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we all have friends who prefer animals to people. so, what are the perfect creature-centric gifts for the animal enthusiasts in your life?


bowser beer for dogs

after a tough day of chasing squirrels and sniffing out the perfect spot to poop, what dog wouldn’t want to kick back with a cold one? gift a six pack of beef flavored bowser beer and your dog-devoted friend can pour a pint for their prized pooch.  beer for dogs

the iBone

when a furry friend has to compete for attention with their owner’s digital device it’s a recipe for a resentful rover. luckily the ibone lets the neglected hound work out their jealousy issues and helps them feel like a connected canine into the bargain. the iBone


eau de doggie

even the most delightful dog can use a little improvement in the aroma department. sexy beast canine fragrance is the perfect present for any friend who likes to get up close and personal with their pooch. one quick spritz will perfume any pup to perfection.  sexy beast dog perfume

puppy port-a-potty

perfect for the owner of the demure dog, this tent lets their pampered pup poop in private. it’s a water-proof wonder that covers canine embarrassment and also shelters them when the weather’s inclement. you’ll be relieved to know it’s described as well ventilateddoggie port-a-potty


kitty covered sneakers

these cool cat kicks are a collaboration between vans and the aspca. not only is the all-over cat print the purrfect way to advertise a feline affiliation, it helps the aspca with its mission to rescue animals from abuse. Vans ASPCA kitty sneakers

dj catscratch

this dj deck scratch pad has a ton of cattitude. it looks like kitty is bangin’ out some phat feline beatz while they enjoy a good old-skool scratch. put your paws in the air like you just don’t care. DJ cat scratcher


bunny ear earrings

these little beauties would make the ideal ear embellishment for your favorite bunny fan. handcrafted in sterling silver and pearl, these are some very eye-catching ears. bunny earrings

festive glass feather

the sun shining through this stained glass feather will send any bird lover’s spirits soaring. based on the plumage of a red-tailed hawk, it’s crafted from red youghiogheny glass with a red-orange tip. glass feather

elephant ring holder

they say an elephant never forgets, and with this pewter pachyderm safeguarding your rings it’s easy to remember where you left them. it’s the perfect gift for any forgetful friend or elephant enthusiast.
rustic elephant ring holder


crazy cat candle

meet kisa, the cute cat candle with a wild beast inside her. light her up and watch in amazement as she melts to become a grinning metallic kitty skeleton with fire in her eyes. meow. pyro pet candle


awesome soap for animal lovers

the perfect presents? okay we’re biased, but being a pet owner can be a messy business, and our cleaning products puts the hurt on dirt with the cleaning power of naturally derived, non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients. which makes them safe for our furry and feathered friends too. shop method

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