recycled plastic

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recycled plastic
has been recovered from either other bottles or industrial waste, saved from a landfill, and used in place of new plastic. this saves waste, reduces resource consumption and incentivizes recycling.

PCR – Post Consumer Resin
this plastic has been recycled from materials after their use by consumers (like the soda bottles in curbside recycling collection).

PIR – Post Industrial Resin
this plastic is recycled from industrial materials or processes (such trimmings and waste from making other bottles.)

100% recycled plastic
almost all of method’s PET plastic bottles, including our hand wash and spray cleaners, are made from 100% PCR recycled plastic (Post Consumer Resin).

50% recycled plastic
our HDPE bottles range from 25% PCR recycled plastic (in our toilet and bathroom cleaners) to 50% PCR in method® laundry detergent.