motifs carved out of cedar, this bijou beehive offers truly awesome insect accommodation.
fancy bee box


coming up roses
this fabulous fork and trendy trowel are covered in a floral fabric design from the collection of the Victoria + Albert museum. even the most urbane botanist will dig these tony tools. rose garden tools

gorgeous gloves
gardening gloves don’t have to be grim. crafted from buttery soft goatskin leather, these beauties were designed specifically to fit a female’s fingers. They’re even washable. by hand, of course. goatskin gloves

clean, green hands
how does the cultured horticulturist care for their green thumb? with naturally derived foaming hand wash, of course. our luxurious, white cranberry limited edition will leave the grubbiest gardener’s hands soft, clean and fragrant. white cranberry foaming hand wash


oh, stop it.
nothing gets laughter flowing like an inappropriate bottle stopper. this little dude’s unnatural appendage gives any wine plenty of character, and when you want another glass you just pull him off. definitely not for the wine snob. happy man wine stopper


drink in these colors
here at method, we’re big believers in bright colors. and colorful glasses are clearly the way to beautify your beverage of choice. these hand-blown beauties come in eight juicy hues, which is one more that the average rainbow. pop highball glass

terrific table tones
like unicorns, rainbows make everything better. and now rainbows are available in both chopstick and cocktail napkin format. setting a table with this panoply of spectacular shades will make any meal feel like a party. reusable rainbow cocktail napkins + rainbow chopsticks


find your way to the fridge
successful sneak snacking is best undertaken in the dark. so, before you go forage for food, fasten this LED headlamp to your forehead. that way you can avoid walking into walls or nibbling something nasty. ultra bright headlamp

stealth-snacking supplies
slamming snack drawers and heavy footsteps will give away the late night snacker. luckily these useful gifts let the devious diner track down nocturnal nutrition without waking witnesses. soft-close cabinet hardware + minnetonka moccasins

keep the evidence fresh
if you don’t want your furtive feasting brought to light you better not finish off all the food. these handy, colorful clips keep late-night leftovers fresh for those who prefer daytime dining. bright chip clips

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